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November 25, 2014 By Steve Woodruff 2 Comments Most of us try to say too many things into our marketplace. After almost 30 years in business, I can tell you this: the vast majority of time, people have not processed and remembered your message. As obnoxious as repetitive advertising can be, there’s a well-researched reason for it.
Last week, I attended a networking function with a number of my pharmaceutical clients and partners. Receive The Clarity Blend newsletter and get a free download of Steve's e-book, Make Yourself Clear: 6 Steps to De-Fogging Your Direction and Your Message!
When we find ourselves doing the same thing over and over again in our lives, it can be hard to figure out why. By working on different techniques, people can learn how to recognise when thoughts or actions are more harmful than beneficial, and how to stop them from occurring. It is worth remember that it takes years for people to develop unhelpful patterns, habits, and repetitive choices, and it may also take years to reshape them into something else that might be more positive.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. There are some pretty basic concepts that every person should give conscious thought to when it comes to matters of money.
Is emergency fund replenished and ready to go?  Stuff happens, and you might not have planned for it.
New entrants to homeownership will need more financial education resources, training and financing programs to help navigate the process and become successful homeowners.
As a volunteer and advocate for Habitat for Humanity and its mission to make homeownership accessible to more families in need, I am sharing the below advocacy letter that everyone can send to their state and local representatives.
Do you ever listen to the monologue running through your head and think, “What am I even talking about right now?
I used to doubt myself any time I’d spend a lot of time on a design only for it to end up looking nowhere near what it did in my mind. There was a woman who came into a restaurant I used to work at and order a raw vegetable dish that she said was part of her special diet to re-virginize herself. The “revirginizing process”, I guess, is a matter paying attention to what you do and why you do it, being deliberate in your actions, making changes to the everyday, and, apparently, eating lots of vegetables. The idea of not perfecting it all in one go, but instead going in with focused intent, taking a break to let things settle in, and then doing it again.
Why is that when things begin swirling out of control our first response is to stop them from swirling? No matter what’s happening around you, you need to establish a foundation within you so that you’re less affected by every. This idea came up in a convo the other day when a friend asked for advice about a job she’s miserable at.
How many times do you have to break down and throw a fit when things don’t go your way, only to realize that not getting what you wanted was the best thing that could have happened to you? How much time and energy do you spend trying to force things to go the way you want only to realize that getting what you wanted wasn’t even very satisfying in the end? How far out of your way do you go to control your circumstances and fabricate your reality only to realize that forcing those around you to comply is a full-time job that doesn’t result in happiness (or a lot of respect)? In a situation where this happened to you, can you imagine having fought for what you originally wanted now that you know what was in store for you all along?
For several months, all Kristina Rhodes would say to me when we bumped into each other at various networking events was, “Step and Repeat. Oh yeah, on top of her passion for spreading the word about the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Kristina also has a full time real estate job.

We’ve had the Make-A-Wish backdrop up in our showroom for a few days and people love it getting their picture taken in front of it. You seriously need to make a “Fake Kristina Rhodes” with her jumping sideways like the picture here to go with this backdrop! Subscribe to our blog by entering your email address and be notified when a new topic is posted! Bright colours, repeated text and quirky illustration make this range of cards a fun way to celebrate occasions and Birthdays in particular! Hand illustrated by Louise and then proudly printed in the UK, all of our cards are packed with love, care and attention to detail in the Louise and Lygo studio in Wales.
Printed onto FSC certified 280gsm smooth white board with a high quality envelope and packed into a cello bag.
You have 28 days, from receipt of cancellable goods, to notify the seller if you wish to cancel your order or exchange an item. Read more about our returns policy.Should you choose to return or exchange your order you will need to deliver the item(s) to the UK, where this seller is based. Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community.
We’d like to think that what we have to say is as important to others as it is to us.
So how does the individual or small business gain vital real estate in the minds of customers? How gratifying it was to have three separate people introduce me to colleagues – then, when I turned to them and asked them to explain what I do, they all explained my role accurately! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.
Perhaps we are so used to do things in a certain way, so familiar with certain events, objects and experiences in our lives that we have a developed a pattern over a number of years. Although it can take time, our cognitive processes can be  retrained to develop new patterns that are productive and more positive, which ultimately leads to more adaptive behaviors and choices. None of it is rocket science, and all of it can help ensure financial success and freedom in life. So whatever you do, make it a habit each day to make sure you emergency reserves are funded.
So many of us get direct deposit and online bank statements, making it easier for you to not even look at the details on those documents. Being on top of your money situation and making good habits for money matters will bring benefits to you. First time homebuyers, millennials, new immigrants, minorities, women head of households are all projected to be the demographic types that will drive housing demand in the future. As things are growing and unfolding, don’t set an arbitrary timeline for where you think they need to be.
Being right is only fun if you’re in the market for third-party confirmation that you’re good enough.
She and her husband had been together for over 40 years and, as the story goes, she wanted to give him the gift of her virginity (again). We know that the circumstances aren’t ours to change, and it’s this lack of control that causes discomfort. Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products. That came through years of honing and delivering a message, and providing a valuable service.
You have heard it before, repetition and routine are key ingredients for success and discipline.

If the only time you are thinking about money is when you are about to spend it, you really need to take action and change your life. New focus, financial literacy programs, housing programs and credit access methods will be key to successfully serving the new housing market. To experience life as though everything is still a first and to take in the small details rather than just going through the motions to get to the end.
When we’re uncomfortable, we feel the right to be totally pissed off at whatever or whoever we perceive as causing it. Since her salary has nothing to do with what she hates about the job, how would more money make her any happier than she is now?
It assumes that if you enjoy the bliss that hopefulness can bring, then you will be even more disappointed when the thing you want to happen doesn’t. Not getting what you want usually doesn’t feel great in the moment, but it always leads to getting something better than you had the capacity to dream up on your own. It is up to her to develop relationships with corporations and individuals so they can help her make those wishes come true. This display is perfect for fund-raising events, celebrity hosted Make-A-Wish events and any where else a camera is taking pictures.
These patterns are a little world that we have created for ourselves where events, or encounters with people or objects trigger expectations which we like to see met – even if they are negative because we are so used to them. These thoughts can well-up and threaten to overwhelm the person and can lead to actions that harm the relationship.
See how much of your hard-earned money is being taken out of your pay for taxes, and make sure you are not paying too little or too much.
So, we go on the attack and start trying to regulate the outside world so that we can go back to being emotionally even keel on the inside. Even though the person doesn’t want to react in this way to the non-receipt of a text message or tweet, this pattern of reacting is so ingrained and familiar, that to react in a different, more positive way actually feels alien to them. In times of stress, anger worry, or other emotional peaks, we repeat what is familiar and what seems safe, in that it meets our expectations. However, this little set-up can trigger a whole host of negative patterns of behaviour, as well as ruminating on thoughts. Or that it doesn’t matter that someone said or did something that made you feel bad because who cares about them anyway? Whether it’s something someone said or did, or things not working out the way you wanted them to—establish a solid internal foundation so that you’re able to rely on yourself for comfort instead of wasting your energy trying to change people and circumstances that you really have no control over.
When you have been doing something for years, you will continue to carry on doing so, even if you bring on negative consequences by your actions. So there I was, judging an unfinished product against the same criteria that I would use to judge a final product. You’ll find that things will start affecting you a lot less and will begin passing through a lot more quickly than they would if you had stepped into interfere and tell them how and what they needed to be to make you happy. For example, sometimes we find ourself listening to the same song over and over again, or maybe going through a phase where we like to watch the same movie a few times over a short period of time. In those moments you’re blessed with the kind of momentary vulnerability that, to someone else, results in compassion and the opportunity to teach you something new.
But that part gets drowned out by the part of you that begins projecting the half-true you into the world and attracting the people who are attracted to this person you’re not. In those moments you are a gift to the person who gets to relive the magical secrets they’ve learned along their journey by sharing them with you. The problem with this is that keeping these people around requires having to play the self they were attracted to instead of just being the self that’s actually you.

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