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As I often do, I decided to write a blog post as if that was the title, before reading the article, to see where I land compared with the original author.
So then I started thinking, where have I seen leaders fail and what caused them to be unsuccessful? The Ability to Delegate ~ This is the one quality that I believe will make or break leadership.
And sometimes you have to push people to grow on their own; to be able to overcome obstacles by taking matters into their own hands.
So what did the original author say was the one leadership quality that will make or break you?
Btw, I should also point out I talk a lot on this blog about the benefits of being flexible, nimble, adaptable, etc. Please Share This Page: Please be sure to Join our email list and receive all our latest and best tutorials daily – free! E2 by Shoptech Corporation brings all business operations into a single simple solution, from estimating to scheduling, purchasing, shipping and even customer management and accounting, with its easy-to-use solution. E2 simplifies estimating, allowing users to create both "quickie quotes" and complex estimates on labor, overhead, material, etc., that can be faxed or emailed with attached drawings or pictures. E2 automatically generates shipping labels and packing slips and then tracks shipments online to multiple shipping addresses.
E2's scheduling module eliminates guesswork, while its contact management module helps shops ensure that everyone stays on the same page, from the shop floor to the end client. All of these features are supported by Shoptech's national network of regional offices and training centers, as well as a 'round-the-clock techncal service center. Update: Previously I was critical of the state the software is currently in and was contacted by Shoptech to gain some insight on the complete overhaul E2 is going through.
I will definitely be revising this review after the update is implemented (for better or worse). We have been using E2 in our shop for over ten years, and it has proven itself worthy of the investment time and time again.
Walk through your typical routine to see if the software works efficiently the way you plan to use it. Friendly service, great sales support, comprehensive product that can be tailored to specific needs.
I believe when evaluating software of this nature, you should fully understand your company, processes, your internal system of operations, what your needs are, what issues you believe that you have.
We began the search for a Software System that could not only manage our Shop, but also compliment our current Accounting Program with all of the tools to manage our office.
At the time that we bought this product, I didn't realize that there was an annual charge for maintenance.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.

I had several ideas but then as I thought through them I realized that they probably weren’t correct. As an entrepreneur I think its a must, but for leadership across the board, probably not as much of a requirement. The beauty of effective delegation is that it accomplishes what I think are two of the goals of leadership – actually leading toward the future and developing the skills of your team. When a leader is too deep in the weeds it is hard for them to make sound, long-term decisions. Which means you inherently have to be good at hiring the right people, and training and mentoring them in order to get them to a place where they can take on more responsibility. I honestly didn’t know where I would end up until I got mid-way through writing this.
I was just reading eMyth which defines delegation as assigning authority without abdicating responsibility, I like that. Pursuit is great but its too general and you could argue that the pursuit of the wrong things (greed, power) are the opposite of what makes a great leader. So building on your belief that pursuit is the ultimate characteristic of a great leader, is there a way to be more specific around that?
Honest with yourself (knowing the right thing to do, to make the tough decisions), and honest with those you lead (which gains incredible respect). This post was more focused on what the #1 leadership characteristic is, if you had to pick just one. Love that it’s both sharing the knowledge to empower others as well as teaching them to grow so that they are capable. Designed specifically for job shops, contract and a variety of make-to-order manufacturers, Shoptech's comprehensive ERP helps job shops run more smoothly, while increasing both productivity and profits. Its materials management module controls all components and parts, aligning the company's purchase needs with the entered orders, as well as tracking delivery and finding the best prices.
It also pulls in all business financials, so shops can manage payroll, accounts payable and receivable and general ledger from a single location, as well as using one of the 200 built-in reports for comprehensive analysis.
For a small shop like the one I work in (less than 20 employees) going from a completely analog based system to a digital one saves a ton of time when it comes to recalling information. We had a very informative web demo and am thoroughly impressed with the improvements that are in store. For now, if you’re in the market for shop software definitely give E2 a look and ask about the new system in the works.
It is a thorough and well rounded system which assists us in successfully tracking our work load, material inventory, customer database, etc. Our company has maintained strong, consistent growth over the past decade and as we have expanded, it has been difficult to justify the cost of additional users. However, I believe I could have gone another route and landed at this: Putting the right people in the right job at the right time.
So in the military there must be more conformity and protocol than in business leadership, which is why I was thinking that those skill sets are less important than delegation.
However, one of my memorable learnings from your blog is about aligning people in the right place at the right time.

They taped the rolls together and there is actually one half bag inside the other with the clear red tape connecting them together. Being able to keep track of jobs, purchases, and inventory was our main goal and was accomplished easily using E2. The new interface is much more intuitive while still keeping the core functionality of the current E2 system, so transitioning for end-users should be relatively easy. Everything discussed during the demo regarding pricing is unconfirmed, but due to the nature of how the new system will be implemented an added cost may be incurred separate from the current OPTIONAL maintenance structure. Utilizing the scheduling tools, such as the Whiteboard, has become essential for evaluating our WIP, providing an overview of jobs in process and tracking due dates. As we tend to hold out on purchasing new seats until absolutely necessary, it would be nice to see some price breaks as we continue to add users. Data entry is key in building thorough and easily maintained databases, and the more you put in to it, the more benefits you will see in the end results. For some reason, E2 was the one that grabbed our attention, and it was the only one that we asked for a second demo.
Try to evaluate it based on your unique needs, and clearly state those unique needs while you are in demo mode. I have many thoughts on this particular quality, so I’m going to have to explore that in another post.
I’ve personally experienced what it can be like before and after that transition (of finding the right place for an individual), and the difference was stunning to see that individual come alive.
I called the company and they said it was the end of a roll bag and was supposed to have been taken out. Many small shops will have to weigh the benefits of maintaining a subscription to that of staying with the older system they’re currently using.
The time tickets and performance summaries are extremely beneficial in measuring employee efficiencies. If something isn't working right or doesn't meet your expectations, use the customer support and tech support to get it streamlined and tailored to your specifications.
For now I’m sticking with The Ability to Delegate as I think its the killer skill set of an effective leader. We are in regular communication with technical support, customizing the individual modules to accommodate the evolution of our business practices and constantly growing and changing capabilities.
They have helped us create custom reports and summaries which allow us to categorically track productivity and expenses across the board. ShopTech has been wonderful to work with, reaching out to us, and being available to us as needed. I feel like they have been professionally available, yet not being bothersome as some that I've experienced in the past.

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