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Whether your photos were stocked away in CDs, DVD, or any form of storage device and copy them right on your phone (or tablet) where your Instagram app is installed. Add caption about the photo you just uploaded, tag fellow Instagram users and share it to other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.
It seems that the folks over at Instagram are always pushing out something new for their filter loving followers, and today they’ve launched the 3rd version of their app, Instagram 3.0. The first time you use the new version of Instagram, you’ll be given an overview of what Photo Map is, and then you’ll be shown all of your geo-tagged photos, which Instagram will ask you to either approve or deny for use on your Photo Map.
I'm a creative 22 year old from Pennsylvania, who's passionate about art, design, music, and technology. Using your iPhone camera's panorama feature is great way to capture wide-angle views of scenery, such as sweeping cityscapes, broad landscapes, and seemingly never-ending skies, as well as that awesome party or get-together you just threw.While panoramic photographs do a great job of stitching together a full scene, they don't always translate well when uploaded to social media. Option #1: Turn Your Panorama into a Short VideoInstead of trying to cram a full panorama into a tiny square, you can use Instapan (from Tap-It Labs) to turn it into a scrolling video to show off the entire scene.

Just choose a panorama from your camera roll, adjust the speed and direction in which it scrolls, and change the start and end points. Not much has changed in the overall look of Instagram, since they set out to make your preexisting Instagram photos easier to find. Instead of having to hit “show more,” users are now greeted with a little loading animation while they wait for more photos to load in. Like other applications that map out geo-tagged photos, photos get grouped together the closer they are as you zoom out on the map. The new upload page is a lot cleaner than the previous version, and features better looking sharing switches as well. While no one can say for sure, I’d love to see them roll out an iPad client (since the Android app already scales to the tablet screen size) and an online client. 5 Tanda Jika Wanita Sedang dalam Masa Subur14 Fakta Dan Misteri Tentang Segitiga BermudaAwas !

For example, if you post a panorama to Instagram from your camera roll, the majority of it gets chopped off due to its huge width-to-length ratio.To post your panoramas to Instagram in all their glory, you'll have to use another app, and I'll be showing you two of my favorites in this guide.
The maps interface is really clean and well done, and it actually reminds me of the maps interface that Apple will be rolling out with iOS 6. Scrolling through my Instagram feed has become something I do in my pastime, and I’d love to have more devices that I can do that on. While I’m not really one to geo-tag my online photos, I can definitely see the appeal, especially when traveling. Instagram has already make it possible to view and comment on specific photos via the browser, they just need to add in support for full-profiles and the actual photo feed.

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