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On your device, you might get additional options besides the ones seen here (like PayPal, for example).
If you want to edit or delete your current credit card, go back to My account and tap on More payment settings.
Previously, the Instagram website only let users edit their account information (and also hosted the company’s blog).
These new profiles act as an extension of the Instagram mobile app, with users now being able to comment, follow, like and view other photos on the web. Brands, marketers and users alike can use these web profiles to encourage engagement and interaction outside of the mobile app. For community managers, it’s a plus to have the ability to update and manage your accounts on the web. Instead, you’ll want to use the new web profiles in conjunction with the Instagram mobile app.
If you’re already familiar with the mobile version of Instagram, you’ll notice some differences on the web profiles. Hashtags display as plain text, so you can’t bring up photos associated with specific hashtags. Because of these downsides, you’ll want to consider using third-party websites like Statigram and Webstagram to grow an Instagram community through strategies like contests, giveaways, insights and promotions. A Facebook-like cover collage at the top of your profile that features a rotating selection of your Instagram photos. The ability to edit your profile settings, including your name, email address, username, phone number, sex, birthday, biography and website. A section where you can manage applications that have been given permission to access your Instagram account. There are over 100 million users on Instagram, and if your branded or personal account is one of them, then you’ll want to maximize and utilize your account’s new web profile right away. What this means is that more Twitter users will be clicking these Instagram image links, and these links lead directly to Instagram web profiles.
An Instagram image link has always led back to a page featuring the image, its number of likes and its comments. Besides Twitter, others will find their way to web profiles using these image links when Instagram images are shared to Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare, Tumblr and through email.

This means you need to optimize your web profile to get the most out of the traffic you’ll get through these links.
If you haven’t added a link to your profile through the mobile Instagram app yet, then you’ll certainly want to take care of that using the web profiles.
Not only does adding a link increase visibility for your website, it also provides SEO value (despite being a no-follow link, it still sends a signal to search engines).
If you’re using Instagram as the manager of a branded account, you’ll likely want this link to be the brand’s homepage. On the other hand, if you’re editing your personal Instagram account, link to a network like, Facebook, Flickr or Twitter so that other Instagram users can learn more about you. Instagram users who like to keep their account set to private need not worry about privacy issues with web profiles.
According to Instagram, if you have a private profile, your photos will only be visible to logged-in followers you’ve approved. Moreover, search engines are not allowed to index Instagram photos—whether your account is private or not.
Remember that if you’re managing a branded account, you’ll want to make sure the account and its photos are public. If you’ve been an Instagram user for a while, check out the Manage Applications section under Edit Profile.
To get rid of any unwanted permissions, simply click Revoke Access next to the application name. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.
But maybe sometimes you don't want to use the payment method that you've initially set up, or you want to replace it altogether.
When you tap on that, you will be asked to re-enter your Google password in order to log in to your Wallet account.
Twitter-like hashtags are the best way to get your Instagram photos seen on the mobile app, but their use is disabled with web profiles. Despite web profiles displaying follower and following counts, users are currently unable to see exactly which users these are.
If you enjoy seeing the photos on Instagram that are drawing the most attention, you’ll have to turn to the mobile app.

Many Instagram users choose to geo-tag their photos using the mobile app, but you won’t find these maps anywhere on the web.
Clicking a photo while it’s displayed in the cover collage will bring up that photo’s separate page. Be forewarned, if you’re using Emoji icons in your biography on the mobile app, these will not display on web profiles. Images from Instagram also used to appear within tweets until Instagram recently removed support for Twitter cards. This setting can currently only be changed through the mobile app by going to your profile, tapping the settings icon and turning off the Photos Are Private option. Once you select the badge you’d like, simply copy the automatically generated code and paste it on your website or blog. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. After you log in, you'll see your default credit card (which you can edit or remove), and you have the ability to add other cards.
To modify your payment settings, you first need to open the Play Store app on your Android device. Of course, you can also do all these things from a PC, after you log in to Google Play from any browser.
Once the app is open, you have to tap on the menu button seen on the upper left corner (you can also access the menu by swiping your finger from the left side of your screen to the center). From the drop down menu that shows up, you have to select "My account." Then you'll be able to see the payment method (or methods) that you're already using, and you can also see a button that lets you add new payment methods. Taping on this button will present you the options you have, including adding a credit or debit card, or enabling carrier billing.

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