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Around three weeks ago, experts warned users about fake Snapchat downloads being advertised via sponsored ads on Bing.
This website hosts a fake Snapchat that installs a variety of third-party applications, such as Fast Media Converter and LyricsViewer. Unsuspecting users can end up with the same fake installer if they search for Snapchat downloads on Bing. In order to avoid installing potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) make sure that you only download Snapchat from trusted sources. Whenever Snapchat updates, the cries from dedicated users can be heard from every corner of the internet.
This time is no different, as Snapchat on Monday brought back the "Best Friends" feature that allows you (and anyone looking at your profile) see whom you're communicating with most often.
The Daily Dot questions: "What if the person whom you thought was your best friend actually had the smirk emoji next to your name?

March 16, 2016 by Alexa Leave a Comment Have you seen the crazy selfies everyone has been making lately on Snapchat?  They may just be the reason you need do join this popular app.
I created a little graphic below for you to follow, but I wanted to share some more insight too! First, open up Snapchat and go to camera mode.  Turn the camera to front facing selfie mode. Of course, you are going to want to share a lot of snaps to your story and snap silly pics to your friends, but you may want to share on your other social media sites as well! Between you and me, this feature is great for entertaining bored kids and breaking the ice at awkward family and party situations.  Keep this in mind if you need an instant conversation starter. I’d love to know what your favorite Snapchat lens is!  How do you see yourself using this cool feature?
Then, users are offered additional pieces of software such as the Conduit Toolbar and Dealply.

Those people are your Snapchat Best Friends, and Snapchat did away with the feature a few months ago, insinuating somewhat of a virtual riot on social media. There's nothing like tapping into that raw human emotion to keep people pawing at your app. Sometimes you have to press your finger on your face several times for the grid to come up. If you are looking to learn more about Snapchat, I suggest you pick it up here on Rainmaker Media Works!  It’s a down and dirty guide to using Snapchat, plus there lots of social media tips, prompts, and people to follow. The lighting you are working with does affect this, so make sure you are shooting your selfie in good lighting!

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