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After you have your animation the way you want, click on Animation at the top of Poser, then Make Movie and a new screen will come up.
Once the files are loaded, you'll see the animation working in the Preview Animation screen. The other way to optimize is to replace duplicate pixels with transparency and shrink the frames to only what is needed. If you need to get rid of the white space around your animation, click on Animation > Crop.
There are more options within GIF Movie Gear, changing the background color of the animation for instance. Welcome to Photoshop Gurus forums, where members can ask and answer questions related to Photoshop, participate in fun challenges and discussions, or get help from over 50,000 members with graphic design, image editing, photography, web design and other topics related to Photoshop.
Sorry if I there is a tutorial on this that I didn't see, but could someone post a few tutorials on how to make animations, and what not. How to Create Animated GIFs Using Photoshop CS3 - wikiHow this tutorial is brief, and too the point. I’ve always loved web games; they’re just fun to make, easy to code (mostly), and there’s something really nice about how accessible a game is when the user just has to click a link to start playing. Ajax and moving dom elements around made for some fun, but limited in what kind of experience you could create. So from a game developer’s perspective everything is going in the right direction: 2D  and 3D hardware-acceleration, high-performance javascript engines, integrated debuggers and profilers, and, probably most importantly, browser vendors who are actively racing to be the best for serious game development. So the tools are becoming usable, the browsers capable, and the vendors are listening, we can just go make awesome games right? In this article I’ll run through some of the choices to be made developing 2D games, and hopefully give you some ideas for developing your own games using HTML5.
First question you’ll have to answer is whether to use the HTML5 Canvas tag for drawing images (a scene-graph), or by manipulating DOM elements. To do 2D games using the DOM, you basically adjust element styles dynamically in order to move it around the page. In this example I’ve added an onload event binding to the body tag, and then implemented the function to grab the canvas element and draw some boxes.
The boxes are nice, but you’ll notice the canvas doesn’t take up the complete area of the browser window. Taking things a little further, let’s handle resizing of the canvas if the browser window is resized by the user. To wait, add a notification listener to the image so you’ll get a callback when the image is ready.
This image shows 6 running frames of a little vampire kitty (well, that’s what I think it looks like). If enough time has passed to move the animation frame forward, then advance the frame and set the accumulated delta to 0.

If you need to, you can convert the canvas into an image by setting its source to use a data url containing the encoded image data. The data array is made up of all the pixels, with each pixel being represented by 4 entries, red, green, blue and the alpha level, all ranging from 0 to 255. Using this data array, here’s an example where the specific red component of image is increased, whilst the red and blue components are reduced, thus creating our level 2 monster, the hell-spawn-demon-kitty.
The for loop is interating over the data array in steps of 4, each time modifying the three primary colors. The combination of canvas drawing, scaling, rotating, translating and pixel manipulation, along with the performance option of using prerendering gives a range of powers to make cool, dynamic games.
As an example, I used these techniques in one of Playcraft’s demo games recently, a 2D 4-way scrolling space shooter.
3 Nov 2014 Traer partnered with Hutchinson to animate her story with white board drawings in the hopes of making it easier for the public to understand her Pivot Animator is a unique and free program that allows users to create very detailed animations of stick figures.
To make animations online, all you need is Raw Shorts.  You do not need special skills to create professional quality animated videos, just those you most likely already have in the form of use MS Office software.  The best part of it all is that aside from the thousands of free images, many video templates, and how easy it is to you—is that is 100% completely free to make animations online! Do this by clicking on the frame you wish to change, it will highlight in red and the frame number will show on the left side of the program.
It will bring up a box, pull the square sprites around the animation or use the setting boxes on the right hand side and click ok. Whilst there are some cases where DOM manipulation is good, I’m going to focus on using the HTML5 canvas for graphics since it’s the most flexible for games in a modern browser. To accommodate that we can set it’s size by adding a width and height style to the canvas tag.
Since we’re going to be drawing it from within javascript, I find it makes sense to declare the image there and then set its src attribute to be the url of the image you want to load. I say most cases, because it depends on how fast your machine is, and whether the browser has cached the image already. The height and width is set to the original spritesheet, and then the original image is drawn using the render buffer’s 2D context. Thus an image which is 512 wide by 512 high will result in an array that has 1048576 elements in it – 512×512 equals 262,144 pixels, multiplied by 4 entries per pixel. The 4th channel, alpha, is left as is, but if you like you can use this to vary the transparency of certain pixels. The artists produced only a single frame of each ship (player and enemy fighters), which I would then rotate and prerender according to how many degrees, and thus how smooth, we wanted the ships to turn. An Australian native now living in San Francisco, his passion and focus have been on games since the age of 15. I tried transparent property for ctx.fillStyle but it seems that it is not working properly (sprite is toping after the first frames round). The program is not a full-featured animation and An animation of a stick figure that is frustrated and confused.

What makes Raw Shorts so specially is not that it is completely free to make animations online but it is a tool that allows even the least creative souls creates animations without any special skills.  All you need is simple MS Office skills and with just these skills you can make professional quality animations online.
Rather than having to add them one at a time, you can highlight all of them and they will load into Gif Movie Gear in the proper order. Next to the frame number, you'll see a clock icon, put he speed for that particular frame in there. Like for example, The two in avatar wars post, used animation to animate the others avatar. HTML5 is introducing a bunch of new options for game development purely in the browser, and the browser vendors are competing hard to be the best platform for the new standards. I prefer to keep things dynamic by adjusting the size based on the size of the document element the canvas is contained within. That’s because the resize method is being called in between when you’ve started loading the image (setting its src attribute) and when the browser has it ready to go.
I could adjust the number of angles based on the type of ship at run time – by default, player ships rendered with 36 turning angles (very smooth), whereas enemy and opponent ships at only 16 angles (choppy).
He is the Author of J2ME Game Programming—an award-winning 800 page book on advanced mobile software development (published by Thomson Course). To create them, we either alter the original creator's entire frame sequence or rebuild certain frames with added elements. With one or two images you might get away with it, but as soon as your game expands you’ll need to wait till all the images are loaded before taking action. I also added an option to let players on more powerful computers choose to increase the smoothness angles to 72 all round (super smooth).
Wells was also the CEO and Founder of Tasman Studios in Sydney, Australia which produced the games Club Soccer, Hypergate and Cybots among others.
In addition, I dynamically recolor the emblems and markings on the ships (the cool big stripes along the wings) according to the team you’re on.
The PresenterMedia logo will not Summary: If you enjoy creating stickfigure animations with Pivot, it is. This again saves on rendering and resources, but also allows the ship colors to be dynamically adjusted based on a user selected team color. Owner: dianatredondobeth 66 Ok so I am making a game with stick figures with cocos2d in objective c Different things need to be animated so please, give me a suggestion How to Make a Stick Figure Animation.

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