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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Get some tips on using Facebook as a marketing tool including content ideas, ways to use imagery, frequency of posting, and suggestions for engaging your audience. By hosting a tweet-up you have the opportunity to invite potential clients or customers your establishment. Once you’ve decided that you want to host a tweet-up, you can start finding the right people to invite. The Web Success Team is proud to sponsor ans support: Save poor Children in Asia Organization, (SCAO).
It’s a proven fact that video marketing of your services can dramatically increase the response rates from your customers, build trust, impart information and most importantly it can personalize your sales message. Great Content – To capture the attention of potential clients, your video needs to be entertaining, informative, and educational. Share on Social Media – Sharing your video across your social media platforms is essential. Call To Action – Now that you’ve entertained, educated, and informed your viewers, you need to tell them what the next step should be.
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Press Release – is an official statement from an organization or an individual released to media for publication and distribution.
In today’s high-tech world, those connections are becoming easier to make with the help of social media. You want serious bloggers and tweeters that are going to have an impact on the outcome by saying positive things about your event.
Visibility for your brand ~ Tweet ups bring great visibility to your company and your brand.
From one small tweet-up you can gain thousands of impressions ~ Even from a small event with only 200 people you can gain several thousand impressions. Tweet-ups are a valuable tool for online marketing ~ The more your company hosts them the more your brand will benefit long term. A Cambodian non-profit, non-government organization that educates, offers community service and child care. To make the right impact, it’s very crucial to make highly engaging videos, which can deliver your message in an entertaining way to your prospective clients.

Let your personality shine through and be creative, but make sure yo ur message clearly conveys what you do, why you are the right person to solve their problem, and what they can expect when they work with you.
Video hosting sites like YouTube have tools for linking your videos to your social media profiles and embedding them into your website or blog. Be clear, concise, and specific about what you want them to do, and give them the exact method by which to do it (“Call today”, “Book Appointment”, “Buy Now”, etc. In this article, lets have a look at how to market your business by listing in online business directories. More visibility for your business  -  You can grow a business only by increasing its visibility. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefits - If you don't know about Search Engine Optimization, please read the following articles to understand the same. The first one is that your listing page in business directory will rank high in search engines for queries relevant to your business. Listing your business in directories with a link back to your website can help in improving the search rankings of your website.
Read six best ways through which you can make 5000 $ a month from your blog.Million Dollar BloggersDid you know that John Lee Dumas made $433,252 in February 2015 through his blog?
Twitter is a particularly great tool for connecting with people, especially those you don’t know. These people can see how you operate, how professional you are and get a feel you’re your company as a whole.
You can check a person’s Klout ranking to see if they are social influencers by looking at how far their reach can go. A fundamental rule for business in general, but even more so after a networking event like this. Apart from the right content, it’s important to shoot videos in highest possible video and audio quality to make a terrific impression on your clients.
Authenticity, enthusiasm, and compassion will go a long way toward developing the know, like, and trust factor with prospective customers. Social media sites are incredibly popular among the masses, and one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to get your message in front of tons of people. An online business directory is a website which lists different types of businesses categorically. For example, if you run a Sushi restaurant in Chicago and you list your restaurant in directories like Yelp or Zagat, it will help you get more business from Search engines.
You can see results from business directories like JustDial & Yellowpages dominating the first page results in Google.

Even if you can’t hold the tweet-up at your office, taking the initiative and organizing it elsewhere will speak volumes to whoever attends. If you were the host, now you can contact everyone on your RSVP list to see if they have any feedback. Establish a personal connection with your viewers by encouraging their feedback on the contents of your message. Allowing users to engage with your video through a Like, Share or Comment will foster a greater connection with your viewers and help to create a viral element that will spread your message even further. I am adding a screenshot of the results outputted by Google for a search query "Sushi restaurants in Chicago". Getting involved in a tweet-up isn’t as hard as it seems and the potential they have for amplifying your marketing efforts are virtually endless. It’s a chance to show your true professionalism and see if they have questions or comments before they start sharing information about the event on their networks. There are different types of business directories 1) General Directories like Local , CitySearch 2) Industry specific directories like Yelp (for Restaurants). You may see the results involve business directory website pages of Zagat, Yelp, Menupages etc. If you rank in the first position for a search query like "Web Design Agency London" in Google & Bing, chances are high that you will get inquiry leads from both search engines. You can use your brand and to create a hash-tag to help sell the event; just make sure it has a clearly defined theme or you may risk representing yourself as disorganized. However, if you are discussing how to build your brand in Los Angeles, then people from out-of-state probably shouldn’t be invited. If you are a service providing company, you can give photographs of your office,logos, work spaces &  corporate videos. By adding 10 Sears stores for your product, you are increasing the visibility of your product to Sears customers as well (remember you sold to Walmart customers only before). If you are too busy to do this job, you can always hire smart data entry professionals from freelancing websites.

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