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The following steps will tell you some basic operations and advanced tips about making movie and edit video using iMovie. Create Your Video Clips: Film clips for every scene in your script, or find video clips for each topic in your outline.
Prepare to Store: Create a folder on your Mac where you will store your iMovie project and everything associated with it. Set the little arrowheads at each end in the movie monitor, and drag them to where you want your video clip to be cropped. If the Over black checkbox is unchecked, the title is superimposed on the video clip to the right of where you insert it into the Viewer. If the Over black checkbox is checked, the title is added to your movie just like a video clip. To crop the sound, drag either end of the sound in the Viewer audio track to shorten the sound. Drag the desired photos into the Viewer, one-by-one and in the order in which you want to see them in your video. Tip: Understanding the iMovie 08 interface By default, the iMovie 08 interface is split into 5 sections. To select a portion of a clip, click and drag to create a selection (a yellow rectangle appears). If you want to add a clip between two existing clips in the Project Window, simply drag the new selection and drop it in the gap between the two existing clips. To re-arrange a clip already in place, click once to select it (a yellow border appears) and then click and drag it to a new position.
Alternatively, select the clip in the Project Window then click the 'Clip Duration' icon (second in at the bottom) to enter the 'Trim Clip' window.
From Disk Utility, drag the disk image into its Pane, select the image, and then click the burn icon.

To export to YouTube, choose Share - YouTube and enter your account details, sign in and then Publish.
To export to a QuickTime movie, choose Share - Export using QuickTim, select a destination and setting from the drop down (e.g. Then either write a script, or write an outline telling you where your video clips go in your movie. Create a folder inside your iMovie folder (your video clips folder) and import your video clips into it. The Viewer can be a clip viewer for a clip-based view of your video clips and photos, or a timeline viewer for a time-based view that shows iMovie's two audio tracks.
Click the clips button below the Pane, and option-drag the video clips from your video clips folder into the Pane.
If you want the title to start somewhere other than the beginning of the clip, select Edit: Split Video Clip at Playhead where you want the title to start.
Making a Movie Project After loaded the files into iMovie, choose File - New from the menu and name the project. Going clockwise from the top left they are the Project Library (where all iMovie projects are listed), the iMovie project window (where the existing movie is compiled), the Viewer (where video is played back), the Source Video window (where clips are viewed and selected) and the Event Library (where all available media is listed).
Skim video clips Click an Event in the Event Library (iPhoto in this instance) and the Event Browser will display the associated clips. Arrange clips in iMovie To start building a movie, drag selections directly from the Event Browser and drop them onto the empty panel (Project Window) above.
If you got a unsupported video, such as FLV, WMV, MKV, VOB, MPEG, DAT, ASF etc, use a Mac video converter, which can convert video to iMovie acceptable format.
Either select the new selection by dragging and creating a yellow rectangle around it in the Project Window and choosing Edit - Trim to Selection (or press CMD+B). Create a disk image rather than burn directly to a DVD so that you only do the video rendering once.

There are others that you cannot get the support you may want from their manufacturers, and others may end up causing you more trouble than good. This program is included free with new Mac computers or available for purchase as part of the iLife bundle. You can select one clip in the Viewer to play or edit, or several or all the clips in the Viewer to play them. We'll show you how to do it without an expensive camcorder - from start to finish, and on the cheap. Microsoft Movie maker is loaded with a drag and drop feature making editing or even creating of movies much easier.
The software is also loaded with a number of other add and you can also get its numerous updates from the Microsoft website.
To a very large extent, one can comfortably consider this to be one of the best free video editing software available.Apple imovieTo a very large extend, Apple iMovie can be compared to Windows Movie Maker.
The difference being the fact that Apple iMovie operated on MAC operating systems as opposed to Movie maker which operates on Windows. However this mac video editor software is available free of charge only if you purchase a MAC system, but can be available for purchase. These is rated highly amongst the users of Mac systems.Apple imovieThis free movie maker is available to individuals using windows and also those using Mac operating system.
It can have up to 64 effects on the video all of which can be chained serially.To conclude, windows Movie Maker and Apple iMovie are the best video editing software that one can get at absolutely no cost.
Avid Free DV, Wax and other might be a little complicated to a standard Windows user, but you will not run out of options.

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