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Click here to access a YouTube Channel for more step by step video guides about how to make YouTube Video. Then simply press "LRC" button to run built-in Lyric Video Maker, which provides an example lyric file "example.rzlrc", press "the bottom red Play button" or F2 to preview this example.
We can view all lyrics in the left list, and once pressed "Start Record" button, the program will play the music, when the music playing, we need to press any key on keybord to mark start time of a sentence, and release the key to mark end time.

If selected "Karaoke Effect Show", we can customize the Karaoke overlay font color, outline color, shine color, shade color, etc. If selected "Word by word", we can press "Font+" to add multiple font types, colors, sizes, angles, etc.
At last, press "Publish to Local" to create the final lyrics video and save on local computer folder, or press "Publish to Youtube" to upload the final lyrics video onto YouTube directly.

For making 2D Lyrics or Karaoke video, when selected "Normal Show", "Karaoke Effect Show", "Word By Word", "Sentence By Sentence" in Lyric Maker window, we need to press "2D" tab in the Timeline area.

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