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Earlier this week, I demonstrated how to attach LEGO bricks to wooden trains for LEGO minifigures to hold onto. Using small balls of the poster putty, attach LEGO bricks to the outside of the wooden trains you want to customize.
Just remember, this is not an activity for children who may still put toys (or poster putty) in their mouths.
For long, thin LEGO plates, I found that a single line of lumps of the poster putty down the middle worked the best. Also, when it comes to Thomas and Friends engines, I would avoid putting poster putty on the engine’s faces. Once I’d covered the first one, the Little Engineer’s hand was drawn like a magnet to the LEGO-covered train the instant he saw it!
Other than the wobbling on the boiler, the LEGO bricks stick pretty well to the trains (until you want them to come off). Also, if you have any traces of poster putty left on your trains or in your LEGO bricks after removing them, they come off easily if you dab them away with a larger ball of the putty. One of the engines we collaborated on was turning wooden Rosie from Thomas and Friends into the Smoothie Express, as the Little Engineer named her.
We were inspired by the LEGO Friends 41035 Heartlake Juice Bar set, which we had to have so our Star Wars minifigures could make smoothies for each other, just like we do in our own kitchen. Now, with the blenders from the juice bar set attached, Rosie can blend up two smoothies while she steams around the tracks! He thought it was funny, and wanted me to explain the name and what a phoenix was over and over.
I think Wedge came in and saved the day, putting out the fire on the Heartlake Smoothie Shop.
We’ve since had even more adventures with more trains, but when I tried to take Fawkes apart to make something new, I was told to build him again.
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GameSkinny is part of the Launch Media Network, the creators of GamerLaunch and other great tools for gamers! Now there are some great LEGO creations available in the market today, but for an Android Geek ,nothing says it better than having a LEGO built Android Robot on your desk.

Get a LEGO Brick Android Robot Companion Kit  for yourself  from the Etsy page for $30, although there are only two available now, so head out and grab it as soon as you can. With the inception of the "Ben and Jerry" scene, we set out to create our very own custom Jerry Garcia! We've dissected the Jerry Garcia custom minifigure above, so that you can see exactly how he came to be.
The existing LEGO® catalog of minifigures has grown and evolved over the years to include a huge catalog of personalities and looks.
We hope that you've enjoyed our discussion and that maybe it has provided a bit of inspiration to put together your very own custom minifigure.
LEGO® and the Brick and Knob configurations are trademarks of the LEGO Group of Companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse our shop or products. SillyBrickPics™ produces original LEGO® inspired photography art prints that are created by photographing LEGO® brand bricks and toys. He goes by the pseudonym of Powerpig and has been churning out LEGO builds and photography for some time now, favoring Star Wars models. I’ve often wished that LEGO made a train that was compatible with wooden train tracks, but could be customized with any LEGO bricks he wanted to use.
If you click on one, we will receive a small commission — at no additional cost to you — on anything you buy at Amazon or Lego for a certain length of time afterwards. Flat LEGO bricks work the best, but feel free to get creative with whatever you have in your child’s LEGO collection.
In addition to the choking danger, the little LEGO bricks were too difficult for the Little Engineer to build with himself until he started getting the hang of them at the age of three-and-a-half. The LEGO bricks wobble from side to side when placed along the round boiler, but I found that putting putty along both long edges of the LEGO didn’t improve stability. However, note that you can build up the front and back to the point that the magnets on your engine won’t be able to reach other train cars. I think it would be fine to do it once or twice, but I’d worry about rubbing off the paint on the faces over time. But the whole point of putting the LEGO on the wooden trains was to put more LEGO bricks on them! But a pinner on Pinterest had a great suggestion to use a cheap wooden train and superglue the bricks onto it.

I thought this version of the Smoothie Express was fun, but when I was busy elsewhere, the Littler Engineer made it way better. I didn’t get a photo of it, but the Little Engineer also went and added the citrus juicer to the wooden train he had covered with LEGO and called it the Juice Express. Click on the banner ad below to see Mixel sets on the Lego website, or look for them at stores like Target. While playing trains for the last four years, my Little Engineer and I have had a lot of fun and learned so much together. We talk about geeky creations, weird incidents, funny LOL stories as well as latest of technology, gaming, gadgematic, and social news. LEGO® and the Brick and Knob configurations are trademarks of the LEGO Group of Companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this product.
It's something visual culture analysts are sure to be studying over the next decade, and Chris McVeigh from Halifax, Nova Scotia is sure to be studied for his LEGO mastery. I'm excited to share our discoveries with other people who have kids who love trains in their lives. By temporarily attaching flat LEGO bricks to the outside of wooden trains in a way that won’t damage them, this makes for a really fun design project for any kid who loves trains. But it’s especially great for children who are into LEGO now but still love their old favorite trains, or for older and younger siblings to play together. Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation does not sponsor, authorize, or endorse our shop or products.
AMC Network Entertainment LLC does not sponsor, authorize, or endorse our shop or products. The Doctor Who™, Tardis™ Doctor Who character names and images are trademarks of the BBC, British Broadcasting Corporation.
The Columbia Pictures Corporation does not sponsor, authorize, or endorse our shop or products.

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