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There are a lot of things you can do by yourself (DIY online marketing) like on-page optimization of Meta titles and description or sharing website pages on your favorite social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. And that is the right time when you should call (858) 224-8395 and see what Organiksoft has to offer to you and your business website or personal blog. Effective Google Optimization as on-page optimization, URL structure, keyword related landing pages, internal linking, coding etc.
Smart Link Building – Link Acquisition from highly authority domains strictly related to your industry niche that will send strong signal to Google, Yahoo! Help with Panda and Penguin Affected Sites (penalty assistance and reconsideration requests) – let us discover why your website is hit by Google algorithm updates. Measure your Internet Marketing efforts – we do custom detailed return on investment (ROI) reports for every client of ours.
We hope that all stated above convinced you that Internet Marketing is even more important of developing a good website. It’s a new year—and for small business owners, that means new goals to achieve: More leads, more sales, more return customers, whatever your metrics for success happen to be. Fortunately, there are lots of marketing ideas and tactics you can implement that get great results and don’t break the bank.
If you have a website, you can get started on one of the most valuable trends in digital marketing.
Depending on your business and customer base, aim to publish fresh content at least once or twice a week. If you aren’t building your subscriber list and regularly emailing your customers, you’re missing out on a very cost-effective marketing tool. Encourage customers to sign up for your email list, both in the store and on your website, and give them an incentive to do so—a discount on a future purchase or a free sample, for example.
Email marketing software is surprisingly affordable; some vendors even offer free plans for small businesses that have all the features you need to get started. Today’s consumer is a mobile consumer; more content is consumed on mobile devices than on desktops, and mobile search topped desktop search for the first time in 2015. Even if you’re already reaching your mobile customers with your mobile website, a mobile app makes sense for many small businesses. Services like BuildFire make it easy and economical to build and host a mobile app that gives you on-demand access to push content and information to your customers. Over 50% of consumers say they’d be more likely to shop at a nearby store if they received an offer on their phone. Your mobile app will give you a leg up on other useful small business mobile marketing tactics, such as loyalty rewards and social media marketing. Every business owner knows that it costs more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one. For most small businesses, it’s best to keep things simple; a points system or tiered rewards program works well and is easy to manage with a mobile app or loyalty card.
No matter how you structure your loyalty program, make it easy for your customers to understand how it works, and to track their progress toward their next reward. Encourage your loyal customers to spread the word about your product or service with a referral incentive program.
The trick is finding a balance between offering a valuable enough incentive to encourage referrals without being so generous your program costs you money. Use your buyer persona to help you discover where your buyers spend their time on social media. Use an online automation tool to manage your social media postings; many offer free options for individual users or SMBs. Know what you want to accomplish with your social media efforts (more web traffic, more landing page conversions) and establish measurable goals.
Don’t be afraid to look at niche networks like Reddit, where you can engage with a very specific target audience.
Few words attract online interest as well as “win,” “free,” “special offer,” and “giveaway,” and running an online contest is a great way to use those words to grow your customer base and acquire valuable demographic data about your audience. You can make entering your contest as simple as liking or retweeting a post, following you on social media, or signing up for your mailing list—or you can ask your audience to enter their photos or Vines. Marketing your business on a small business budget doesn’t mean skimping on the high-impact tactics larger businesses use; it just means taking a smart and targeted approach to the activities that deliver results. In order for any small business to remain relevant and competitive in today’s business environment, it takes a reasonable and viable marketing strategy.

Your Website - I assume you have a site for your company, and if not, this needs to be your first order of business. Get Awesome Business Cards - Another business staple, a card can help you reach those who may not be as savvy online as others. Be a Presence at Local Events - Even if your business is not locally-oriented, coming out and giving a face to your business will net you many more leads than you thought possible. Contact us for more information on how we can help you get more leads and more sales for your business. You have the most beautiful website that is packed with pretty images and useful information related to your service or products, but you haven’t done any internet marketing, like search engine optimization or link acquiring so far and it is somewhere on 19th page on Google search. There is no online success or profit without customers or site users who are making desired conversion. Substantial forum presence and cool videos on YouTube (second largest search engine after mighty Google) or Vimeo can do the magic to your ranking and reputation. After deep and relevant analysis of your link profile and content audit we will take necessary measures to recover your site and get you back on your feet.
If you’re like many small business owners, however, you don’t have the budget (or the time) to devote to marketing to help you achieve your goals. Content marketing is a way for you to connect with your customers and potential customers in a personal, non-salesy way that helps you establish relationships and grow your brand awareness. A restaurant owner, for example, can demonstrate how to properly open, aerate, and decant a bottle of wine.
You probably have lots of untapped potential in your employees and co-workers; give them an opportunity to share their expertise and information, whether it’s an opinion piece, a recipe, some technical insight—anything that might interest your customers. Content marketing can help you boost your brand awareness, develop your reputation as a trusted expert in your field, bring customers in the door, and keep your website fresh and interesting.
How often you want to email your subscribers is a function of both your business niche and the amount of effort you can devote to creating useful content.
People use their smartphones at every phase of the purchasing process, from researching products to comparing vendors and prices. Studies show that 85 percent of smartphone users would rather navigate through an app than through a mobile website, and the vast majority of mobile content is consumed through a mobile app.
Not only that, returning customers tend to spend about 67 percent more than first-time shoppers. For frequent, smaller value purchases, a point system based on dollars spent or quantity of items bought is easy to implement. If your reward program formula is something like, “Earn one point for every $ 15 spent, 10 points is good for a coupon for 10% off a single item purchased on the 2nd Friday of every month,” you’re not rewarding your customers, you’re antagonizing them. Depending on your business, your referral reward can be a free product, a cash bonus, a service discount, or any combination. And don’t forget to promote your loyalty and referral programs across all your marketing channels, as well as in the store.
While paid ad ROI is elusive on this platform for many small business owners, organic social media activities are delivering measurable results.
They’re also an excellent source of fresh (and free!) content for your social media accounts.
StumbleUpon is another up-and-coming social network that works well for certain businesses. They can also be a convenient pipeline for user-generated content (think of Starbucks Red Cup Contest on Instagram). Rafflecopter is a popular tool for managing every type of online giveaway, whether on your own website or any major social media platform.
Promote that URL in your other online marketing; include it in your email signature, for example, and on your social media profiles. Practice good customer service—and don’t forget to thank reviewers who leave outstanding feedback or remarks. Consider an email campaign to your customers with a gmail address asking for Google reviews. Social media, content marketing, mobile—all are easily scaled to small business needs and capabilities.
For small businesses, especially those just starting out, there may not be much in terms of revenue to spend on marketing. Having said that, marketing a small business with a small budget can be quite a bit tricky.

Due to the millions of active users on social media, social media has turned into a honeypot for many small businesses. Today, they are incredibly easy to either set up yourself or have done for you, and thus create a base of operations for your business. We have an excellent lead generation program where we pay for all your advertising expenses and take all the risk for you.
That is why you should hire professional team like Organiksoft and let them tailor your online success.
Use bulleted lists of pros and cons or a quick spreadsheet comparing two or three different products. If the idea of putting together an email newsletter leaves you cold, find a freelancer who will do it for a reasonable rate. Use your website and other channels to organically grow your mailing list, and use your emails to build relationships with your customers by offering them useful tools, content, and offers. In fact, mobile commerce accounted for 30 percent of all e-commerce and is expected to grow three times faster than e-commerce in 2016.
It only makes sense to do everything you can to encourage sticky customers with a loyalty program, which is why about 65 percent of marketers use them.
For larger, less frequent purchases (think hospitality or insurance, for example), a tiered program keeps customers engaged. You can also combine it with your loyalty program by depositing a set number of points in a customer’s account for every referral they make.
If you don’t, you probably should: About 90 percent of consumers say their buying decisions are influenced by positive online reviews. The first step towards reaping the benefits of marketing in social media is opening social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Do yourself a favor however, and make sure you do not use a website solution where you don’t actually own the site. Where there are no borders – no limits – and where the possibilities go beyond your imagination. What is the point of your super-fast, nice looking website that has no visitors and traffic at all? Think about what you know that your customers might want to learn—and then show them how to do it. A gym might publish 8 Best Fitness Apps for iPhone, for example, while a farmer’s market might curate 6 Best Recipes for All Your Zucchini. Not only that, anecdotal evidence suggests positive ratings even help your search rankings—though Google hasn’t confirmed it. Direct customers to your review site on in-store receipts or printed flyers and incentivize them where possible: Enter customers into a monthly gift drawing if they leave feedback or write a review. Let’s focus on some basic, effective and best of all inexpensive ways to market a small business online.
One great way of ensuring that you effectively use social media avenues in your marketing plan is via posting engaging, relevant, and informative content. While these seem like an easy way to go, in the end you don’t end up owning any online assets and your options are extremely limited. This is a massive undertaking and understandably we’re limited in how many companies we can help at any one time. It is important to realise that marketing is essential to business; whether your business has a limitless budget or a very tight one, you should never ignore this significant process. The Importance of Online Marketing for Small Businesses If you have recently set up a small business or have been in business for a while but are struggling to attract customers, you must dedicate time and money to marketing. No matter how wonderful your products or services are, they are useless to you unless your customers know about them. There are numerous tips and tricks that do not require a large budget but can be very effective when it comes to helping to promote your business online. As long as you understand the market you want to target, you should be able to boost your sales and generate a bigger profit.
Even if you do not have a lot of time or money, the following tips should help in terms of getting your name out there.

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