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The starter model can be controlled with your mouse, and you can apply to it motion and personality. The program requires a certain amount of animation knowledge to get a grips of its extraordinary set of features, but with a bit of effort it can be mastered by most users. Are you still confused by the situation that your computer or new cell phone such as, Mac, iPod, iPad and some Windows systems can not play videos? You can download the free trial version to evaluate the function before buy a license for your Flash to GIF Movie Maker. The upper left part will play the the flash you have added to this software once you hit it. Convert PDF to flip books by command line, enabling you to create eye-catching magazines, newspapers, books, reports from PDF. Animoids comes integrated with an online database of 3D art with tons of starter models, sounds, textures, behaviors, movie sets and scenes, that can applied to build an animated video.

The program allows you to easily cut and paste between different pieces of body to make outstanding effects. Are you an anxious website designer who is anxious for the circumstance that visitors need install adobe plug-ins on their web browser to reading your website? If after trying, you feel that this application is worthy to own one, you can pay for it here. The upper right will display all the flash files you have added with all the detail information then you will not add files in a mass. Then if you need to remove some that you have added by mistake, simply hit them and then click the button "Remove", you can get wrong one out of the conversion list.
During the conversion, you can enjoy the flash as the conversion process status dialog will be shown together.
It can convert Flash to image of GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, TGA, PSD, PCD, DXF, UFO, CDR, FPX, and EPS.

It is not hard to find the function area at the bottom of the interface.Just follow the order of the buttons from lef to right then you can finish the convesion from SWF to GIF.
Say if you need to adjust the size, set the replay time and frame rate, you can finish all of them in this menu label. The conversion will last a few seconds then you can get the converted gif file in the chosen folder.

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