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PowerPoint formats are not supported by Windows Live Movie Maker, so you need to save PowerPoint slides as pictures first. After saving PowerPoint as pictures, all the features like animation, transition, music and video clips will be removed. The function of Windows Live Movie Maker is limited, but it does provide a free method to save your PowerPoint as video for publishing on YouTube. Convert PowerPoint to video in most popular format [such as AVI, WMV, MPEG, MP4, MOV, FLV, 3GP, HD videos, etc.].
First, I want to suggest that the Windows Movie Maker should be upgraded from the older version to the latest version which is the Windows Live Movie Maker. When you find it hard to control and adjust the Duration in Movie Maker which is necessary to add GIFs to Windows Live Movie Maker, you can utilize this GIF to Windows Live Movie Make Converter. Remember to make sure your camera and microphone are connected to the computer (and turned on if necessary).
If you like, you can use the Windows Live Movie Maker to create a movie from your PowerPoint slideshow or photos. But dona€™t worry, they can be added again in the Windows Live Movie Maker, although not exactly the same as the original.
After burning PowerPoint presentations to DVD, you can view PowerPoint on TV through DVD player easily. However, it has no animation effects and it only appears as the frame and it has no animation effects.
This latest version has more interesting features and effects that will make video editing easier.

Once you have this program all you need is to open it and import the animated GIF file that you desire to use by clicking Add videos and photos. It is commonly used for video compression, while it also has a function of converting GIF into AVI file. However, the difference would be on the time that it takes for the processing and availability of the GIF’s file. We are using Windows Movie Maker because it is very simple and most people have it installed. It is not exactly a feature-rich application but it is well-suited to simple tasks such as creating video to send with emails, which is what this page covers. Make sure the correct microphone is selected and speak into it — you should see the meter level fluctuate as you talk. If you have trouble connecting either your camera or microphone, consult the respective manuals and help files.
The video file is saved in the location you specified earlier and you are ready to send it. Because the timeline has been removed in Windows Live Movie Maker, you have to go to a€?Optionsa€? of a€?Music Toolsa€? to set the timing of the songs. With this matter, I am now searching for some help to guide me in converting gif files that can work well in Movie Maker. Now when the file is on the program’s platform, hit the Video Tools tab and you will see the Duration field, simply change the time which is in seconds to fit in the animation length and movements of the GIF photo. By using Windows Live Movie Maker the GIF image can be directly use for video making after altering the Duration.

If you still can't make it work, ask in our forums (remember to provide as much information as possible and be very specific about what is happening).
Choose a name and location on your hard drive that you will remember — you will need to find the file later. Then follow the steps below to turn your PowerPoint to video using Windows Live Movie Maker.
Be sure that you know the actual length of the animated file; you can check it by looking it through picture viewer.
Now hit File on the menu and choose Open video file and browse for the GIF image that you want to process.
While with HD Video Converter, the GIF picture that was converted to AVI should be imported again to Windows Live Movie Maker to be utilized for creating a video, which can take more time to accomplish. After the image is open, you can now hit back File and then Save, be sure that you are saving it as on a AVI format.
It is a good tool to use but it can only process one file at a time which may be time consuming.
When the conversion to AVI is done, we can now insert an animated GIF into Movie Maker but now in an AVI format and instantly continue with the creating a new video.
Moreover, to use it in further video project you can continue with it after you modify the Duration.

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