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We have just added to our popular editable PowerPoint newspapers with this Old Times newspaper design. This spoof newspaper template could have many uses, including college and school projects and fun cards to send news to your friends and family. If you liked this PowerPoint Template we would appreciate you liking it on FaceBook or Tweeting it. You can browse all of our PowerPoint templates or select them by category or colour or by tag. I?m new downloading templates, I would love to know if there?s a way to save them as integrate themes, cause I have open the file and its like just a normal ppt file, as well have save them as thmx and pot, but it shows it as only one template the first one and not the complete set.
Forgive my inexperience, but I’ve already built quite a lengthy Powerpoint presentation using original themes. Hi, this works just fine for ANY version of PowerPoint, including Office for Mac 2004 and later.

Please feel free to use the template for your blog but please just adhere to our guidelines i.e.
This was a great help with my daughters last minute history homework project on the industrial revolution. This is an awesome template, would do good for any history projects I have upcoming, Keep up the good work.
These options are more secure than paper checks, as well, as payments made by direct deposit are traceable and cannot be lost or stolen as a paper check might be. I really wanted to create something like this as a periodical for my church, and I thought i had to create from scratch.
I work in a call center, and am putting together a weekly newsletter for my team to help motivate, and show case talent! It has helped with so many of my projects, especially with my William Shakespeare project!!
Prepaid debit cards can be set up to require a PIN so that, even if lost or stolen, the money cannot be accessed by anyone but the employee.

Even if there is no PIN, an employee can call and cancel a lost or stolen debit card and have a new one issued immediately. I created the newsleter, and saved it as a pdf file, to make it easier to email all the team mates!
A lost or stolen paper check must have a stop put on it and a specified amount of time must pass before a new one can be issued.
You will also need to edit the header to replace the sample text with your business information and the employee's information. For instance, the Earnings column in the first table multiplies the rate by the hours in the same row. The column at the bottom of the page provides an overview of the current pay period and the year to date earnings, including the amount deposited into the employee's account.

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