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Facebook is becoming an advertising powerhouse for businesses of all sizes, changing the focus on the social network from pages to running ads.
Advertisers can generate a customer base from Facebook’s audience by using Facebook ads strategically to reach these users with relevant messaging based on their preferences. A user’s journey to becoming a customer starts with awareness that they need a product or service to fulfill a need or fix a problem they have experienced.
Here’s how to create an extensive sales funnel with your Facebook ads, driving results for your business and value to your audience.
When first setting up your Facebook ad campaign, map out each stage of the funnel to understand what specific ads are needed to reach a user at each particular stage. This is when consulting your customer profile is most helpful, since it’ll inform how each stage of the funnel flows together for your particular audience. For the awareness stage, create Facebook ads that drive visibility to your campaign with messaging that’s light, informative and provides high-level information about your organization. Choose creative call-to-actions and ad copy for each set of ads to show a person throughout the sales funnel that best match their current stage, whether the user just visited your website for the first time or has been an active customer for the past six months.
Not only is it important to alter your ad creative to the stage of the sales funnel a particular Facebook user is in, but it’s essential to match your ads to each segment of your audience based on their preferences.
Using custom audiences on Facebook, you’re able to target existing customers based on their e-mail, phone number, app user IDs, and more.
To fully establish the appropriate sales funnel with Facebook ads, create landing pages on your website that match each appropriate stage of your ads. Use a consistent aesthetic from your Facebook ad to your landing page, while the copy on the landing page should pick up where the Facebook ad left off. Once you’ve successfully mapped out your customer’s funnel from awareness to a purchase, then matched ads to each stage of the funnel based on your audience segments and developed consistent landing pages for your Facebook ad traffic; it’s time to begin executing your Facebook ad campaigns. Establish ad groupings for each step of the funnel and turn on your campaigns to begin analyzing their progress. Understand how all these metrics impact one another to affect your business and inform the future performance of your Facebook ads by signing up for SumAll’s new tool called AlwaysAware. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to setup a custom landing tab for your Facebook business page.
You can use a program like Dreamweaver to edit the HTML, or google for free html editor software.
And mostly, all landing page templates persuade the user to do something… this persuasion maybe for buying something, watching a video, liking a page on Facebook or anything like that.
This landing page HTML template is designed to focus on the product you’re selling or giving away.

A simple clean responsive landing page template, built using Bootstrap and uses only free Google fonts. These are four beautifully designed landing page templates and their main focus is to run a video. This is another fine choice for templates but only if you need a Bootstrap powered template. Fine Dining is a Landing page that capture the feel of a delicious restaurant, hotel, coffee shop or any other your prestigious business. Landiin is a minimal single page HTML5 theme specially designed for smart phone app landing pages. 2 pages included: landing page with slider, landing page with video, landing page with slider, quote section below slider.
7 Template powered by Twitter Bootstrap files included: 5 Predefined Skins, 10 Handpicked fonts, HTML5 Valid, 300+ Font Awesome Icons, jQuery Powered FAQ Section and Contact Form with Result Page, Testimonials Scroller. Sytic focus on One-Page Responsive Multipurpose Template that can use all kind of Business sites.
Cuvapag is a responsive HTML5 website template built for featuring software products and applications.
A simple and clean product landing page, including a “selling” image-rich header along with logo, key messaging and call to action button. Responsive – Twitter Bootstrap, prettyPhoto, Working subscribe, W3C valid and PSD file included.
This is a landing page template exclusively made for getting Facebook likes and social media followers. This freebie also provides you a Facebook page mockup to test your brand page before make it visible to everyone. Facebook ads can be used to achieve a variety of goals for your organization like driving awareness, increasing app downloads, generating referral traffic, and building your e-mail list. This will require the creation of multiple variations of ads for each stage of the funnel that relate to where a Facebook user is in relation to their interactions with your business. By having a strong understanding of your customer, your organization will have a much firmer grasp of the psychology of a customer and be able to map out this ad sequence more effectively.
Facebook ads with the goal of generating awareness shouldn’t be focused on a hard sell, but more of a general introduction to your business, its story and its offerings. For example, if your e-mail list is already segmented to reflect the shopping behaviors of your subscribers then this segmentation can also be applied to the messaging in your Facebook ads. Not every stage of the funnel requires sending traffic to your website, but when referral traffic is an important part of a particular stage, the landing page should sync well with the creative, value proposition, and messaging of your ads.

Also ensure that your organization’s landing page is mobile friendly to keep a consistent experience for a Facebook user at each stage of the funnel. Monitor the success of your Facebook ads by understanding the click-through rate, cost per impression, cost per click, reach, and impressions of your ads as they relate to the revenue generated, conversions achieved and the spend allocated to each individual campaign. As a new addition to SumAll, AlwaysAware helps businesses monitor their Facebook ad campaigns offering expert tips for better performance in real-time. When it comes to semi-impulse purchases such as a $40 iPhone case, I’m wondering what your thoughts are on advertising with compelling copy, imagery and call to action but no promotion (other than free shipping) and no funnel. Having a custom Facebook landing page is a great way to increase conversions and likes from advertising campaigns and organic visitors.
For Hostgator this was ~$40 per year, but is is necessary in order to post a page on Facebook.
You should enter your domain name, followed by a folder name that you will create in a later step. With the included PSD book cover creator and the simple, clean code of this theme you will be able to setup your page within minutes.
It is designed with Newsletter Integration, working Contact Form, One Page Navigation, Font Awesome Icon Font, Google Map and Lightbox images. It is also an easy to update HTML and the glossy effects on the images automatically apply.
This psd is a start for a personalized coming soon page before your blog or portfolio launches. A branded splash page provides full control over the message and helps boost conversion of fans. Based off of your specific customer base and their preferences, the typical beginning stage of a sales funnel is awareness. No one metric will inform the success of your Facebook advertising, since it’s a coordinated approach of measuring the impact achieved in a few areas as compared to the costs of advertising on Facebook.
Am I shortcutting the customer funnel by thinking new, targeted users unfamiliar with the brand would see a cool case in an ad and buy it? By tailoring the landing page (or pages) to your specific audience you can insure that each and every visitor is greeted with a page targeted to their needs.
Below is a brief video followed by a step by step action plan you can use to setup your first Facebook landing page.

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