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You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to recognize that job seekers face obstacles today that they never imagined in the past.
What topics are keynote speakers including in their presentations at your professional conferences?
When you have informational interviews with people in your field, what do they identify as their biggest obstacles, pain points and concerns? Even though employers are doing more with fewer people, the trend is to hire candidates with niche expertise. Don’t just say you’re an expert in your field – show people that you have your finger on the pulse of your industry by using social networking tools to highlight exactly what you know. Using social media to demonstrate your expertise is a great first step, but it’s not enough to just engage in topical online conversations. If you can’t describe what you know and why someone should hire you, expect long periods of unemployment in your future. Subscribe to our NewsletterJoin 103,000+ readers and receive daily career tips in your Inbox! In a time when more professionals have to market themselves, here are three effective strategies to get more business with less effort! What can you do to attract more new clients as well as retain the clients you currently have? It’s a very simple concept: When a potential client sees someone else who recognizes you as an expert, it makes it easier and more reassuring for them to engage you for your services. Public speaking puts you in front of others in a way that physically and mentally places you in a position of authority. You want to be prepared for people to come up to you after the speech or presentation, and you want to be sure to have business cards and brochures handy. The value of teaching, as a marketing tool, doesn’t just come from teaching in a school setting. To maximize the impact, make sure to update your website, personal one-sheet, and other marketing materials to reflect your teaching experience. As mentioned in the discussion on public speaking, you can also create your own training or seminars.
The third strategy of positioning yourself as an expert is to do it through writing and publishing.
Once articles are published, they can be reprinted, copied, posted on websites, and sent out as PDFs. Publishing does come with challenges, which include topic selection, finding the time to write, editing, finding publishers, and promoting your articles after publication. When writing in professional journals, one needs to be very careful with writing, source citation, and resisting the hesitation to “practice” your craft in writing.
Once you’ve begun teaching, speaking, writing, or some combination of activities, you will want to begin promoting what you’ve done. A great technique to get more marketing mileage is to make copies of articles or summaries of speeches and put them in a mailing to existing clients.
Our firm has seen a significant increase in professional service marketing over the past five years.
By positioning yourself as an expert in your field, you can begin to rise above the clutter.
A great read on the topic is Own the Room: Business Presentations that Persuade, Engage, and Get Results, a book by communications consultants and business advisors Deborah Shames and David Booth. Brian Hemsworth is the president of Newman Grace Inc., a Los Angeles-based marketing and brand consulting firm.
Southern California Professional Magazine is California’s first Dual Internet Platform™ (DIP™)* online business publication. Southern California Professional features articles on business, finance and legal issues written in a reader-friendly way. Brian Hemsworth, contributor to Southern California Professional Magazine will be interviewed by Cindy Rakowitz Thursday  on the Stars of PR radio show.
Welcome to Southern California ­Professional Magazine, a radically new concept in journalism, publishing, and communications.
Dear Brian , your article is so good and practical to a professional Cost Engineer like me who have establish my own firm and is struggling with the marketing methods to promote our professional services.
Articles Being a freelancer is great, you are your own boss and can take all the projects you want to work on. Before blindly jumping into marketing yourself, you should set up goals to what you want to attain. If there is a freelancer you admire, see where their ads are appearing and how he or she markets themselves. Just as major corporations do, you need to be consistent in the messages you are sending to your future clients.
The more you get your message out to your audience, the more people will start to think of you when they need your services.
You don’t want to come up with something that people will forget about the moment they leave your site, but at the same time you don’t want your brand to overshadow your skills. Knowing what keywords to target, and how to market your blog will only help your exposure to prospects. Sites such as Search Engine Land, and Search Engine Guide are two great resources to help you get started.
One thing that is actually easier than people think is to just simply ask someone if they are looking for a web designer, graphic designer etc. No one has time to sit and read a 3 page email on how great your CSS skills are - instead write a short paragraph or two to get the attention of the person you are contacting.
Opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of Onextrapixel.
Join the community and stay updated with useful design and development resources and materials for FREE. Some traditional, social and new media, and content marketing tools we have today to market and promote, that are either free or won’t bust your budget are astounding.
A clearly defined brand that makes you visually stand out, tells people what you do and what you stand for. An engaging website, blog, or branded LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter page that showcases your mission, vision, value, products, services and spirit. An integrated marketing and social media formula that you use to educate, engage, interact and serve. I begin here because ultimately nothing beats or is more important than meeting people in person. If you haven’t already signed on to or gotten serious about a social platform, Facebook may be one of the best places to start. By far this is the fastest growing most influential professional platform and now content hub to meet, engage and connect to other professionals about work, jobs, careers, branding. Finding reasons to bring people together in person can have immediate and unexpected benefits and outcomes.  If you want to get to know certain people better, hosting them at your place of business is a great way to explore commonality in business and personal things.
Internet radio networks are quickly becoming one of the most effective ways for sharing content and honing your interviewing skills. If you don’t have your own blog, you can identify leading industry blogs you enjoy following and submit yourself as a guest contributor.
People are hungry for great content and information, so key in on the industries, trends, research, best practices and top influencers that represent the best of the best and share their content and include it in yours. Anyone can be an author and publish content, be it business,  gardening, woodworking, cooking, travel, wine or just about anything else you can imagine. This is probably the best kept secret and the most accessible business solutions out there for business today!
This is not only the fast track for showing people who you are and what you do but also giving them a taste of how you can help them be more successful. Create a short, informational session focused on one or two things.
The Flipgam app is one the coolest ways to turn your business and personal photos into pure amazing, beautifully orchestrated, completely unique video pieces with music for free. Email marketing through professional services such as Constant Contact, IConnect and Aweber are very low cost high return marketing tools. Smart, purposeful ways to market yourself authentically build awareness and credibility first.
Deborah Shane is a Top 100 Small Business Champion, Top Small Business Podcast, Top 50 SMB Influencers on Twitter 2015 (Dunn and Bradstreet), career transition consultant, personal branding strategist and social media specialist.
Aira, that is still where the magic will happen, but if people are not in proximity online is amazing. With your experience can you tell me which top 5 would be the best for a new health&life insurance agent to focus on learning and implementing? We have used a lot of the list but the most affective for us has been Youtube and Phone Calls and Skype Group Discussions. You have listed all the amazing points here and the best thing is all are free or low cost. For some (read: casual users), a social network like the photo-sharing app Instagram is a great place to post cute pictures of their newborn baby to share with close friends and family. One of the reasons I said Instagram is hard to infiltrate is because, with so many users, it’s hard to know where to look for the conversation.
Tell people about yourself – where you live, what you take your photos with, and what types of photos you post. Seemingly every week there’s a new Instagram website or tool to take advantage of millions of Instagram users. This post was written by Bryden McGrath, a social media strategist at the Seattle internet marketing company Portent, Inc. Freelance Advisor founder Darren Fell is a successful entrepreneur and all over the first page of results when you Google his name. Of course if the key decision right at the beginning is to become a contractor then you’d clearly expect the agency you select to undertake all of your marketing. Marketing yourself cleverly and without spending a budget you simply don’t have is one of the biggest initial hurdles to get over at the beginning of this new life of freedom. This is a great example but if you strive to create a strong identity and maybe even go to the lengths of getting a logo, either done by yourself or for a few pizzas and beers from a designer buddy of yours, you’ll have a strong foundation to build on. Associate this brand with a strong skillset, combined with the fact that many people know you in the market place through networking, your brand will propagate and you’ll eventually start achieving the ultimate marketing success – business from word of mouth. Your potential customers need to understand what you do quickly and succinctly so this important step gets you to ‘simmer down’ the description of your offering so that it makes instant sense to the person buying your services.

Remember that often the buyer of your services may not understand technical jargon so keep it in plain English. LinkedIn, if you haven’t heard of it, is a superb online location for professionals to create a profile and network electronically, building a cross section of good contacts ultimately to gain work.
The first step is building this profile, so sign up and list as much detail about yourself as you are comfortable doing.
So now you’ve got a taste of placing your profile out there so you can be found, have a look closer to home. Yes, I agree, some networking events can be mind-numbingly boring while others can have such a strict set of rules they are positively scary.
Once you are there, work the room as best you can, spending as little time with each person to meet as many as possible, and only spending longer with someone if they are really promising. Grab lots of business cards, while handing yours out and make notes on the back of cards if you need to remember key facts. So there you have it, my top five marketing tips, all on less than a student’s monthly grocery budget. Sign up to our monthly newsletter for hand-picked guides, how-tos and news delivered straight to your inbox!
If you are a Jack (or Jill) of all trades and can do a lot of things, but don’t have a specialty area, it’s time to decide what you’re really good at and focus your energies on being the best in the business. Use the research you did to evaluate trends in your field to discover the most salient issues in your industry. Then, you will be able to make your targeted case via strong application and marketing materials. When you post frequent, smart updates on Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn and engage in conversations with colleagues and thought leaders, you prove you have useful ideas and opinions. You’ll grow the number of potential allies in your network who are willing to refer you for job opportunities.
Does your LinkedIn headline include keywords and a pitch to inspire someone to want to learn more about you? All of these are key elements to help you maintain a competitive presence in your field and have a chance to land jobs – and gigs. Those in the nonprofit world will accept your past year as solid marketing experience, while corporate hiring managers regard it as something more like an internship; it will be up to you to sell it as relevant. The secret to distinguishing yourself in a tight labor market is to provide insight into what has driven your career decisions. That will be easier to do if you can create the network you wish your alma mater had provided — contact every AmeriCorps volunteer you can find, as well as every former newspaper colleague, and ask them for introductions to marketing people. There are lots of ways to approach the problem, many of which involve more phone calls, more advertising, and more networking.
It really has very little to do with how good you are at your craft, and while that always puts a few off, it’s a marketing truth. They take a little effort, but any one of these strategies can have a dramatic impact on new client generation. Experience has shown that even people who see themselves as awkward or uncomfortable in social situations can often be powerful speakers.
The first thing is to do what Nike tells us and “Just Do It.” If you’ve never spoken, you need to start. Professionals typically make one of two types of public speaking mistakes: 1) They are way too technical, or 2) They try too hard to “sell” in their speech.
You are responding to their needs and driving the conversation to the next level, a meeting.
While this has more cost and effort involved in the planning and implementation of the event, you also get complete control over the content. I teach one night class a semester at a local university, and with that I will always be able to say that I’m a member of the university’s adjunct faculty.
Continuing professional education is an excellent way of gaining a training title on your CV. When you author an article or a book, it places you in the public eye as someone recognized for his or her knowledge, skill or talent.
Marketing people call these “DOKs” or “Displays Of Knowledge,” and they work very well with both new and existing clients. But getting published is one of the most effective ways to gain standing and stature as an expert in your field. When writing for consumer publications, the concern is typically more about being interesting and discussing “hot topics.” Likewise, articles for consumers tend to be less technical, and often designed by editors as providing more general information. Some recommended ways include updating website bios, placing notices in calendar sections, linking to website articles, and having copies or reprints readily available.
It’s best done with a personal note that says something along the lines of, “Hey, I recently wrote this piece for a magazine, and thought you might find interest in it.” I have seen a mailing of articles generate thousands of dollars in billings. Professionals who never did anything other than a holiday card and an occasional client lunch are now faced with changing websites, creating promotional materials, and finding new ways of getting (or keeping) clients.
You may find that you don’t have to market as much, as often, or expensively, and that your marketing efforts are more focused toward the kind of clients you really want to approach. The book combines their years of expertise at their firm Eloqui, where they work with professionals, CEOs, and others on being more effective in speaking, presenting, and persuasion through verbal communication.
GoToWebinar is an easy-to-use Webinar service that lets you conduct very professional Webinars. Do you want help promoting something you’ve already created, such as an article, book, Webinar, or seminar? He is also a member of the adjunct faculty of Pepperdine University, and has published more than 100 articles on business, marketing, technology, travel and fitness.
Written exclusively by leading business professionals, Southern California Professional focuses on business, financial and legal matters affecting businesses, business owners, and their clientele. It is designed to provide individuals, families, businesses and business owners with information and strategies that will guide them through many of today’s challenging business, financial and legal issues. While some traditional print magazines are still making a go of it, sadly, many have faded away.
I will try to practice your methods and strengthen my marketing efforts towards the target customers. Start reading up on industry publications to find the latest trends and marketing tactics for your field.
Vandelay Design points out, “Adii Pienaar successfully marketed himself as a WordPress rockstar and became recognized as one of the leading WordPress designers. Think of a creative way to do this, just as Pienaar did when he decided to make himself the WordPress rockstar.
If you are a graphic designer, you can use your blog as a portfolio for your designs, and as a web designer you can promote the blog and show how you created the design.
If you do have some knowledge of SEO, use that to your advantage and use that in your marketing pitch. Public relation professionals pitch to reporters and potential clients on a daily basis, and are a great resource on how to hone your pitching skills. Enter yourself in competitions that relate to your field - best blogger, web designer for a children's site. Every little bit counts, and having people boast about how much they enjoyed your work, is a great way to generate the leads you need to get a new project. It comes easier for some than others, but in the end you really have to learn from your mistakes and realize what marketing tactics work for you. Once you start seeing how your efforts work, you will be able to tweak your marketing plan to work the best for you. How do you market yourself as a freelancer and what are your tips in marketing yourself successfully?
We strive to share the best web resources with the community but we are not affiliated to any other agency or company.
Facebook is the benign monster of our social media world and has developed amazing tools for small businesses.  Make a commitment to grow your activity on Facebook and check out and use their Notes longer form post feature.
A branded LinkedIn professional profile is a must have hub online for any professional in business today.
Grand openings, new certifications, community events, new clients, awards, new hires and new services all count. Non-profits, schools, community organizations, chambers and professional organizations need friendly, capable people to help. Regardless, if you keep a file for your snail mail, email marketing or emails you can go back to them and make a list of people you might want to recontact.
Whether you want to reach new customers, enhance your website, or increase your productivity, Google Business Solutions has amazing, mostly free tools for you. Find a free local or online space and promote it through all your social and email marketing channels. It helps people brand your name and company as soon as they meet you and they probably will remember you because of it.
Get your existing database organized, clean and current and use email marketing to communicate with contacts directly and more regularly. Although mostly used by realtors and service businesses, they can be used for just about any business to keep your name, product or service visible.
Find a space at a church, chamber, community center, the social room where you live, or partner up with another business to use their facilities. Deborah hosts her Top 100 Small Business Podcast weekly and her book, "Career Transition: Make the Shift" is available through all major book sellers. Nothing beats meeting the person and interacting with that person one-on-one to be able to truly get to know them. Another inexpensive way to get started building your own personal brand is to get: Personal Brand Planning for life, available as an E book on Amazon. A devoted and strong Instagram following can boost your other social accounts and show off your online sociability.
If you have a Bieber-fever following, people will instinctively flock to you like the salmon of Capistrano.
This way you’re able to change the tags to be more effective on Twitter, or change the caption to be more appropriate for Facebook.
For instance, Instaprints is a new website that actually lets you sell your photos and make money. For Instagram to be worth the effort, you need to be adding to the community — quality photographs, uploading images consistently (once a day is a solid goal, maybe twice a day on weekends), and commenting on other photography to make connections.

I mean, I never really thought about it as anything beyond an app to be used for sharing pictures.
We asked him to share the secrets of his success and he responded with this guide to marketing yourself. But if you’ve made the decision to be in charge of your own destiny and you don’t want to be sent half way up the country on a job, the life of a freelancer is made or broken by the success of their own marketing and PR. Of course, you may already be an experienced freelancer and the once trusty and consistent work flowing from your customers has suddenly dried up it’s now time to get that pen and pad out and map out a marketing plan to get you noticed and ultimately get you work. Make this description complicated or long-winded and you’ll have a difficult time selling yourself. Simple, you need to concoct a simple but powerful single sentence that describes precisely what you offer. The more that’s there; skill-sets, programming languages and past work or portfolio, the more saleable you will become.
The old adage of ‘people buying people’ is never truer here and a picture will help convey the ‘real you’ and may help people to go to that next step and get you in for a meeting.
Bite the bullet and get out there; this is the ultimate place to work your newly practiced elevator pitch and achieve results.
The biggest key point is to follow up fast, the next day with an email or a phone call if there was a hot lead. Now while it’s important at some stage to have a killer site with every bell and whistle possible, especially if you are a designer, the first website needs to perform a purpose, to present you well and show your skill set, so get it up and running quickly.
Simple and in minutes you’ve created a professional web presence that you can direct people to and be found at. The key is to never give up – persistence is the name of the game and if you follow this, I can promise you’ll start off on the perfect footing.
Competition is intense and more and more companies are turning to temporary, or contingent, workers in place of full-time employees. Statistically, referrals are the best way to land jobs, so you’ll be well on your way to getting a position.
Even if you aren’t seeing it in your field yet, studies suggest freelancers will eventually make up about 50% of the workforce, up from 35-40% currently. Are you taking advantage of all the opportunities to make sure people who want to hire someone like you can find you online?
After five years at newspapers and being let go in 2009, I decided to get direct marketing experience by serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteer in Service to America). I’m not talking about pay or benefits, but about the personal connection with the work. There are plenty of companies that market to nonprofits, and plenty that are marketing newspapers and other media — these connections will transform your seemingly unrelated past into the perfect preparation for your future. There is one way that has proven over time to help people in many professional service industries build their practices without feeling like they have sold their souls to sales.
Find a Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, or networking group that would like to get a free speaker. In order to avoid these mistakes, there are a couple of ways to create understandable content.
If teaching is something you’d like to do, you can also start by contacting a university’s department head and offering your services as a guest speaker. Teaching MCLE or CPE courses are great ways for attorneys and accountants to become involved in training. Using a third-party service, you can create Webinars where you teach or train on a topic of your choosing. The subconscious thinking is that an editor hired this person to write for his or her knowledge and skill, and therefore must be good.
An ­article can shine a light on a problem common to your clientele, offer insight into remedying the problem, and give them cause to contact you for more information. While some articles are very timely, others have an “evergreen” quality, and can last a long time.
And what’s really nice is that mailing articles often triggers clients to call about something else.
It has great features like guest registration, custom branding, recording, and even a question and answer feature for your attendees.
The fact is when you are a freelancer you have to not only be an expert in your field, you have to be an expert marketer. You might not be a fortune 500 company, but it doesn’t mean you can’t find marketing ideas like them. Once you have decided who your target audience is going to be, where they are looking to find help and how you can reach them, you need to put your plan into action. If it isn’t, they might not take the time to find you and make you lose out on potential money. If someone does a search for freelance graphic designers, wouldn’t you want your website to come up first? Social media is a great way to find people, but make sure you take the relationship offline as well. Whatever it is you do, there most likely is a contest or award for top people in your niche. If you work with any high level company, or get mentioned in a publication, have that on your site as well. There I said it. I have loved everything about media and marketing from my early entertainment days and broadcast radio career and now my social media consultancy launched in 2007. Prepare a short specific agenda about what you want to talk about and where you think the synergy is and be upbeat, friendly and focused on what you want the conversation to be about and accomplish. Create  a book outline with chapters in a word document, add some images and links, make it into a PDF, edit, review and spell check and you have an eBook. All of these services have white papers, tutorials and learning centers for maximizing your results. Make the workshop affordable or low cost, use your database, social media and local press releases to attract attention.
But because of its mobile-only nature, it can be a difficult network to infiltrate, which is why I’ve put this post together. Photos with these features in them are easier to tag (more on this in the next section) and you’ll see more Likes.
Kindly click out of this post, create your Instagram account and tweet the link to your millions of followers.
Add a link to something social related, whether it’s your Facebook, Twitter or Flickr page.
But using it to build useful and string connections, I guess, is the ultimate optimization of the app.
Remember of course to use your well honed ‘elevator pitch’ statement you spent so long perfecting back in step 2. Since the pace of change is unlikely to slow, if you want to be successful, it’s up to you to keep up.
I’ve completed my year of service and am now trying to distinguish myself in this highly competitive job market.
Lawyers, accountants, and other professionals are all seeing erosion in their client rosters. When you are able to position yourself as an “expert,” selling comes easier and clients stay longer.
One solution is to think of yourself on some sort of public transportation, say a bus or subway, and speak at a level that the average person will understand. Point to the website on your brochure and say something such as, “We’ve posted some information about that on our website. At the university I teach at, we frequently get emails about professionals who are open to speaking in our classes. Even if you don’t think they need the article for their situation, it may stimulate some conversation that will result in work for you.
If you are a web designer for a certain niche, find out where that niche hires their graphic designers. Come up with multiple ways you are going to reach your customers, whether it be through Twitter, your blog or sites like Elance. Sometimes a project may come up for someone who doesn’t have time for it, and they can recommend you. Play around with them, choose your favorite (Statigram gives you crazy amounts of analytics) and stick with it. And now that I think of it, yes, it is indeed a brilliant way to find like people who can form useful connections. Your name is a perfect starting point in this process and if it’s difficult to pronounce or overly long then consider using your nickname.
Hiring managers are trying to connect your passions and interests to their company and the open position.
Use every speaking opportunity, big or small, as a chance to sculpt your message and hone your speaking skills. In fact, I know people that have created and recorded Webinars and posted them just to gain credibility as a trainer, not to charge money or try to get clients.
Together with its sister company, Newman Grace Inc., the team creates traditional marketing and social media campaigns for law firms, accounting firms, financial professionals, consultants, and business professionals. It will give you that extra edge to set yourself apart from other freelancers and agencies. You need to be able to explain your decisions in terms of helping you prepare for the corporate world. It’s far better to connect with the audience on one thing really well than to pepper them with too many concepts that they have little chance of remembering. While NGI Publishing Services creates publications and publication support, Newman Grace’s services include the creation of promotional materials, website, and Facebook and Twitter campaigns.
You never know when someone will ask you for a card in the pool, parking lot or grocery store.

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