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The GCC civil construction market showed signs it had returned to growth last year with a total of $59bn worth of contracts awarded. Other key factors which have driven this growth include high oil prices and strong population growth, said MEED. Excluding schemes on hold or cancelled, the report estimates the current value of live civil construction projects to be just over $1.3tn, with $935bn in execution including long-term megaprojects, $81bn out to tender, $211bn in design phases and $136bn under study.
Beginning in early 2014, construction will begin on a Hampton Inn and Suites to be located in and above the Market Garage. A new floor plan that will be created by the addition of the hotel’s elevator and one-way traffic flow to the garage will be introduced in early 2014. As we learn more and a formal timeline is provided by the contractor,  information will be posted on this page. This report provides a full analysis of key companies and competitive analysis of developments recorded in the industry during the past five years.
This research categorizes the global heavy construction equipment market based on type, application, industry, and region.
The global heavy construction equipment market is witnessing decent growth based on heavy investments done in the infrastructure recreation to accommodate smart residential and commercial buildings.
The heavy construction equipment market is dominated by large firms such as Caterpillar Inc. The heavy construction market in this report is segmented on the basis of type, application, industry, and region. The material handling equipment segment is projected to grow at the highest CAGR of 8.42% from 2015 to 2020. The heavy construction equipment market is a highly fragmented one owing to the huge infrastructure demand and changing technologies. Client Consult Problem Statement : One of the renowned manufacturer of Tunnel boring machine and Raise bore machine was interested in knowing Tunnel Boring Machine market size for 2014 to 2019 and Raise Boring Machine Market Overview, Status and the upcoming Projects for Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Srilanka and Southeast Asia. Comprehensive review of major market drivers, restraints, opportunities, challenges, and key issues in the market. Methodology Adopted by MnM : MnM carried out this study through a combination of extensive secondary research followed by primary discussions with Key Opinion Leaders across the value chain within target geographies. MnM analyzed the Tunnel Boring Machine Market on the basis of TBM hard Rock, TBM soft ground, and end use application as Mining, Transport and Infrastructure. Captured all upcoming tunnel projects in Hydro Power, Metro, Sewerage, Road Tunnels, Gas Pipeline for the above mentioned countries. Discussions were held with competitors to understand their product positioning, pricing and market dynamics.
According to the report Global Construction 2020, the Chinese construction market is expected to overtake the US by 2018. The European Commission has announced a new injection of funding for transport development that could bolster civil engineering recruitment across Europe. Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, also reports that construction output in 2010 increased the most in Romania, followed by Poland and Sweden. Across the pond, tough economic times have seen jobs in the construction industry decline compared to previous years. In South America, Brazil’s construction market is also expected to grow by almost 40% as the country looks forward to hosting the 2014 World Cup. The construction industry in China has grown on average 9.8% a year in the last five years, and is set to continue. Whether you want to advertise a single job quickly and easily or search among more than 420,000 candidates on our CV database, CareerStructure can help you.
Construction Shows Stay up to date with major construction industry trade shows, expos, conferences and exhibitions for heavy equipment and machines. According to the research company PMR’s latest report, entitled “Construction sector in Russia 2012 – Development forecasts for 2012-2015”, the Russian construction industry is still struggling to gain momentum.

In 2011, driven by a recovery in business sentiment, many construction projects were implemented, which, along with new launches, included the revitalisation of a large number of frozen projects. In 2012, the Russian construction sector was kept going mostly by civil engineering projects supported by the public sector, as private entities remained reluctant to commence new initiatives in a period of deteriorating economic conditions. Civil engineering projects are responsible for more than 50% of the country’s construction output. With regard to the non-residential construction market, it continues to gain ground, especially in the retail real estate segment. In recent months, the government has approved several legal initiatives to boost the construction industry in Russia.
This press release is based on information contained in the latest PMR report entitled ”Construction sector in Russia 2012 – Development forecasts for 2012-2015”.
As part of that work, the hotel will construct an express elevator to carry guests from the hotel lobby directly to the hotel above. The earthmoving equipment is the fastest growing segment in the heavy construction equipment market across the globe. In the report, market drivers, restraints, opportunities, and challenges have been discussed in detail.
The developing markets in Asia-Pacific are witnessing a strong demand for heavy construction equipment; therefore, large investments are made in these regions. The key players of heavy construction equipment market implement different strategies such as expansions, agreements, contracts, joint ventures, and partnerships to garner a larger share in the market.
Major companies rely on regional and local distributors to increase their share as well as geographical presence in the market.
Top-down approach is used to cover key sources of primary information that included manufacturers of Tunnel and Raise boring machine, their channel partners & associates and other industry experts.
India is going to overtake Japan to become the third biggest market, and in Nigeria building work is booming. The €172 million bursary is set to finance a wealth of construction jobs, covering all transport modes and involving all EU member states.
Austria too has commissioned its largest ever construction contract, with plans for a €570 million railway link between the Austrian cities of Graz and Klagenfurt. With the Qatar Pearl completed in 2009, work has now begun on Lusail City – an iconic cityscape of the future, made up of 37 square kilometres of waterfront land master planned into 19 integrated and diverse mixed-use districts.
Outlines for several spectacular stadiums have been released, along with breathtaking artistic impressions. Work has now begun on just one of many projects in the city - the second phase of the $122.5m Abu Dhabi One (AD-1) building in the capital.
However Oklahoma is the exception to this rule, having just passed a $777 million economic development package to regenerate the city. Research from the 2020 Construction report suggests building project growth in Nigeria will be the fastest of all the markets surveyed – with roles that span offshore engineering to urban renewal. Its role is expected to strengthen in the years to come as the government aims to undertake multi-trillion rouble investments in order to modernise and expand the country’s infrastructure. This year, the upsurge in Europe’s debt crisis began to have an adverse effect on the investment climate, with a large number of projects being reassessed. This stands as another indication of the still fragile business confidence across the Russian construction sector.
Multi-trillion-rouble, state-funded target programmes aimed at modernising the country’s transport network, energy industry, and social infrastructure played an important part in the evolution of the industry over the first three quarters of the year.
This dominance reflects large-scale infrastructure projects which are financially supported by the government, along with modernisation initiatives on the part of companies in the key areas of the Russian economy: the oil and gas industry, metals, and the energy industry. Overall, substantial year-on-year increases in the number of non-residential buildings completed and their combined floor space was recorded during the first half of the year. In August 2012, the government approved the Construction Road Map plan, designed to improve the business climate in the construction industry.

The high construction and infrastructural growth, technological developments and their adaptations, and rapid urbanization have fueled the growth for heavy construction equipment. The leading heavy construction equipment providers are focusing on countries with emerging markets that are estimated to show potential for industrial development in the near future. One of the major developments observed in the heavy construction equipment market is agreements, contracts, joint ventures, and partnerships.
By conducting detailed and informative primary discussions within these respondent categories across various functions, MnM analyzed current & forecast quantitative market information, and developed deep-dive qualitative insights into industry trends & dynamics across each of the target countries. This deceleration of growth rates is certainly fuelled by the high base effect and by the economic slowdown. On-going construction projects have continued, but new developments have been scarce in number and size, and this ultimately reined in the expansion of the still fragile construction industry in Russia. During this period, Moscow maintained its leading position in terms of construction output value among Russia’s federal areas, with an 11.4% market share. An additional boost was provided by large-scale preparations for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.
The road construction industry has been one of the major consumers of public investment in recent years.
In the first half of the year, 26.1 million m? of housing were activated, 7% more than the level recorded in H1 2011, and it is highly unlikely that the rate will lose steam in the second half of the year.
According to the plan, the number of procedures which will be needed to obtain a building permit should be reduced from the current 51 to 15 by 2015 and to 11 by 2018, and the period needed for all of these mandatory processes will be reduced from the current 423 days to 130 days by 2015, and to 53 by 2018. Infrastructure is the largest end-use area for heavy construction equipment especially in emerging markets such as China, Brazil, and India.
Companies are adopting inorganic growth strategies such as acquisitions to cope with the increasing demand for heavy construction equipment in key emerging markets. In total, MnM conducted 20 primary discussions to gain more insight on market through the industry experts. Nevertheless, for 2013 PMR analysts forecast an acceleration of market growth to 9%, propelled by easing global macroeconomic unrest, the speeding up of state-funded target programmes, especially related to the residential and road construction segments. The next two leading regions in terms of construction output are Krasnodar Territory and St. The recovery of the property market is confirmed by the increase in number and size of investment transactions concluded on the secondary market. These strategies have aided companies to create a large customer and partner base in key markets. In H1 2012 the two largest investment transactions ever witnessed on the commercial property market in Russia were concluded, with the acquisition of the Galeria shopping centre in St. In addition, the Residential Construction Support Fund will, through tenders, use its reserves to provide land, free-of-charge and for a fixed period, for the construction of economy class homes. They provide advanced heavy construction equipment, and by gaining considerable expertise and experience over the years, have optimized their processes and practises to become even more efficient. The applications requirements for heavy construction equipment and well as the operating conditions are continuously changing making it essential for the manufacturers and service providers to continually invest in research and development activities and come up with innovative solutions. Sites will be awarded to the company offering the lowest sale price for its proposed properties. Mergers & acquisitions have been the key strategies adopted by leading companies to accommodate the fast changing technologies in the application areas and to increase their market share. Companies have also adopted strategic expansions and investments to bridge the existing gaps in their product offerings, end market requirements, and geographical constraints. These strategies have been adopted by leading companies to ensure retention of considerable market share within the niche heavy construction equipment market.

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