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It was a cold, windy and rainy evening – meaning the soccer gods were smiling on us as it was perfect Carleton Soccer weather!
The game started mostly in the Alumni half with all of Stevie’s first touches being his typical cheeky dangles and the boys trying to play like Barcelona with the “ticki-tacki” out of their own end.
All of the Alumni lads came in and made an impact with the inclusion of: Ryan Beckford, Danny Gutierrez, Justin Campos, Alex AZ Zaslavsky, and Alic Edgar. Ian Rosso would get the call in nets to start the second half with much of the starting lineup going back in to get a strong start to the half. With hard tackles taking place all over the pitch, and some animosity brewing a dangerous tackle from behind by a Varsity player brought some extra flare to the late stages of the match as that foul was returned with a swift no nonsense fist to the nether area (Park).
Shout-out to Stevie and Rosso for some solid performances between the pipes and a shout to Pano for holding it down in the middle and playing a strong 90 minutes. All in all it was a great back and forth match with Alumni taking the victory and claiming their 4th Super Cup in 5 years! Sandy Mackie presented the Super Cup to Alumni Captain Stevie Ball along with a few words from both Sandy and Stevie.
Thank you to Sandy, Varsity, and the Carleton University Alumni Association for helping to organize the match and support the post-match gathering.
This entry was posted in Alumni, Varsity and tagged alumni, Carleton Alumni, Carleton Mens Soccer Alumni, Carleton Ravens, Carleton Ravens soccer, Carleton Ravens soccer alumni, Carleton Ravens Varsity Soccer, Carleton University, Carleton University Alumni, Men's Soccer, Ravens Alumni, Ravens Soccer, Super Cup 2014, varsity. Show #48 It’s A Film Thing: The Power of Super 8 Film Virtual Bootcamp – with Phil Vigeant (Jan.
Show # 47 Music, Motorcycles and Mentorship Are The Rock and Roll Keys To Success – with Tim Gillette (Jan. Show #46 Digitizing Your Film and Photos for Profit – with Casey Eberhart and Jennifer Bagley (Dec. Show #32 Outside The Box Marketing Tips For Your Documentary or Small Business to achieve Rockstar Status in your industry – with Craig Duswalt (Aug. SHOW #30 The Wrecking Crew – The Untold Story Behind 1960’s Rock and Roll – with Denny Tedesco (Aug. From 1965 to 1985 millions of 50-foot reels were shot of everyday life around the world, which today represents a prolific historical archive of the way we lived. In 1972, film schools and indie filmmakers started to recognize the tremendous production potential Super 8 film had.   At that time, the focus was on developing sound and editing capabilities.
While some of the biggest directors and cinematographers launched there film careers behind the families home movie camera (Steven Spielberg, J.J. The evolution of Super 8 going mainstream was often referred to as Hollywood’s best-kept secret, and exploded when Pro8mm (formerly Super 8 Sound. During this time, we also started seeing “extreme sports” brands use Super 8 in their commercials and TV shows. With so many high profile brands and shows creating projects on Super 8 film during the 90’s, there was no longer the strong association of super 8 as being amateur home movie format. Another milestone Pro8mm came up with in 2001 was to expand the gate of the camera so that you could shoot a super 8 image 16 x 9.

Camera Solutions of Demark has brought to market a brand new camera built from the ground up. Programmable “Function button” for: Phase Advance, Alternate speed, Rule of thirds grid etc.
It took a little while to get the rust off and Varsity went up with an easy tap in from Marco Pozzi. Varsity went on to take the lead before half with a blast from about 30 yards from Walker Smith. Whatever was said must have been inspiring as Alumni came out on fire in the second half and scored two goals in two minutes both coming from Andrew Latty – Alumni up 3-2! The hard tackles were present all match with Alumni obviously putting themselves about, Jorge sliding at anything that moved including Ref Chris Alain! The new lower-pitch was beautiful and thanks to all of those who made it out to play and support both squads. The Alumni gathered together in the new ice house change room to chat and laugh about the match and share a few pops and celebrate victory! Afterwards more pops arrived and everyone stuck around to share good ole Carleton stories for a few more hours. Best of luck to the lads as they close out the regular season – let`s make play-offs and make a run at it!!!!!
Now in its 5th decade of continuous use the mighty 50 foot film cartridge has dodged planned obsolesce which is common in the digital arena. The genius in the Super 8 system is the unique cartridge loaded film, which could easily be popped into a camera in broad daylight.
This time machine of “in the moment material” at home, abroad, and in the field is one of our most important national treasures, not only for the families whose relatives are forever present on those reels shot long ago, but also as cultural and historical evidence of some of the greatest moments in modern history. Abrams, Christopher Nolan, Sam Rami, Ron Howard, Spike Lee) independent and studio filmmakers would shoot Super 8 film on a project given the opportunity that called for the unique look.
Snowboard, Skater Board, Surf Board, and all the associated clothing lines clothing brands such as Vans, Billabong, Volvo, Roxie loved the look of Super 8 negative film which fits perfectly with the popular “grunge” look of the era. This was accelerated by the progression in scanning technology which continued to fuel the acceptance of Super 8 as a competitive force for studios and independent filmmakers. The footage could use the same workflow as digital productions and could be easily edited in with program such as Final Cut Pro.
The Alumni were looking to continue their winning streak under Coach Hoefler as they had won the trophy two years in a row.
Alumni regained much of the possession and then tied it up on an epic Joey Kewin 90 yard run and finish to tie it at 1-1 (Pano with the nice assist). The goal came about from a corner kick as keeper Stevie was caught in Abu Dhabi leaving the middle of the net open for Smith to capitalize on.
Varsity got a lucky deflection late in the second half to tie the match at 3-3 with 15 minutes left to play. Many on the touch line commented that thankfully “Crazy” Willy Murray wasn’t at the match as his method of resolving both legal and footie matters are feared throughout the Ottawa region!!

The evening closed out with Alumni and Varsity getting together with the rest of the coaching staff for some well-deserved Pizza and pops.
While many families were beginning to bring home grown cinema into their living rooms as early as the late 1920’s, these first 16mm systems were too expensive for the average middle class family. Increasingly we see this archival footage being used in documentaries such as JFK, Selma, The History of the Eagles, as well as news and history programs showcasing thousands of stories, both well known and obscure. These students who learned traditional filmmaking on Super 8 before advancing to 16 or 35 mm helped to evolve the format into professional work as they began working in the film industry. This was particularly true when shooting flash backs, historical retrospectives, dreams, and what we call the “I’m on drugs” scene.
Up until that time, the Kodak film stocks were limited to only reversal film, which was suitable for consumer home movies, but had a limited selection of ISO’s and grain structures.
This was followed by other big brands in the fashion industry shooting on Super 8 for Fashion Week, or in store promotions, including Calvin Cline, Armani, Victoria’s Secret, Ralph Lauren, Armani, Tori Burch, Minnetonka Moccasins, and many more. This feature allows you to insert Super 8 film footage in an HD workflow at the correct widescreen configuration.
With only around 5 minutes left Joey Kewin took the bull by the horns and showed why he was a five time all-star during his much celebrated Ravens career. After much deliberation, the Super Cup MVP was given to Alumni Rookie Joey Kewin – who made his debut this year and is surely to feature in many Super Cup matches moving forward!! It has been used in thousands of professional projects for major television shows (American Idol, American Horror Story, Aquarius, The Academy Awards) theatrical movies (Super8, The Fighter, Argo, JFK, History of the Eagles) music videos (Paul Abdul, Beyounce, Madonna, Black Eyed Peas, John Mellancamp, Neil Young, Miley Cirrus, Justin Beiber), and commercials for major brands (Target, Nike, Coca Cola, Armani).   Super 8 film has captured the attention of a new generation wanting a more permanent and archival safe format for recording milestones such as weddings and baby’s first steps, as well as filmmakers who want to continue the tradition of shooting films on film. When regular 8mm came on the scene in 1932, people loved it but research showed that consumers were easily frustrated. The thought was if we Pro8mm (history of) could convert our slitting machine that we previously used to make the magnetic full coat audiotape for the Super8 Sound Recorders, than we could start slitting 35mm professional film stocks and put them into reloadable cartridges.
Joey stole the ball on the left wing, deeked 4-5 players out and “released the Cracken” scoring a beauty with his right foot from well outside the 18 yard box to put Alumni up 4-3!
The MVP for Varsity also went to a first time Super Cup player – Braden “The Bully” MacKay. There is an understanding that in our digital world, an analog reel of film is the only proven archival medium.
It was tricky for the new user to load the film in the dark, shoot off the 25 feet on one side, then go back in the dark, flip it over to the other side and shoot the 25 feet of film on the back side of the roll. With in a few months, Pro8mm had a full line of Kodak and Fuji 35mm professional stocks, spooled down to 50 feet and loaded in cartridges so they would work in any Super 8 camera.   We hit the ground running, and for over 20 years Super 8 negative film has been a part of thousand of projects including numerous MTV and VH-1 shows, specials, and videos, including almost every episode of Behind The Music and Where Are They Now? This does for Super 8 what Super 16mm did for the traditional 16mm film format – a modern application of analog film, keeping it viable in modern workflows.

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