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Stop motion movies are great fun to do with your kids, and they’re a bit of fun for adults too!
Sign up for our free newsletter, find us on facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. If you are not familiar with stop motion movies, they are made using an animation technique that makes objects or characters appear to move on their own.
You might like to make a story board for your movie – take a page and draw out the main events in your story as if you were creating a cartoon. Our tutors will share technical tips and practical techniques to assist the budding movie makers develop and improve their own projects. Find a place that has consistent lighting (not beside a window where sunlight might be streaming in). For our Mykidstime Lego Stop Motion Christmas Movie we built a set out of Lego and had it against a red background. Take a test picture to make sure the result is light enough, and if not, adjust your lighting.
Select all of the photos you want to add and drag them down into the timeline if using Windows Movie Maker or iMovie. Both recently losing their respective jobs making good things, Charlie Kaufman and Community creator Dan Harmon are now combining convoluted, self-aware narrative forces to make something else that sounds pretty good.

Below is a Starburns Industries-produced video to get you interested, as if you aren't already.
I Watch Stuff is a movie and video blog dedicated to bringing you the best and worst that Hollywood and the Internet have to offer and then, more often than not, making fun of it because it sucks. They require no expensive equipment, and are not that difficult either – all you will need is a bit of patience! The object or character is moved in small increments between individually photographed frames, creating the illusion of movement when the series of pictures is played as a continuous sequence.
Decide on what your movie is going to be about, what the story line will be and who the main characters are. Using a combination of readily available digital mobile technology, hand made sets and LEGO mini figures we encourage children to create stop motion movies. All equipment and materials are supplied in our workshops – participants are encouraged to only bring along their favourite LEGO mini figure. There are options to change speed and screen template, and you can also add music and voice over to maximise the fun! The tutorial focuses more on how to create a stop motion film with Windows Movie Maker as the tool, and assumes you have basic knowledge of how to use Movie Maker already. Learn how to use Windows Movie Maker to create a movie with transitions, effects, background music, and voice over narration.

Recent films like Paranorman, Wallace & Gromit, Fantastic Mr Fox and Coraline all use this technique. They will learn how to collaborate to design their own sets, script, storyboard, film, edit and produce their own Brick Flicks masterpiece. The free version though is quite limited, and offers in-app purchases for music, effects etc. If you have never made a podcast or simple movie before, this series is a great way to get started without needing additional software if you have a Windows XP OS. You can find uncopyrighted music by Googling that you can download and use and credit the composer. Maybe you have drawn a stick figure on the corner of the pages of a book or a note pad and then flipped through them to see it move.

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