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You simply can't do a horror movie roundup without including the masterful Hitchcock creation, Psycho. Nothing is more disheartening than when a character almost escapes, but gets caught at the last moment. Right from the get-go, you know there's something off about Michael Myers, the sadistic sociopathic killer from the Halloween series; he kills his sister when he's only 6 years old. Stanley Kubrick crafted one of Stephen King's most epic fictional endeavors into a cinematic masterpiece. We all know that children can create a really unsettling feeling in the pit of your stomach, and it's hard to explain why.
The worst part about being terrorized by Freddie Kruger is that there is absolutely no way to escape him. I think what scared me most about the opening scene of Scream was that I was home alone when I was watching it, and that Drew Barrymore doesn't make it through the first scene. Speaking of creepy children, weren't we all on the edge of our seats when little Haley Joel Osment whispers these constantly quoted words?
Even the trailers for The Ring were pretty straightforward about what happens when you watch the tape. As if the whole claustrophobic experience of going into tiny, cramped cave spaces with a group of spelunkers isn't bad enough, they had to add a bunch of violent, mutated humanoids to the mix. HCF may be one of the newest voices on the web for all things Horror and Cult, and while our aim is to bring you our best opinion of all the new and strange that hits the market, we still cannot forget about our old loves, the films that made us want to create the website to spread the word.  So, now and again our official critics at the HCF headquarters have an urge to throw aside their new required copies of the week and dust down their old collection and bring them to the fore….

Here we have have the second of our two films which were sometimes considered Video Nasties but were never officially on the list, and a considerably better movie than the first!
The shower scene murder is a moment of violent, horrific entrapment, and it's also shocking because the main character gets killed off within the first 30 minutes of the film.
The film was the first in a long legacy of exorcism movies that have followed over the years, and it might very well be the best. In the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre, the most chilling aspect is that, once you're in Leatherface's clutches, you're pretty much stuck with your bloody fate.
The moments just before the bucket's plunge are filled with suspense and anxiety, and while the subsequent bloodbath is an inevitability, you could only watch in bewilderment as everything descends into utter chaos in less than a minute.
Damien's birthday party is the one of the first scenes in the film, and there's something absolutely ghastly about a nanny hanging herself in front of a bunch of 5-year-olds. After that, it's hard not to pass a dark shadow without hyperventilating and expecting him to come slashing out with a vengeance. The one-point perspective, obsessive symmetry, and pulse-quickening score create an unreal paranoia as the film progresses. One thing's for sure though: you can have nightmares about the sing-songy tone when Carol Anne announces, "They're heeere . The movie defies all horror conventions, proving that you couldn't predict who would be safe. As little Cole carefully makes his way through the movie, dreading turning every corner, and we're dreading every turn along with him.

You get a phone call telling you you're going to die in seven days, and then, a week later, you die. Now, I don't know what to be more terrified of: cave spelunking, darkness, or the possibility of violent, mutated humanoids. Every time night falls, it's an anxious experience of dread, waiting to see what will happen.
From classic flicks that have been around for decades to the freshest scares of the new millennium, we're going through 15 scream-worthy movie moments in GIFs. We thought about including the backwards spider crawl down the stairs, but when it came down to it, this moment turned way more heads. And don't even get me started on the cast of creepy characters you meet as you go through the twists and turns of the Overlook Hotel. Let's just say I checked all the doors and windows and stopped answering my phone that night.
It all leads to the inevitable possession of Katie, which doesn't really dull the shock of the final scene. Microsoft also revealed some official wallpaper that will make your desktop pretty nice; Check out High definition, High quality, High resolution, dual monitor and mobile wallpaper now!

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