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When your video is set, tap the arrow button in the upper-right corner to head to the Upload screen. To upload a video, tap the account button on the right side of the home screen — it looks like the bust of a person. Lastly, tap the music icon in the lower-right corner to add background music to your video. One last note: after updating the YouTube app, I had to quit out of the app before I got the update. If you're a beginner to making clips, a GoPro enthusiast, a video blogger or an amateur filmmaker and want to make better videos, check out this list of tutorials on video editing.
All this is based on my own editing experience so if you have any questions, drop a comment and I'll reply. How To Edit Picture in Picture Videos - Find out how to overlay an object (video, picture, graphics) onto a video background. Split Screen Tutorial - Crop & mirror flip your video when editing vlogs, interviews or video chat videos. How To Clone Yourself in a Video - Create a ghost of yourself (duplicate of character) in your video.
How To Do Slow Motion and Time Lapse Videos with Footage - You need a camera that shoots at 60 fps or higher in order to get smooth slo' mo'. How To Add and Animate Titles - Add titles to your videos, animate them using keyframes and add sound effects on each movement of the title. How To Do Time Lapse Videos with Still Images (Timelapse Photography) - Same thing here - I took GoPro pictures as an example but you can follow the process for any time-lapse project. How To Edit Videos with Keyframes - Learn to play with the intensity of video effects within a video scene.
How To Get the High Pitch (Chipmunk) Voice Effect - Talk like a funny chipmunk in your vlogs. Color Correction - How To Change and Enhance The Colors of Your Video - You can alter any color in your video by using the eyedropper tool for selection. How To Do The Vertigo Effect (Dolly Zoom) - A cool trick you can do to make your videos more dramatic.
How To Capture Audio Separately and How To Synchronize Your Sound with Your Footage - When you want to get high quality sound.
3 Ways To Make Your Videos Look Better - Small yet essential details which can make the difference between a good video and a bad video. How To Vlog - 5 Quick Tips for Your Vlogging Career - Being YouTube famous as a vlogger requires some technical know how and a lot of psychology.
How To Batch Convert MP4 to AVI - If for some reason you don't wanna work with MP4 files and wanna convert them to AVI format, follow this process using MPEG Streamclip. How To Convert AVI to MP4 for Smaller File Size and Faster Online Upload - I recommend exporting in AVI for best quality when editing with Magix.

How To Edit GoPro MP4 Files Even with a Slow Laptop Computer - Follow this process if your computer is too slow for editing HD videos.
If your computer is not that strong (maybe old), close all other applications when editing your videos and use a laptop cooler. Let me know what other problems you are facing when editing videos and I may write a tutorial on it. Before You Join the YouTube Club, Get a Program That Doesn't Crash, It's Not Expensive and It's Easy To use. A VOB file is normally known as a DVD Video Object file, and is one of the most common formats for storing video and audio streams on DVD discs. Its advantage is a simple architecture, due to which AVI runs on a number of different systems like Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix and files downloaded from the internet often use this format.
Top VOB to AVI converter yet compressor to convert VOB to AVI and meanwhile compress VOB to AVI with much smaller file size for easier playback on media player. You may have a bunch of VOB files stored in your Mac either decrypted from commercial DVDs or copied from homemade DVD videos. This far-famed VOB to AVI converter yet compression software features the ability to easily convert VOB to AVI on Mac up to 83x faster speed while original image quality preserved.
Navigate the output formats in the Common Video Profile > PC General Video to set AVI Video as the output video format. This article is mainly about how to convert VOB files to QuickTime MOV format on Mac with the first-rate Mac VOB to MOV converter, so that you can play VOB files on media Player or portable gadgets effortlessly. If you are longing for converting MTS to AVI format on Mac OS for playback on windows media player flawlessly, MacX Free AVI Video Converter is the excellent software for you to convert AVCHD MTD M2TS video to AVI format on Mac with high quality and fast speed. Here, you can select one of six filters.Lastly, tap the music icon in the lower-right corner to add background music to your video.
Google has added in-app editing tools to its YouTube iOS app that let you trim a video’s start and end points, add filters to tweak the look of that video, and add music to the background for a more cinematic feel.
Tap the Add Music button and you can select from preselected and cleared songs from the Featured or Genre & Mood tabs. Here you can add a title and description and set privacy controls before hitting the paper-airplane button to send your video into the wilds of YouTube. Besides this, you can also get unlimited online resources such as wallpaper, Video and Ringtones by Appandora iOS Manager. Before you buy your top original software, watch some tutorials so you know it's right for you. In YouTube you can make those areas clickable so you can promote your other videos as well.
With Magix, you simply adjust the playback speed factor and you either slow down or speed up your videos - it's very easy to do. If you want, you can make the whole image black and white and keep just one color in normal saturation.

Helpful if you sell stuff online through your own shop or on other platforms like Ebay or Amazon. Synch the footage across all cameras and edit like a live broadcaster - you have a main monitor and the source cameras, then you edit by simply clicking on the cam that has the right angle at the right time. But then you end up with a large file - that's why you should compress it with Leawo before uploading it to YouTube. A basic fade and some dissolves here and there will do but stick to simple cuts for the most part. If you want to change the video format from VOB to AVI for convenient playback on Quicktime, Xbox 360, Zune, PS3 and more devices, edit AVI videos with video editing programs, or create the final AVI from the multiple VOBs for uploading to web.
If you are using Windows OS and want to convert VOB to AVI format, you can refer to HD Video Converter Pro for Windows here. If you can't decrypt or convert DVD in VOB file, please use DVD ripper to strip DVD encrypted enclosing. Then add VOB files, you can just drag your videos from the DVD folder or click the "Add " icon to load the VOB movies you'd like to convert.
Simply click the Edit button to enter the video editing interface, where you can optimize your video by trimming, cropping, adding subtitles, adding watermarks, etc.
You are also allowed to convert VOB to MP4, MOV, AVI and other format as you like with the program.
Take it easy, this tutorial will show you how to convert from DVD ISO image to AVI format for playback on PSP, HTC, Samsung, etc with the best ISO to AVI converter for Mac. You cannot, however, edit out a part in the middle of a video and splice together two separate clips. I just like Magix coz it lets me import most formats (MP4, MKV, MOV, MTS - AVCHD, M2TS, VOB, etc.), it's easy to use and delivers professional results.
Then you combine all those photos and create a video that looks as when you fast forward a film. It makes your video Hollywood style and it also allows you to get a better frame composition for each shot. Capture the sound on an external voice recorder and sync it with your video in post production.
Alternatively, you can tap On Device and select a track stored locally on your iPhone, but be warned: the app may tell you the song you picked is copy-protected and can't be used.

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