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The following short film about smartphone overuse has been passed around a bunch this weekend.
Do yourself a favor and check out this horror short titled LIGHTS OUT from Swedish filmmakers David Sandberg and Lotta Losten.
At the Underwire Festival in November, the London Short Film Festival posed the question Why Can’t Women Make Feature Films? A great debate erupted at the Ritzy, with Hannah McGill, Lizzie Franke and Carol Morley fearlessly taking on this controversial question.

Kate Taylor is taking the helm of this difficult discussion topic with two filmmakers, a critic and a programmer to look at the gender gap. It’s called Life of Death and it’s brought to us by Vimeo-er Marsha Onderstijn who animated the entire thing by hand. We’ll be asking everyone to roll up their sleeves and get myth-busting on common misconceptions about female filmmakers and the struggles they face in making the transition from short films to features.

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