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Bloop is an animation channel featuring short sketches, short animated films and tutorials about the making of creative videos.
Artist Eowyn Smith has compiled several of the magical kingdoms from Disney and Pixar flicks and mapped out their locations around the world. Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! A combination of care-giver and fighting robot that was created to help people around the world. And after some deft reprogramming that includes a rocket fist, super strength and rocket thrusters that allow him to fly, Baymax becomes one of the Big Hero 6. Baymax is a big robot with two dot eyes and a line connecting the eyes, with four fingers and short legs. In his superhero form he has a red and purple armor, purple chestplate, red helmet and wings, purple circles at his hands, and top arms.

Because the character was so special to the filmmakers, they cast a wide net to find the right performer.
Baymax is the most popular Disney character of 2015, and one of Disney's most popular characters, along with Ralph from Wreck-it-Ralph and Elsa from Frozen. It makes no sense how Baymax is able to fire the fist when the healthcare chip is already out of his system. If a film was too vague about their location, Smith relied on the original story or myth on which the movies were based. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. It tells you I got them from deviantart and it also tells you the name of the user who owns the photo. Later, after Tadashi's death Baymax goes to Hiro's house and leads to Hiro finding a microbot.

After the team was created, Hiro put an armor on him for action, defeating the purpose of Tadashi's huggable robot.
Adsit, a comedian and former star of 30 Rock, brings both comedy and humanity to Baymax, who evolves from a passive robot into a figure ready for a fight. The plus-sized inflatable robot’s job title is technically Healthcare Companion: With a simple scan, Baymax can detect vital stats, and, given a patient’s level of pain, can treat nearly any ailment.
Conceived and built by Tadashi Hamada, Baymax just might revolutionize the healthcare industry. But to the inventor’s kid brother Hiro, the nurturing, guileless bot turns out to be more than what he was built for—he’s a hero, and quite possibly Hiro’s closest friend.

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