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Focus People is a small boutique agency who strives to assist you with your research project by recruiting quality respondents who are totally on specification and on time to your research event.  We are a Melbourne-based market research recruitment agency with recruiters working all around Australia.
We also specialise in recruiting respondents from client lists, as well as casting talent for print and TV commercials. To assist you with your research success, we can also arrange the booking of a venue and catering for your Focus Group or interviews. We can also arrange the payments of incentives to the respondents. We have completed many recruitment jobs – large, small and everything in between and we love to take on challenging research projects! All respondents are sent confirmation letters, either via e-mail or post and phoned the night prior to attending to ensure their attendance at the group.  We also try to have a back-up respondent in case of last minute cancellations where possible. Quality respondents are most important to us – we’re constantly trying to find people who have never done any Market Research before and placing people into groups who meet the criteria in every sense.

We have a team of 17 recruiters based in various parts of Australia and also have two staff members dedicated to ‘List’ work or cold-calling in our office.  All staff are fully trained to adhere to the AMSRS Code of Professional Behaviour.
We are currently working with many advertising agencies, market research companies and directly with marketing departments on their research projects.
There’s no question that market research, if designed well and with a purpose, is hugely helpful to marketing strategies and programs.
When you carefully consider all of your requirements and variables, the decision of who to hire will be an easy one so you can begin to use high-quality targeted information to improve your business and give you the best return on your market research investment. However, marketers sometimes avoid using this because of the costs involved, and assumptions that research has to be extremely comprehensive, conducted by experts and presented in a report packaged for suitability to a company’s top execs. Objectives: What are you trying to accomplish with this research?  Are you looking to validate your marketing strategy or measure and track customer perceptions over the long-term?

Analysis: Does your company or full-service agency have analytical capabilities and resources, or will you require your research agency to provide analysis?
Return on investment: Be prepared to measure your results against your objectives and costs. However, a middle ground exists between low-end research and high-end research, which offers accurate results with  less effort and expense. Our database contains over 15,000+ Metropolitan consumers with a broad base of socio-economic backgrounds.

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