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In-joke from the creators of youth-oriented '50s AIP monster flicks; a mad makeup man's homebrew greasepaint brainwashes the actors. Cinema 4D Prime is an ideal choice for all graphic designers looking to add 3D to their toolset. Sven Hauth and Holger Schonmann were itching to create an animated short film but just weren't able to come up with a fitting script. You can make movies out of your comic books or your own drawing, and have loads of fun showing them in this Peep-hole Movie Theater. You can make movies out of your comic books and have loads of fun showing them in this Peep-hole Movie Theater. Take the lid of the shoe-box and cut a slit in it directly above the slit in the bottom of the box, as shown by the colored lines in the picture above. The picture above shows how you slide the end of the film through the slit in the lid and down through the slit in the bottom of the box.

IF WE HELPED YOU WITH THIS CRAFT, PLEASE HELP US AND SHARE IT WITH OTHERS USING THE SHARE BUTTONS BELOW! Their story revolves around a character who simply can't think of a storyline for his animated short. Cut out pictures from your comic book, one by one, and paste them on the film paper with paste or Scotch tape.
Colored pictures look better than black and white pictures, but they all look wonderful through that peep-hole. Conway repeats his role as Teenage Frankenstein, but the studio couldn't get Michael Landon for the Teenage Werewolf.
Within just a few days Sven and Holger had written a script and started drawing the storyboard and designing the character and set.Finding someone to synchronize the script turned out to be more difficult than expected. Then draw two diagonal lines across the other end of the box, as shown by the dotted black lines.

Be sure to raise the skylight when you are showing the movies so that light is thrown on the pictures. Due to budget restraints, they first tried to find the right speaker among their English-speaking friends but soon realized that this was indeed a job only a professional speaker could master. Pretty much every available Cinema 4D module was used, from MoGraph to Sketch and Toon to HAIR, proving once again that MAXON products offer high-level performance coupled with an optimized workflow. Nevertheless, each time a project is completed we are taken by the fact that we never have to worry about stability, performance or other critical issues when working with MAXON software", says Holger Schonmann.

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