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JavaScript appears to be disabled - most features on Can Stock Photo will not function correctly.Not a member yet? Search Can Stock Photo for royalty free illustration, royalty free clipart, digital artwork, EPS vector clip art, stock illustrations, stock images, logo icon graphics, and cheap EPS format line art drawings. I have often said this, if your business is not a force to reckon with in the particular industry or niche you belong, you are as good as dead. In very simple terms, market share is the number of loyal customers your business or company has been able to retain over a long period of time. The criteria is not how many people who bought from you, but rather how many people regularly buy from you.
If you have ever seen a football fan of a particular club, say Chelsea, Arsenal or Manchester, you’ll better understand this concept of market share. Market share is intentional, people choose you instead of others because there’s something SIGINIFICANT [unique, unusual, extra-ordinary, different, special] about you. You are not going to have them lining up behind your business as followers, so don’t bother waiting for them.
The first step to creating your own share of the market by becoming a leader people want to follow is to differentiate your business.
For example, all automobile companies manufacture cars, but not all specialize in particular areas. It is very erroneous to think all companies in the same industry or niche do the same business.
So, your first task in creating your own share of the market is to carve out your own share of the market.
In essence that, all clubs play the general game of football but all clubs don’t play the same way. In other words, “how” you create value is what matters and not “what” the market generally perceive as value. So, creating your own share of your market begins by creating your own unique kind of value that is different from the general kind of value currently obtainable in the market.
You’ll find this distinction by breaking down the value creation process and deciding on which area to specialize on base on your core competencies and available resources.
All of these questions are not obvious; they are hidden sometimes unknown to the customers themselves. I know all these can be intimidating, but believe me when I say this, they are all common sense. You cannot attract the right kind of followers you want for your business if they don’t know about your existence.
After all is said and done, it is the business, company, product or service that is known to the target customers that will gain a large market share.
Like I said earlier, market share is a numbers game so it calls for a lot of marketing efforts from you. I won’t talk more about this here, as I have written about this before you can read more about it here. Avoid missing the remaining articles of this exciting series on Business Growth, enter your name and email below. Great discussion on markets, I continue to appreciate the manner in which you simplify business concepts by providing simple, real-world examples which are easily translated to business and non-business individuals alike. I imagine that market leaders in a certain area of differentiation – to use your example of Volvo, likely have, or at one point had a passion for said area of differentiation.
Man, I can’t recall where this happened, but it was as forum a couple of years ago when I jumped into a conversation and basically corrected the group on what market share consisted of.
It seems that I differentiate between others within my niche by being as truthfully myself as possible. When I’m not being myself, then I tend to suffer and lack in many aspects and areas of life.

Being true to yourself and to others is equally a great way to stay differentiated in the market. I have previously worked as a business coach and mentor, and the tips you have given in this post are spot-on. Unreasonable Lab Nigeria: In Search of 25 Unreasonable (Unusual) Entrepreneurs to Change the World! Business person makes deal to help grow market share or sales chart or join successful team. Android commands more than 80 percent of the mobile OS market share globally, and just less than 60 percent in the U.S. Can Stock Photo has the royalty free illustration, line art drawing, EPS vector graphic, or stock clipart icon that you need.
This position is not determined by a regulatory body, but by their market size – the number of customers these business serve on a consistent basis.
When your industry or niche is being mentioned, which companies come up as reference points?
After all, a share of anything is that portion which you can confidently call your own by virtue of title. Meaning, they have been converted from mere customers to disciples of all that your business represent.
These fans don’t just like football, their love for football has transcended from the general game of football to a particular kind of football –the games played by their favorite club. Market share is all about preference; choosing to give your money repeatedly to a particular company or business over a long period of time based on certain factors that appeal to you personally.
Differentiating your business means being able to clearly define the specific value creation processes of your business and deciding the particular area you want to specialize on. Volvo for instance focuses on safety by ensuring their cares are made up of strong body parts capable of protecting the occupants in the event of accidents. As I’ve always emphasized, no two businesses are the same even though they operate in the same industries, just as no two siblings are the same even though they are products of the same parent. As I pointed out in the football analogy earlier, there is a general love for the game, but fans of a particular club don’t just love football, they love a particular kind of football, the kind played by their club. In the same manner, all automobile manufacturers make cars, but they don’t make cars the same way. You have to familiarize yourself with stuffs like motivation [what moves people to act] psychology [why do people do like they do], perception [how people receive and interpret information] and other areas of human natures. You have to constantly put your business, company, product or services in the public’s eye. Get the story about your business, company, product and services out there where those you want as followers can find you.
I really appreciate your thoughtfulness for bringing this crucial point out and your level of knowledge regarding business.
Although I just recently discovered your blog I have enjoyed it immensely and look forward to reading more. When your customers or subscribers don’t repeatedly identify with what you are offering, then there is no such thing as them being your share of the market.
In everything I do I do my best to be me – and then it seems the rest is taken care of. I'm the Chief Community Leader here and this is where we raise the bar of entrepreneurship. In our previous article, we have talked about the Chinese online advertising market and how to launch online marketing campaigns successfully in China.
Our designers and illustrators provide royalty free stock images, clip art, clipart graphics, and pictures for as little as 1 dollar. As result, safety conscious people choose Volvo cars instead of porche cars and speed lovers, prefer posh instead of Volvo.

Its realizing that you all may be in the same industry or niche but don’t do business the same way.
You have to be able to clearly describe the problems, needs, dreams, desires and aspirations of your ideal follower as a leader. Put yourself in their shoes, think like they do, go to the places they go, do the things they do, value what they value. If you operate on a local level you have to think going to the state level, from the state to the national level, from national to global.
But if they do take what you offer most of the time, then you’ve got a share of the market.
We are a TRIBE of Unusual Entrepreneurs, we are not your every day entrepreneurs who go into business to put food on the table and pay bills. Today we would like to discuss more about the largest online advertising market in Europe, Russia. Proceeds benefit Farm Truck 912, a mobile farmer's market currently supplying local fruit and vegetables to underserved communities in Savannah - Service Brewing Co. In the business world, your proof of market share ownership is the number of repeat [loyal] customers patronizing your business per time. In other words, market share is about creating fans, followers, believers or addicts of your company, business, product or service. The other is in the business of manufacturing fast cars, so they invest more on high velocity engines.
So here is the question, how many people know about your business, company, product or service?
People don’t become fans, followers, believers or addicts of businesses, they identify with companies. As the company was founded by aerospace engineers, aviation aspects emerged in the design of their vehicles. You can read this article on Content Marketing by Marcus for more information on how to do this.
It is our means of doing what we love [passion], changing the world [purpose] and being financially rewarded for it [profit]™. Based on the research from GP Bullhound, around 67 million people (around 47%) in Russia are internet users, which were mostly from outside of major cities like Moscow and St.
Since the broadband is rather popular among the middle classes in Russia, around 16% of the advertisement spending in Russia goes into the online market.Mobile Advertising market is emerging in RussiaOne interesting thing about Russian mobile market is that although they have the highest mobile penetration rate 159%, while only 25% are smartphones that enable the existence of mobile advertising, which is pretty low comparing with other countries in Europe like France and Sweden. The current mobile Internet penetration is at around 20 percent but growing rapidly, around 50% annually. This indicates the great potential of the mobile advertising market in Russia.Top Two Internet companies in RussiaSince traditional business are shifting their budget to online and mobile advertising to target the Russian and international audiences, search engine, E-commerce, publishers benefit a lot from the rapid growth of the Russian Internet market. Two famous Russian Internet companies are very influential in the domestic market and even in the whole European market.Search engine advertising is around 53 percent of the total online advertising share in Russia. Although the E-Commerce business in Russia only account for 2% of the total sales at present, it is expected that the soaring E-Commerce in Russia would grow at around 16% per year along with the booming broadband and mobile Internet markets and reach around $ 25 billion by 2014, according to the report by McKinsey.
In 2012, Russia replaced Germany as the European country with the most online users, more than 50 million adult users on a daily basis.Normally the development of major E-Commerce companies can stimulate the growth of online advertising market.
Not only these E-Commerce companies can generate enormous profit from their online Ad resources, also they can benefit from sponsored search ranking schemes and other payable services.Amazon and Alibaba already even launched their RTB (Real Time Bidding) Ads trading platforms.
As one of the most active social media markets in Europe, Russia has around 90% locals have registered an account on at least one social networking site. Therefore, advertisers need to find a way to express their information in the right Russian way.Last but not the least, working with a reliable ad agency, targeting the effective audiences and distributing ads precisely to the right channels are the keys to the success of launching online marketing campaigns in Russia.

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