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Myers-Briggs research reveals that ENTPs, ESTJs, ENTJs, INTJs, and ISTJs are more likely to have higher incomes and either be self-employed or manage more people than other personality types.
For example, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, OprahA Winfrey, Arianna Huffington, and Donald Trump all have different Myers-Briggs types than the ones above.
Nevertheless, when at their best, these types embody entrepreneurial qualities that anyone who wants to own a business should emulate. Force. Being in a position of significant power and influence is seen as the pinnacle of success by many.
Knowing your life’s mission is definitely an important feature for experiencing success. 1 Thing Question: If you had to boil life down to one idea or one philosophy that makes life valuable, what is it? Doing Question: How does that 1 Thing impact your doing? In other words, how does it shape what you do with your life. The most powerful thing I have done in this area is to create a personal mission statement.
Success is a process of living life in such a way that influences others for God’s glory. Hey there, ok disclaimer here, I am brand new to blogging and do not claim anything I am not. I figure if I can rank on Google I will be in good stead to rank on any of the other search engines. It is the search engines job, much the same as a library to categorize all websites on the internet.
Your keyword research is more important than the content you have or what you do to rank your article.
If the competition is too steep for that keyword your article will sit several pages back on the search engine with minimal traffic. What our goal is with SEO (search engine optimisation)  is to get our topic ranked in the first ten listed articles on Google from an organic search. You already know what they want – you planned the keyword, so talk to the problem with information they need.
Anything in life without public record  people are always going to  come up with their own conclusions. Google’s goal is to supply it’s users with exact information they searched for .The relevance of  your content related to your keyword. I will take caution and get high quality links rather than buying cheap backlinks from somewhere like Fiverr and having my website penalised. When it comes to writing or outsourcing your content make sure your article is at least five hundred words and mostly original content. Correct analysis of the best search phrase suited to your goals, do not overdo density of keywords or you might get tagged as spam. For the search engine to understand what your page is all about utilize correct (Meta) Tags. Have a good navigation for your site layout and make use of internal linking to help search engine bots categorize and navigate around your site. Improve your Page engagement  (Bounce Rate) with top notch, above average reader friendly articles, with fresh and relevant content at a minimum of 500 words.
The search engines will penalize and downgrade your rankings for any misspellings and poor grammar. With the current  upward trend in mobile users, have you website coded for recognition as a mobile by the search crawlers.
Google has it’s own social Media Create your Google Account Set up accounts and utilize them. It’s amusing really because in a real world unless you have a huge following already,  to get the amount of backlinks needed to get a top spot on any popular keyword could take years and most likely will never happen. CAUTION If you source out backlinks and overnight you have 1000 links from unrelated topics  Google will think strangely and penalise, in the not to distant future you will loose your rank. One link from a high authority site will have far more power than these spammy type links.
Social – These have the least power of all links to build your SERP (Search engine rank page) on Google. The problem with backlinking from social bookmarking sites, and even article directories is that you do not get much credit from Google.
Authority backlinks – These are the most powerful links to have, it is not possible for everyone to get so in Google’s eyes they have more valuable . These links might take longer and more investment ( Time or money) but will last the length of time.

As I finish writing this article I have found out a way that I could of saved myself months of frustration. Thankyou for visiting Dale, It can be overwhelming with all the different information available to us. And just because you're predisposed to entrepreneurship doesn't mean you're prepared to start a company; the MBTI measures preferences, not ability. The acquisition and accumulation of wealth is probably associated with success more than any other factor.
I have even been bitten by the happiness bug and have read several books on happiness because, like most people, I’d rather be happy than not.
When I achieve this particular goal, then I’ll be successful. Have you ever thought this?
For me, I started with why I think I exist – and then backed that into specific goals and habits to support. I have just enough content to make it available to the world and as time travels I will be filling it regularly with what I am doing and learning. Think about this, a person has typed in exactly what they are looking for at that moment in time. This is not a comparison either, paid traffic is surely the quickest way to upscale your business to massive proportions. You told her exactly what you wanted and with her knowledge of library layout she could have it in a jiffy.
Have your end goal in mind, plan who your desired customer is and what they will be searching for. You could have the best product or most information but without the right person finding your page none if it will be any help to you.
Your long-tail keyword will have less searches  but the competition for that keyword will be less.
Not only is it good to have the valuable content for ranking purposes, it increases the likelihood of getting a second look.You can add value to your content by making it a pleasant user experience, have top notch information, or make it entertaining. It is possible to rank multiple keywords on one page but it takes allot more time and work. When you can get a high listing on that first page your chance of getting that traffic is high. If your page gets a high bounce rate, this means when people hit the back button often and do not stay on your page for long. My blog  is new and has no authority so I will work towards  getting  my On-Page optimisation done, writing best possible article I can for my readers. If too many of Google’s customers hit back button quickly when visiting your site it will be seen as your page is not relevant to the topic.
Meet all the correct standards and you will rank more easily.  Always aim to give your user a friendly experience. These type of websites do not really provide users much value and are mostly used by other SEO’s for link purposes. Be wary of getting thousands of cheap backlinks as this will easily stand out to Google and the possibility of your site being penalised is high.
It's not that people who make money become successful, but that successful people attract money.
Websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo provide a way for complete strangers to find and financially support entrepreneurs or startups in their quest for capital before they can produce their product. But money doesn’t make a person successful any more than any other resource makes a person successful. This is the one document I go back to multiple times per year and update, and do a gut check against. Last year I could barely send an email and needed help to upload a photo to Facebook so every thing in life has to start somewhere. I am not sure of the correct way to describe it, the very nature of an advert is to interrupt people. If you have a few things in mind you will get easier results by separating your keywords to different pages. It has been proven first page in google gets more than ninety percent of all Google clicks, top spot takes most of those searches too.
I can get traffic to my site using social strategies while I work on my Off Page optimization to better my rank. Google will only rank a piece of content once, so if your article is deemed copied you might find it somewhere in page lala land.

A rule of thumb I have been told is to only use  H1 once H2 twice and it you H3 onwards it is not so important. Have to tools that readers can do a social media share and be able to interact with your page.
If you’re interested in launching your own crowd funding campaign and want to make it as successful as possible, here are a few tips that should help.Keys to SuccessGive Value – Because crowd funding is a business transaction and not a handout, it’s extremely important to give value with your campaign. But when we arrive at our goal most often we discover the goalposts have been moved and true success still eludes us.
If the information passes the test (algorithms) and deemed appropriate the content will be indexed. In fact, what money usually does is amplify the true character of an individual in the first place. The problem with making happiness or any other feeling our definition of success is it means success can come and go as well.
Choose a keyword that you think is achievable to get results Lead your readers through a planned sales funnel. Alternatively if you subscribe and get my free pdf ebook I will be offering this opportunity to my subscribers.
Make it a fair transaction and you’ll be one step closer to success.Backers – These are the people who’ve chosen you, chosen your product, and want you to succeed.
In fact, get creative and people will be drawn to you.Goals – Without financial backing you won’t be able to produce your product or complete your project. Setting good achievable goals is necessary but you also need to consider goals that motivate and drive. Being a little outside your comfort zone is probably a good thing.Rewards – Offer your backers excellent rewards. Set tiers (low $, mid $$, and high $$$) that motivate people to give more than they would otherwise want to give. By creating a tiered system what you’re really telling backers is that they don’t want to be at the bottom.
A combination of value, goals and rewards will help contributors select the higher tiers.Fees – When planning a successful campaign you need to consider your cost of doing business. Likewise Amazon takes another 3-5% for credit card processing, and the government will take its share in taxes. Plan for these things so you can price your rewards and tiers accordingly.Shipping – This seemingly non-important part of a crowdfunding campaign is often overlooked. This will encourage more support and reduce the likelihood that a $3 shipping charge will prevent you from succeedingTiming – Plan your campaign so that it begins and ends at appropriate times. Ending your campaign when people are awake to make a final push can drastically increase your overall success.
To give your campaign the best opportunity to succeed you’ll want to make a video that is short but descriptive, sweet but emotionally engaging, and connective. Without a connection to your audience people may be impacted, but not motivated to contribute. Let them feel your passion for your project.Pitfalls to AvoidThere are a few things you’ll want to avoid so that you don’t kill your campaign before it’s begun.
It’s unlikely these $1 contributions will amount to anything significant and in reality you’re selling one of your best tools for a meager $1.Don’t limit rewards. You want those people to feel special for their contribution, but limiting everything looks unprofessional and sends the wrong perception of your campaign.Deliver on your promises. If you offer a great reward, but don’t raise enough to cover it, you’ll end up paying out of pocket and going into the red on your project. Likewise, if fulfillment of your rewards is too time consuming you’ll either avoid it, or hate it, and either one will be detrimental to your project.Final ThoughtsWhatever you do, make sure your heart is in it. If you’re invested in your project and you’re passionate about it, people will see that and support you. Stay honest, don’t embellish results or facts, and keep your backers updated throughout the entire process.

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