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ADAA 2012 finalist, Andrej Balaz of Germany, has been busy working towards his master’s degree, and recently shared some of his projects with us. Balaz also conceived a striking brand image for Mach Dich Bunt, the German company producer of ‘holi powder’.
The ADAA is now entering its fourteenth year, with 30,000 design entries, submitted from 75 countries. Stay tuned, as we prepare for the launch of the 2014 Adobe Design Achievement Awards Call-for-Entries! Damit Ihnen alle Funktionen zur Verfugung stehen, mussen Sie JavaScript in Ihrem Browser aktivieren. Tips: If you are using Mac, here we strongly recommend the best PDF Editor Program for Mac to you. Support accurate OCR recognition and transform, which can enable you to not only eidt common PDF files and image-based PDF files, but also convert PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, EPUB, TXT, HTML easily and quickly. Adobe Acrobat & Acrobat Professional have a TouchUp Text tool for small text modifications.
In the UK and US—at the current time—Illustrator users have access to an exciting new technology preview: CC Charts.
In an earlier post, we looked at creating graphics for graphs—which are of course an essential part of infographics—but we sometimes want to do much more interesting things to represent the numbers and it would be necessary to expand the graph object to do that; CC Charts gives us more control and flexibility to create without breaking the link to the data.
Select the CC Charts Tool—you’ll find it in the graphing tools family—then click and drag on the artboard to create a chart of the desired size. Changing the default artwork is very easy; start by drawing new art or add some art to the artboard—this could be content from your shared CC libraries, or even something from market or from the Shape mobile app. Once the data is imported, you’ll need to select the range of data to be used in the chart.

Initially, your chart will be in free-form mode; in this mode you can drag the individual value representations to alternate locations, set the scale base size for the art or change to stretch-to-fit representation. You can edit the chart with the Direct Selection Tool, including repositioning the representations and modifying colours. I was trying out the CC Charts tool, but I am having difficulty connecting to the tool on my browser. Now for the bad: This is essentially a perfectly good tool for making a very limited set of charts. People close to the data need tools to help them show what the data means in a way that follows the best practices of the information design community.
No, Thanks! brochure was created for young people who attend festivals, and want to participate more in the design of their festival experience through games and workshops.
Once this has been defined, you can use the Touchup Object Tool to select an object, context-click it and select the Edit option. But considering its price and the complicated operation, we don't recommend this way to edit PDF. Technology previews are features and services that are released to the public that allows users to use the features and feed back to help guide development; this is a much faster way to work perhaps than with a smaller group of beta testers for an extended period, and will lead to a feature (or service) that is immediately more relevant to users.
Note: at the time of writing, the only kind of chart you can create is a scale value chart but more chart types should appear throughout the year.
Just keep in mind that complex objects (such as things containing gradient mesh art and rasterized objects) are not supported. If you click the button to edit, you’ll see that everything is just as it is in the artwork, so if you had some values to modify, it would simply be a matter of changing the values and saving the chart—it would update automatically in the document. I want to be able to bind any value in a spreadsheet or JSON document to any property of an Illustrator or Photoshop document, colors, sizes, urls for pictures, lat,lon for maps.

Balaz’s brochure is full of vivid illustrations, characters, and games, to better prepare students for activities. Some releases of Acrobat have a pretty bad reputation when it comes to the TouchUp Text tool, with users reporting weird behavior of the edited or remaining text once the tool is used. If you are using Mac, you can use the easy-to-use PDF Editor Pro for Mac to edit PDF directly; If you are a Windows user, you can convert PDF to Word with our PDF to Word Converter and edit it in Word format, then convert the modified file to PDF back with PDF Maker. Charts CC shows a lot of promise—what do you think would improve it (if anything) at the moment? That seems to be an idea that would be an amazing direction for Adobe products and this is an early toe in the water but it should become the default for every property and every tool. But sadly it seems that the whole perspective of this tool is to produce and even promote the production of more chart junk. For those designers, this preview technology—and I must stress that, it isn’t a full-feature of the application at the moment—is a step in the right direction. By providing students with specific games, the student is able to focus on engagement with others, while simultaneously creating less waste and trash from their activities. Use this tool only if there is no way to edit the original source file and recreate a PDF. The communication strategy includes a variety of games, to enhance the festival experience through gamification, which is part of Balaz’s master thesis project called, “Participative Design and Gamification for Festivals”. The basic assumption when you do something like scale a graphic like a runner or a soccer player to make a bar chart is that the data and what it says is too boring for your audience and it needs to be sexed up.

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