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Optionally, if someone got a option file that i could use that is fully editable that would be great, on beforehand thanks. Click here to free download RER DVD Ripper, Windows XP, 2003, Vista (32bit, 64bit) supported. The default setting of VIDEO_TS to MPG converter is to convert a movie title to one MPG file. Click the drop-down list next to MPEG profile, and you can select a preset profile from the list. MPG, a variant of the MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group) video and audio compression format, optimized for broadcast quality video. Hit the big button of Convert to convert VIDEO_TS to MPG when you have finished the steps above.
Additionally, this isn't what I'd call a 'complete' tutorial; there are several 'effects' textures that can be changed in addition to the main texture, including spectral, ambient, and bump mapping.
I originally had this posted on Garden of Shadows, and it seemed to go over well there, so I thought I'd put it here as well.
Simply repeat steps 1-6 above until you've completely replaced the textures for both genders and all ages. If you'd like to have separate face and body files for people who like to mix and match, simply create a new package for the face and body textures individually. Haha, I've never made a skintone before because I listened to all those warnings about them being a BIG project! As for your question, no, the basic 'tone' doesn't have to be monotone, and yes, different hues will have an effect on the appearance in the game.
Basically what happens is the game 'overlays' another color on top of your 'multiplier' layer, which are the files being edited in this tutorial. I really love the way you made your tutorial for Skins - I was wondering if you could do one for eyes?

Since I wanted to go through and experiment a bit more (now that I have a much better understanding of how things work in TS3), I'll gladly put together an eye tutorial over the next day or two. RER DVD Ripper is the best VIDEO_TS to MPG converter giving you an easy way to convert VIDEO_TS to MPG. If you want to convert a movie title to several MPG files by chapters, we advise you to select the option - Split By Chapters.
When you insert a video DVD into your computer, you can open the DVD and view the contents just like a folder on your hard drive. It assumes you have at least basic knowledge of either creating your own skintones from scratch, or blends of skintones; this is more of a technical guide than a creative guide.
These are just the basic skintones from TS3, which I extracted for personal use and have uploaded to save you a step.
You only need to make one basic tone; use the 'match color' option under Image -- Adjustments to match the basic tone of the original EAxis file. Select 'Save As,' and save your file with whatever name you want to give it in your Mods\Packages folder. Continue using the 'Import' option on your original saved .package file to include all the skintone textures in one easy-to-install file.
Thankfully there's a lot less to do with TS3 skintones than there were in TS2, since you only need to do one basic 'tone' that works for all the color ranges, and a singular fitness state. I had enough issues making a skintone for a single age and gender, let alone both plus all the ages with three fitness states each. You can easily see the difference changing the the brightness and hue of the multiplier makes in this comparison shot. I'm really just starting to learn this & would love to know how to do it in a simple kind of walk through, If there is one I haven't come across it yet. It's not your fault they included elder skin textures in the game and didnt bother making them do anything.

The armband ones I took a look at were an xml file + some image masks for the tattoos themselves. Then click the drop-down list next to Extension and choose MPG as output file format in the dialog box. If you have forgotten your password, click here, or if you have forgotten your username, click here instead. Make sure you have 'Load MIP maps' unchecked, or you'll get an image with a bunch of repeating and progressively smaller versions of the same image. My EM's just use the AM texture(my edited one, if i have in in, or the default if i take it out). There are Elder textures (which I found and extracted), but apparently they don't get used.
But that 1 facetone you pick is global, and affects every sim of that sex, same with bodytone. Although if you wanted to you could probably replace those tattoos with your own, don't quote me on that. These tattoos also seem to be like, the holy grail, in that they don't replace any existing accessories, but are simply new. I'll edit the tutorial and remove that portion, and if someone else finds differently, I'll edit as appropriate.
That implies to me either 1) they aren't being used and the shadow map is outdated, or 2) they're used as some kind color mask.

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