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HOW-TO GEEK BOOKSRead our first book, the HTG Guide to Windows 8, or check our upcoming books. Enter your email below to get exclusive access to our best articles and tips before everybody else. Are you looking for a nice way to create and display a slide show from your photo collection? Launch Windows 7 Media Center and click on the Picture Library tile found under Pictures and Videos.
If you are using a Windows Media Center remote, click on the OK button to bring up the onscreen keyboard. Once your slide show is saved, you can play it any time by going to clicking on slide shows in the Picture Library, then selecting the slide show title.
If you ever want to edit or delete the slide show, select it in the Picture Library, and scroll to Actions. From the Slide Show settings you have the option to Show pictures in random order, Show picture information, Show song information, and Use Pan and zoom effect.
If you choose to show picture information, the picture title, date, and star rating will be displayed in the top right.
If your slide show is accompanied by music and you choose to show song information, you will get a translucent overlay for a few seconds at the beginning of each song to indicate the song, album, and artist. One of the really cool things about creating a slide show in Windows 7 Media Center is you can complete the entire process using just a Media Center remote. I was so frustrated by this program I went over to my sons house and borrowed his mac, done in an hour. I agree with the earlier comments about the lack of functionality and ease of use but I have somehow managed to put together a 38-slide show with music.
Got the show all done and went back the next day to edit and all the pictures were gone except for a transluscent image of the first slide in place of all the pictures.
I dont’ even have the option of pictures and video when I open the media center… all I get is an extras gallery? Quite an amazing feedbacks and considering not most owners of computers are not tech savvy this program tops the list of NON-USER FRIENDLY! After many hours of learning how to put a slide show with music together, everything worked fine (except I could never make it stop looping to the beginning when the last photo finished).
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I think this is a pretty neat feature and you should definitely activate it if you’ve got Windows 7. Now, when you click on desktop background link, you’ll be directed to a window where you can select or de-select wallpapers.

Select two or more images by clicking on them, or just click the “Select All” button at the top to select all the wallpapers.
The picture location dropdown menu helps you to select the destination on your computer from where you want the images to be sourced. At the bottom, there are options for picture position, the time interval at which you want the wallpaper to be changed automatically, a checkbox for shuffling them and displaying them in random order, and an option to disable it automatically when the laptop is on battery power (not applicable in desktop computers). Once you are through with all the options, and have selected the wallpapers for the desktop slideshow, you can click save changes and the slideshow should start running right from that instant. Yeah, I won’t worry about the time interval too much till it keeps changing the backgrounds.
DVD Photo Slideshow enales you to create a Photo slideshow DVD for playback on TV and your PC. This article is about making a desktop wallpaper slideshow using your own pictures with desktop slideshow feature in Windows 7. I like this feature, because it enables me to set a dynamic slideshow as my desktop background with several beautiful pictures. Step1.Right-click computer desktop and select “Create->Folder” and drag photos you want to use as desktop background slideshow to the folder. Note:If you think the above method a little compicatied, there is another simple way to turn your desktop into a picture slideshow.
Some of us also use applications to frequently and automatically change the desktop background every day or so.
In the following Desktop Background screen, select a location for the pictures to be included in the Slideshow. For selecting multiple pictures hover over the picture to see the check box at top right and tick it. Once your selection contains multiple Pictures, you will be able to set the Slideshow settings such as Change Picture every for frequency of changing images(10 seconds, 1 minute, 30 minutes, 6 hours, 1 day etc) and Shuffle. Today we’ll show you how to create a slide show, how to add music to it, and watch it from the comfort of your couch in Windows 7 Media Center. Use the directional buttons to navigate across the keyboard and press OK to select each letter. You can also adjust the length of time to display each picture, and change the background color. Does not display the slideshows you’ve created (as illustrated in your slide #12) yet when you try to create it again, it tells you the slideshow already exists, and stops you in your tracks. I cant even get it to play with the music, there are cerain pics I want to show with certain songs and it just didnt allow me to mix them right! The show plays ok, but you can’t see the pictures now in order to make editing changes. I have all my photos in a networked attached storage server so that I can use them from any computer in my house.

Being a person that does not have a lot of money I purchased one at a Flea Market for $50.00 that had Windows 7. This feature, which is available in all Windows 7 versions higher than Windows 7 Basic, lets you run random desktop background wallpapers at fixed time intervals.
I enabled it a few days back and seeing a new wallpaper every time I check out the desktop is kinda refreshing.
At the bottom, you’ll see the slideshow option but it’ll be grayed out until you select more than one image. You could go with the default windows desktop backgrounds or any other folder that contains nice pictures. But otherwise, as noted in the piece, it is refreshing to see something than a stagnant pic on your desktop, and something of your own choosing. In the Personalization panel opening up, click the “Desktop Background” icon at the bottom line list.
Then you enter into the “Desktop Background” setting panel to choose your desktop background. You can simply head into folder which includes beautiful pictures, then tick pictures your like and cilk “Set as desktop background” from the righ-click menu. You can choose from Windows Desktop Backgrounds, Pictures Library or browse and select your Photos from anywhere on your hard drive. It tries tobe cutting edge but all it does it make it hard to use, and unless you name your pictures in the order you want them beforehand, it’s hard to reorder them later because you only see the file name and not the image.
A very short show was too large to put on my website without incurring more bandwidth costs. This is a new computer (my first with Windows 7) and after battling the notion of Libraries for a week or so i’ve been completly stumped with making a simple slide show.
However, when trying to burn to a DVD, it only burns to an 8 second setting which throws the music setting completely out of whack. Sometimes the music doesn’t play, sometimes half way through the first pictures will repeat instead of playing all the pictures. And WHY on earth do you have to use Tasks simply to change the slideshow background or length of time to display? The slide show for windows 7 stinks, and no program out there that works good with windows 7.

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