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Q: Ia€™ve been regularly emailing my list of prospective small business customers, and Ia€™m getting the hang of it. When we got your question we talked with Jeff Dale, our email marketing manager, to tap into his expertise on the subject.
Another critical part of every marketing email is the Call to Action (CTA) which is typically a link that takes the reader to a webpage you want them to visit, or it could take the form of text reading something like, a€?reply now to set up your free IT consultation.a€? As a best practice, you should have a few different versions of a CTA within every email. Probably the most overlooked part of an email message is the preview text that displays below the subject line in most inboxes. In my last post about email marketing, I advised MSPs getting started with email marketing to send an email every 15 days. After youa€™ve tested the content of the email message, you can segment your email address database.
We've written a lot on this blog about how important - and challenging - it is to stand out in the IT services market. With many IT service providers selling similar or even identical services, MSPs need to "stop being like everybody else," Stuart recommended in this week's webinar. It also helps to identify your core target of "top prospects." Just in the way sports scouts narrow down a list of "top prospects" so they can follow and evaluate only the very best athletes for their team, Stuart suggests identifying a list of businesses would you absolutely want to work with.
Once you've identified these top prospects, you're able to develop targeted sales and marketing strategies that consistently appeal to their needs and wants.
It's a much more efficient and effective way of marketing, but only works if you're consistent and dogged in your approach.
Businesses today are increasingly turning to managed service providers to fulfill their information technology needs.
This year CRN is launching its inaugural Managed Service Provider 500 list, recognizing the top technology providers and consultants in North America whose forward-thinking approach to providing managed services is changing the landscape of the IT channel. The MSP Pioneer 250 is a list of channel companies with a business model heavily weighted toward managed services, focused on the small and mid-size business market. Ita€™s clear that youa€™re dedicating the time and resources to make email marketing a priority, so now you can begin to optimize those emails to bring in even more leads for your sales team. You can pinpoint these emails by looking at their performance metrics in your email marketing software.

For example, you could include a CTA displayed toward the top of the email to give readers a chance to click through early on, a large button midway through the email, and a standalone hyperlink at the very end of the email, etc . For example, you can test the background color of a CTA button within the email, using a different color in each email to see if your audience responds better to one over the other. This short bit of text is important because ita€™s the second line of text the email recipient will read before deciding whether or not to open the email.
If youa€™ve been following this email cadence, I recommend splitting your list of email addresses into two groups, with one group receiving emails every three days and the other every 20 days, for example. You will need to wait at least two months before you can really see the impact and adjust your email strategy accordingly. Intronis offers the most secure online backup storage services, online backup software, and disaster recovery services. The barrier for entry into the market isn't terribly difficult so there are a lot of IT services providers out there competiting for the same group of clients. Stuart Crawford of MSP marketing consultant Ulistic was our presenter, and he shared a number of proven strategies to expand your MSP business in a competitive market in a webinar titled "The Competition is Fierce! In a blog this spring, The 2112 Group revealed some of the results of its 2014 Channel Forecast: The Shrinking Channel study, which found that 37 percent of service providers report having seven or more direct competitors. Factors outside of technology - including company culture, unique expertise, and value-add services - can help define why an SMB would rather do business with you than someone else. Some prospects might not begin to respond to your efforts for months, but if you're been consistently top-of-mind - out-working your competition and doing the right marketing tasks every day - prospects are much more likely to remember your company when the time is right. To meet that demand, the channel is undergoing a major transformation as solution providers add a range of professional and IT hosting services to their offerings. The MSP 500 is divided into three groups: The MSP Pioneer 250, the MSP Elite 150 and the MSP Hosting Service Provider 100. The highest performing emails will have a low unsubscribe rate, high open rate, and high click-through rate. For example, one subject line can be fun and punchy while the other is more straightforward.
However you chose to include your CTAs, make sure that theya€™re prominent and impactful so the reader takes action.

Unfortunately, this valuable space is often wasted real estate because marketers tend to overlook the preview text. Whatever cadence you choose, make sure therea€™s a drastic difference in the amount of time between emails. Resist the temptation to draw conclusions from a test early on because things can certainly change.
For example, you can segment based on the size of the small business, the type of business, the level of interest in your services, their previous interactions with your emails, etc.
From there, you can determine which email performed better and then send that email to your remaining contacts. Small businesses that could benefit from your services are out there, so you can attend local events, network with other small businesses, and begin prospecting to grow your email database. And that means many solution providers are transitioning to a services-led, recurring revenue business model. Testing this will tell you which messaging your audience prefers and help you improve your open rates with better subject lines.
If you test emails with cadences that are too similar, your results wona€™t different enough to reliably choose a winning cadence. Successful testing takes time and patience to gather a large enough sample size to be able to draw conclusions that can help your business. There are many different ways you can segment your email database so you can test more targeted emails that cater to those specific audience types. As you begin segmenting your email list, keep in mind that you will still need another set of email addresses to send the winning email. As a best practice, always include preview text in your emails and treat it like an additional subject line.

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