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Once you nail some of the small stuff, you can then shift your attention to bigger projects.
In particular I always want to identify broken links, areas where I can tighten up my content, and any other opportunities to make meaningful updates.
When you have downtime, it’s okay to kick up your feet and recharge your batteries for a little while. Founded by Ben Silbermann, Pinterest burst onto the scene from nowhere in 2010 and has grown from fewer than 50,000 users to more than seven million, making it the third largest social network.
Pinterest is a social media platform where users share photos, videos and graphics that they have created themselves or that they have “curated” from various sources.
Pinterest is a visually driven platform, which makes it a natural for fashion designers, department stores, architects and artists.
It’s OK and even expected that the content on your Pinterest boards will feature your company’s products or services. If you sell merchandise or services, it’s possible to handle sales directly through your Pinterest boards. Likewise, you should also provide proper attribution for content that you’ve repined from other boards or websites.
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You can join a growing movement of entrepreneurs starting small food businesses from their home. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Make sure that any classified ads that you send out really stand out from the rest of the ads. Which 5 marketing strategies are you going to put in place this week or this month to bring more customers to your Tarot business? Great – I’m so glad to hear that it has got you thinking about your next marketing strategy! Another great post by brigi:-) these useful tips and generous sharing come just in time as this year is my second year of reading professionally.
Would like to start a forum to see how everyone implements your suggestions, what works for who, etc. The key is to be proactive at all fronts and keep a keen eye on what needs to be done.In a dynamic environment people who are flexible succeed better. Wow this has been so helpful, it reinforced a lot of ideas I was already thinking about and reaffirmed many of the things I am currently doing.
I just wanted to say that that was a great blog post regarding the tarot tips for marketing yourself. I’ve been doing some cross promoting, listing my website in the comments section of blogs etc. If you haven't taken the time to build your networks and develop relationships ahead of time, Vernon suggests figuring out which social platform is best to reach your target market.
While LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are the most receptive social platforms for business, Vernon says that no platform is off limits so long as you adapt your content to that platform. You should be marketing your small business while the sun is shining (and a lot of times well after the sun goes down). It’s a great time to relax, reenergize (even if only for a few minutes) and catch your breath between those hectic spikes in customer traffic. There are always Facebook pages that need to be updated, tweets that need to be tweeted, new business cards that need to be ordered, and customers waiting for you to respond.
You could use the same approach with brochures, flyers, or advertisements in local business publications. But once you catch your second wind, make sure you take advantage of that downtime to ramp up your marketing efforts. If you’re already active on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and other social networking platforms, you may wonder if it’s worthwhile or even possible to add one more social network to your to-do list. However, many writers and users in industries that are not traditionally associated with the visual arts also use Pinterest.
Even if you don’t make direct sales from your Pinterest page, you can and should link your Pinterest page to your company’s main website, Facebook Page, Twitter account and other social networking platforms. This might involve a bit of backtracking detective work to find the original “pinned.” However, the effort is worthwhile in generating good will and preventing possible copyright problems down the road.
It informs many of the other decisions you will make in forming your cupcake business because understanding the market helps you know what kinds of products to make.

I’ve come up with 78 ways to market your Tarot business, both in the online and offline worlds. Set up a Facebook page and use it to share great Tarot articles, insights, tips, card-of-the-day and to build a community of like-minded people.
Answer questions on Tarot forums such as the Aeclectic forum and build a solid reputation as someone who has a genuine desire to help.
Set up an affiliate program so that others can refer clients to you and receive a commission for doing so. Offer a free Tarot reading to a popular blogger (in any field) and if they love it, ask for them to write about it on their blog or  website. Conduct a case study or interview with a previous customer and show how they transformed their lives with the help of your Tarot reading. Run a competition to win a free Tarot reading with you and cross-promote on other websites. Write a guest post for another Tarot (or similar) blog and be sure to include your links in the profile. Create an email autoresponder series such as the 10 Most Insightful Tarot Spreads, and include links to your Tarot business. Leave insightful comments on other people’s blogs and contribute to the conversations. Create a loyalty program where your customers receive points that can be used on free Tarot readings. Reconnect with your clients 3-4 months after their Tarot reading to check in that everything is going OK. Collect the birth dates of your customers and offer a special discount for a Birthday Tarot reading.
Tell your personal story on your About page and get clear on what style of Tarot reading you offer. Get clear on what your customers truly value in your Tarot readings and use this to form your marketing communications. Offer a guarantee that if your customers are not 100% satisfied with their Tarot reading, they can get their money back. Create Tarot card postcards with your details printed on the back and drop them in random, unexpected places – on the street, at a bus stop, along the beach, at the local park. Carry your business cards with you always, and be ready to hand them out as you eagerly tell others what you do for a living.
Offer 10 minute Tarot readings for $10 at your local library, cafe or hairdresser, and hand out your business cards for more in-depth readings.
Join local small business groups with people from diverse backgrounds, and attend regular networking events. Take out an ad in your local newspaper, but make sure you’re attracting the intended market.
Ask your local newspaper or magazine if you can write a regular column with Tarotscopes (Tarot cards for each sign of the zodiac).
Carry your Tarot cards with you all the time – you never know when someone might need a Tarot reading and are prepared to pay for it. Design a few t-shirts that advertise your Tarot business in a quirky way and wear them whenever you go out in populated areas or even to your next Tarot conference. I’ve helped many Tarot professionals build loyal and engaged communities and connect with existing and potential clients using authentic marketing strategies.
In our business coaching sessions, I’ll work directly with you to create marketing strategies that are unique to your business and your clients. I love the TarotScope idea, I will definitely be contacting my colleges local paper to see if they would be interested in such a thing.
That’s right, you could definitely use these marketing tips for other small businesses with some slight modifications here and there.
I really like the idea of carrying the cards around at all times ready for an on the spot reading. Its about my own self-discovery with metaphysics, but I’m also going to be writing a lot of articles on tarot and giving readings!!!
So glad you have made the leap of faith towards being a professional Tarot reader and you’ve grabbed the bull by the horns. But the idea that engagement is easy, free, and quick is false, according to Amy Vernon, social marketing consultant and cofounder and CMO of She suggests starting out by looking for journalists and bloggers who write about your business topic.
Then she says you should study those platforms and, when possible, take your targeted advertising to those platforms.

Figuring out where to find your target market on social media does take time, and involves searching for people who are talking about topics that are important to you. With a limited number of hours in the day and more than enough tasks to keep you busy, if you want to grow your business you need to maximize every second. If you’re not savvy about social media, you may consider Pinterest to be a hyped up fad that will fade. However, a typical Pinterest site includes several boards, each with a different theme or category. Their boards often reflect themes associated with their work.  For instance, a mystery writer may have boards with photos from places represented in her novels. Consider adding a “Pin It” button that makes it easy for visitors to your website to re-pin your content to their Pinterest pages. For example, if your plan was to sell your cupcakes primarily to restaurants and other wholesale clients, you would need to conduct the research that proves their is enough of a demand and that these businesses do not already have vendors that supply their cupcakes.In the market research section of your business plan you should write about the steps you have taken to understand the potential for sales. Offer a Love Tarot Reading special for Valentine’s Day or a New Year special for the start of the year. It’s not always effective, so make sure you get informed on how to get the most ROI out of Adwords. Sure, you can get freebies from Vistaprint, or engage a designer to make you something really special. People will be intrigued when they pick up a Tarot card and may be compelled to get in touch with you to find out what it all means. Tell your well-networked hairdresser all about your business and ask her to recommend you to her clients. For example, why not join forces with a beauty therapist and offer Tarot readings + Pampering parties?
Set up your table at the play centre and read for each mum as their baby plays with the other babies and mums. And I’ll show you how marketing can be fun, engaging and most importantly, authentic. Or you can join an ongoing conversation about a topic by using popular hashtags on any platform. Actually, Pinterest can provide a powerful marketing boost to your business, whether or not you actually sell products or services. A nonprofit agency may have boards filled with photos of volunteers or staff workers carrying out the duties of the organization’s mission. An obvious advantage to this approach is that you ensure that your company receives proper attribution for the repined content. In order to be authentic, you must provide real numbers to back up your hypothesis about why this is a strong market. And before you know it, making those updates to your website are nothing but a distant memory. Just heart-centered ways to connect with the people who will value your products and services the most. Primary research is the research you have personally undertaken such as visiting a sampling of your prospective customers in a geographic region. It might entail counting foot-traffic for certain shops or interviews with restaurant owners about their vendor needs.
Keep good notes including dates and times to back up your claims and don’t get stuck in front of a computer or telephone.
Get out there and meet people!Secondary market research is the kind with which most people are familiar. Even stories in the local press can be considered secondary research if it directly relates to the demand for your cupcakes. Include as much information in this section that uses the conditions of your surroundings (including your competition) to explain why you will be successful.
Conversely, you may discover that your plan to specialize in vegan cupcakes needs further consideration due to an overcrowded market. The point is, you don’t really know what the need is for your business concept until you do the research! In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Learn more about our book: Subscribe Subscribe To Our NewsletterJoin our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team.

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