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Make Your Move, (formerly Cobu 3D) is a movie that debuts Derek Hough (Dancing with the Stars) and BoA Kwon (Queen of Pop in Asia) in their much-anticipated first starring roles in a feature film. The movie follows Aya (played by Kwon), a young Korean dancer, who lives in New York City and is the leader of her all female dance crew, COBU. Derek’s tapping skills was great, he could do it so fast that I could hardly see his feet at times. Another attraction for many K-Pop fans will be the special appearance of TVXQ’s Yunho.
Conclusion: Fans of BoA and Yunho will most probably catch this movie regardless, otherwise, with so many movies out on the same day, this is definitely not my top recommendation. The original movie title “Cobu” is taken from the New York performing arts group, COBU, started by Yako Miyamoto. Hi, I'm Tiffany Yong, a Bubble Tea Addict who loves Acting; Blogging and Coaching (Kids)! Can't wait for a magical adventure story about a teen with mysterious parentage, his funny friend and the fiercely competent girl who protects them both? Well, the bad news is the first part of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" won't be out until November. The good news is that "Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief" is in theaters right now. But when a civil war erupts on Mount Olympus, Percy needs to go to Olympian summer camp, and get a crash course in his powers as a son of Poseidon. The story - taken from the inaugural novel of Rick Riordan's fantasy series - clearly has a Potter vibe. Although Columbus' episodes aren't as prized by fans as the ones that came later, he has an ease with young actors, and a fearlessness about special effects.
Logan Lerman is sympathetic as Percy and Alexandra Daddario is a fierce, fearless role model as Annabeth. Like Uma Thurman as Medusa (a great guest-villainess part that almost excuses her Poison Ivy in "Batman and Robin"). The pacing is dizzying (particularly compared to the last few Potter films, which took their time to set things up). But Medusa looks far better than she did in that old Baby Boomer horror "The Gorgon," and the monstrous hydra would impress even Ray Harryhausen. TV recaps, movie and music reviews, local dining guides, and the latest in Atlantic City entertainment news delivered to your inbox!
Well after I watched the movie, I officially dislike the male lead Derek Hough where he actually had quite a number of intimate moments with BoA.
There were a few complications in the relationships between the few core characters but the main driver of this movie which is the dance part did blend in well along the whole plot where the cast delivered an over average performance.
It was quite enjoyable to watch with the fact that you could clearly catch and follow on the various dance movements. Loved the fact that they highlighted quite a number of Asians in this Hollywood made production. Here that very adversity translates as an ambitious Guinness World Record attempt in a bid to raise money for Edinburgh based children’s charities. Ex-Boxer, Boxing Coach, Club Development Officer and Events Organiser are just a few of the titles Edinburgh born Bradley Welsh has to his name. The 45 minute documentary concerns itself not only with the World Record attempt at hand, but also manages to create an interesting dialogue around the many misconceptions and out-dated attitudes that seem to plague the sport of boxing in our society.

Talking candidly, Brad challenges and dispels the preconception around boxing being a grizzly Neanderthal, male dominated arena, that puts its patrons in mortal danger any time one steps into the ring.
Brad is clearly passionate, and his deep knowledge and understanding for the sport pours out of him anytime a discussion presents itself. As the punishing world record comes to its final hours, the documentary begins to pull back the curtain to present a much deeper and heartfelt story of charity, and a belief in sport to help to create awareness for the less fortunate and disadvantaged in society.
Summary: In the end, this is an inspiring story of the sheer grit and determination of a man who cares not only for the sport he loves and respects, but in giving back to local charities and a community he cherishes so dearly. Allan Brown Despite my 9-5 being consumed by the daily duties of an Electrician, Movie Review World serves as a platform for me to share my thoughts, explorations and reflections on one of my biggest passions, film. Interesting article Allan thanks, I’d like to watch this film do you know where I might find it ? Hi Alison, I hear it may be put forward for a few film festivals later in the year and possibly TV. Spinoffs tend to be one of those things that aren’t always sought out but end up being something that we don’t mind happening.  That’s the case with the upcoming Jackass spinoff Bad Grandpa, which takes Johnny Knoxville’s hilarious 86 year old alter-ego Irving Zisman and puts him in the spotlight in a Borat-style hidden-camera road trip comedy.
After the death of his wife and becoming a free man, Irving Zisman’s daughter decides to drop her son Billy (Jackson Nicoll) off so that Irving can bring him to his father’s home to be looked after while she goes to prison.  Irving reluctantly agrees and the two go on a wild cross country road trip, causing mayhem on unsuspecting citizens while providing belly aching laughs for us. Overall, Bad Grandpa is a hilarious film that’s worth seeing if you are looking for ridiculous, raunchy and mindless entertainment.  A lot of the film loses steam when the characters are not in public and return to focusing on the “plot” of the story and building their relationship.
Aya falls in love with Donny (played by Hough), a gritty and edgy hoofer, who moves from New Orleans to New York to help his half-brother Nick (played by Wesley Jonathan) run one of the hottest underground dance clubs in the city. I wasn’t exactly a fan of BoA, but I did choose to watch the premiere because of her. But sadly, the amazing tap dance could not give me goosebumps nor give me the impact like I thought it would. It has now been changed to ‘Make Your Move’ because the movie’s marketing team felt that “Cobu” would be a tough sell in a 2 minute trailer for American audiences. But it was only released in the late 2013 due to the technical enhancement for 3D effects and the addition of dance scenes to enhance the plot. He is a Latin dance champion, 3 time Emmy nominee in choreography, and a 3 time winner of the television hit show, Dancing With the Stars. Although I look and behave crazily at times, I am serious when it comes to work (traits of a Capricorn!) and this is because I take pride in what I do!
In this story, the teenage Percy is a half-mortal, conceived after his mother saw a Greek god emerging from the surf at the Jersey Shore. And then take his two new best friends - a daughter of Athena, and a satyr-ical bodyguard - into hell itself. The movie does too, not surprisingly, as it's directed by Chris Columbus, who launched the Hogwarts series with the first two installments.
Within minutes, we're at the high-school mythical; a few minutes more, and it's time to hit the highway and head to hell. The characters and the performances - at least in this first episode - don't seem to be quite as complex (poor Catherine Keener, as Percy's human mother, spends a lot of time standing around and looking sad). Upon knowing that she’ll be playing a big role in a movie, I was looking forward to this very movie Make your move. Back to the movie, it was a decent watch with nice cinematography and editing which kind off brings out the best of the average story line.
What I like about this film is the dance choreography displayed along with the cinematography.

The angles and how they edit it altogether was quite important in highlighting the whole dance. However, if you’re a big fan of BoA or dance, you would be probably enjoy this film as much as I do.
Despite running two successful boxing clubs in the city (Castle Boxing Gymnasium, Holyrood Boxing Gym) and having over 30 amateur boxers that he mentors (like that wasn’t enough), Brad has set his sights on a exciting (and exhausting) new challenge.
Sponsored patrons will enter the ring and land a series of combination punches as instructed by Brad over a round. But what is perhaps more endearing is his ambition to bring the sport out of the shadows it has been forced into by general society and make it accessible to everyone, both male and female, young and old, rich and poor. This comes to a head in an incredibly moving scene where we the viewer are finally shown what this was all for.
It was really interesting that director Duane Adler, best known for his dance- and music-driven films, which include ‘Save the Last Dance’ and ‘Step Up’ used Cobu, a Japanese drum dance and tap dance as the main dance-types for this film. Jackson overplays the satyr (with his furry legs, he looks like half of Donkey in "Shrek" - and is about half as funny) the cast list still has a few treats. And the Underworld itself is wittily conceived as an aging rock star's lair, with Rosario Dawson's Persephone a bored hedonist, and Steve Coogan's Hades an egotistic mope. This story sticks mostly to the classical canon, which unfortunately can be predictable (once Medusa enters the scene, you know how she's going to leave). And if it's not quite Harry Potter - yet - it could still grow into an entertaining substitute. The movie follows Aya, a young Korean dancer, who lives in New York City and is the leader of her all female dance crew, COBU.
Combining drums and dance is not really that much of an attraction, the biggest shining star would definitely be BoA who played Aya with her cool dance steps and body movements showcasing her curves. Though Make Your Movie didn’t really showcase any spectacular dance moves, it was compensated with the chemistry between Aya (BoA) and Donny (Derek Hough).
As one 58 year old female gym member states “I am slightly more intimated by women in lycra than I have ever been coming here (Holyrood Boxing Gym)”. We are guided through footage of children afflicted with Cerebral Palsy, were verbal communication is made possible through a ground-breaking piece of equipment known as a ‘Tobii Eye-gaze Machine’. Well, fans might hate me, but I thought his outfit didn’t really match his dance, and it felt a little gay-ish. Aya falls in love with Donny , a gritty and edgy hoofer, who moves from New Orleans to New York to help his half-brother Nick (played by Wesley Jonathan) run one of the hottest underground dance clubs in the city. The very machine that spurred on the efforts of so many throughout the challenge, including the hundreds of generous sponsors, chartiries including Spyfox too , as well as the odd celebrity like Irvine Welsh and Danny Boyle. Perhaps one reason it appeared odd was the sudden introduction of the song, without showing either of them switching on any music (Does it mean, they were dancing+removing clothes without music?) But of course, I have to give credit to Derek’s hot bod. These people made it all possible and as a result, another one of these life changing machines is in circulation.

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