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For this month’s Two Dashes of Glam collaboration Natasja and I decided to embrace our animalistic side with two animal-inspired make-up looks. I’m a sucker for a good theme, so I decided to go all out with the whole clownfish concept and used orange, black and white pretty much everywhere I could. On my cheeks I used the Urban Decay Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Blush in Indecent, a subtle light peach, and on my lips I applied the NYX Butter Gloss in Cherry Cheese Cake, a glossy soft orange. Turns out I wasn’t the only one looking for make-up inspiration under water, because my Two Dashes of Glam partner found her inspiration with dolphins. A little while ago I showed you four of my favorite MAC eyeshadows, and today it’s time for part II.
Talia Joy Castellano was a 13 year old teen living with cancer but her strength and bravery kept her living longer than expected. This entry was posted in Models, News and tagged Biography, castellano, seventeentalia, talia, wiki by dalewilliams. A few years ago the make-up trend used to be all Kim Kardashian inspired with a dark, charcoal grey smokey eye but it’s moved on now. I’m more of a party and fashion girl than a make-up girl (I often lose attention putting make-up on) so I was very happy MAC make-up artist Stephanie Sion was happy to show me how to do it. Initially, I was anxious about getting my make-up done in a department store while crowds walk past but MAC has thought of this. Alternatively, my fave make-up blogger Pixi Woo has also released a video about how to get the smoky eye look so check out this video if you live far from a MAC store. The idea was that we each choose an animal and just let our imagination and creativity run free.

Clownfish come in different colors ranging from yellow and red to blue and even black, but the bright orange version with white and black is probably the most popular one.
On my eyelids I used MAC Orange, which I contrasted with white on the waterline (Maybelline Big Eyes Liner) and black on the lash line (MAC Carbon) and the lashes (Covergirl The Super Sizer Mascara).
Quickly visit Eyes Painted Black to see how Natasja translated her childhood fascination with dolphins into a make-up look! Beautiful in combination with Lucky Green.  Of all the dark green shades this one is definitely my favorite. Talia first gained attention from her youtube page where she uploaded videos giving makeup tutorials.
Jessica Alba, Jennifer Aniston and the gorgeous Brit model Rosie Huntington Whiteley all have more of a golden hue around their eyes.
Steph is currently based in Selfridges in the MAC department on the 3rd floor and if you like the look she created for me you can easily get one yourself as a 60 minute make-over at MAC is ?30 and it’s redeemable against products.
Firstly, do the eyes first and then the foundation as you are guaranteed to get your skin messy with the eyes so you can cover it up with the foundation after.
My initial plan was to pick something fierce and beautiful, like a tiger or a leopard, or maybe something cute like a panda or a fluffy bunny, but in the end I settled on a fish. The inspiring teen had been discovered by Covergirl cosmetics who gave her a deal signing her to a 1 year contract worth $100,000. Golden brown is more subtle than black, slightly more understated but completely dazzling when the light catches it…as I discovered first-hand when I volunteered to be the guinea pig for MAC make-up.
So you get things to take away to do the look yourself, sort of making it free if you need the products anyway.

But it was tv host Ellen Degeneres who saw the teen’s potential and invited her as a guest on her talk show.
Put small bits on the brush and top it up on the eyes, rather than putting it all in at once.
Ellen, a covergirl herself, made her an honorary covergirl and invited her to meet with the cosmetics executives and scheduled a photo shoot that turned into a nation campaign. Third, with the eyelashes, it’s so important to cut them if they don’t match your eye length. Then add more eyeliner afterwards so the lashes look part of the eye, all blended in and to make sure there is no white gap between your lash and the fake ones. All of the proceeds from her clothing line went directly toward her sky-high medical bills. The teen had been open about her battle with cancer and revealed that it had spread to the bone marrow. Talia was first diagnosed with Stage 4 neuroblastoma in 2007, and eventually, turned to makeup to help boost her confidence.

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