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There is no mess on this website, it?s just that most people don?t leave feedback when they?re happy. Im just Dutch, so I hope my English is good enough for you to understand what I’m trying to tell you.
Hey guys and gals, Krista here with a sorta tutorial for all you Minecrafters.Have a diamond sword and feel like it could do with some enchantments, so you walk through to the Enchantment Table, drop the sword in the slot and hope you get a really good one like Unbreaking or Sharpness but instead you get a rubbish one instead that cost 10 Levels?
I have a question for you XD How do you do the spoiler thing, I would love to know how so I can use pics for it.
When you edit a blog, in the hotbar thingy there's a maroon colored flower thing, if you highlight it, it should say spoiler.
Good job wolf, but I'm pretty sure once you use an anvil the rename is in italics, so I would preferably use MCEdit or a custom filter to prevent that.
I don't either, I just know that there's a custom filter or some whatnot to be able to remove the Italics. Super Mario Game of Thrones Mario Canvas Art Makes Me Want to Play Mario Kart Teens React to Contra. We use large images on our themes so that they can fit larger monitors like 1680×1050.
I downloaded one of the Mario backgrounds but Mario was outside the frame, if you know what I mean.

Did you know that you can pick and choose what enchantments you want and even rename your sword?Here's how to do it in 7 easy steps :D I'll also add pictures in spoilers for you so you can see it too!1) First, go into Creative Mode. If you’re using a small monitor, you will most likely not be able to see the whole background. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site.
That’s the downside by using a small screen, you will not be able to experience the whole design. 2) Now, depends what version you are running, look for the enchanted books in the creative inventory, that when highlighted should tell you what enchantment they are. The daughter requested it and the parents went well beyond the call of duty in giving it to her.
Have fun while making your own Youtube background and try to freestyle by adding your name to it, etc.
Pick out the ones you would like most, like Sharpness IV or Unbreaking III etcStep 2These may be in a chest but look for then in your creative inventory, I couldn't find the right picture -.- 3) Drag the chosen books into your inventory so you can safely store them for the next step.
Redditor carpenter75 estimates that it took about 60 hours painting all those bricks, and the total cost for the project was only about $700(USD). It should be under the Decorations tab.Step 45) When you click on the Anvil, you shall see three slots in one row.

Drop the sword in the first slot, the enchanted book you wish to use in the second and then you will see the sword appear in the third slot as enchanted and when you highlight over it, you shall see that the enchantment has worked.
Step 56) You can also change the name of the sword at the top but this will cost extra levels.
Just simply click the name and delete the text and simply put your own text in.Step 6To change the name, refer to previous picture and where it says Diamond Sword, Click there and delete all that and just type what ever name you would like.
7) Once you are done and happy with everything, then simply drag the finalized sword out the third slot and drop it in your inventory and ta-da!
It's mainly aimed for people who are newish to Minecraft as experienced player will probably already know this by now but if you liked this tutorial, why not show me by clicking the diamond button and maybe some feedback.
I might do more of these so comment below on what the next one should be and you'll get a mention in the description!

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