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Jessica connects with client, students and professionals in both language and employment services and helps them communicate and put their best selves forward. Founded in 1976, TESL Toronto is a volunteer-run, non-profit organization representing educators and specialists in the fields of English as a Second Language (ESL) and English as a Foreign Language (EFL). The TESL Toronto Executive is made up of members in good standing of TESL Ontario who volunteer their time and energy. You dona€™t need to be a rocket scientist to recognize that job seekers face obstacles today that they never imagined in the past. What topics are keynote speakers including in their presentations at your professional conferences? When you have informational interviews with people in your field, what do they identify as their biggest obstacles, pain points and concerns?
Even though employers are doing more with fewer people, the trend is to hire candidates with niche expertise. Dona€™t just say youa€™re an expert in your field a€“ show people that you have your finger on the pulse of your industry by using social networking tools to highlight exactly what you know. Using social media to demonstrate your expertise is a great first step, but ita€™s not enough to just engage in topical online conversations. If you cana€™t describe what you know and why someone should hire you, expect long periods of unemployment in your future.
Subscribe to our NewsletterJoin 103,000+ readers and receive daily career tips in your Inbox! Peaches are naturally juicy and sweet … so they need very little added to them to be amazing! Most important: sit and really ENJOY the amazing taste of summer … preferably sharing with family and friends who share your love of healthy, delicious food! Jennifer SilverbergThe primary voice behind Eat Yourself Well is Jennifer Silverberg, whose passion is inspiring others to crave foods that will make them radiantly happy and healthy. When I spoke at the Murdoch University alumni meeting, a number of people asked for my business card.
In fact, if you key in your search phrase (or if you do a voice search), Google will show you the Google My Business page before the normal search results as shown in the diagram here. Because Google My Business offers more information, it takes up more space and with photos, it draws much more attention than the normal search results. With this page, your prospects and clients can find out a lot about your business before they visit you. Say someone is in an area near where your business is and they take out their smart phone to look for the nearest restaurant or cafe, would your cafe show up on the Google map on their phone? In a recent interview with BFM radio, we chatted about the importance of using new media to stay visible and make it easy for prospects to find you.
Within a month of project kick off, 15 businesses have been verified and put onto the map on Eagle Town, ready to welcome the influx of visitors coming for the world championship.
If you operate a small business, an NGO or a charitable organization, you probably don’t have deep pockets or huge advertising budgets. You can do this yourself and if you rather not bother with the hassle, you can always get external help especially when you have unique situations or complications that require special administration. But whatever the case, make this a priority for your local business so you can benefit from local and mobile searches and get more visitors to your store.

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Starting at ~9:45 in the audio recording, the explanation of Google My Business and the case study that is being done elated to the FIS World Alpine Championships in Vail, CO really emphasizes the importance and purpose of a well-planned and well-written business listing. What’s the best way to market yourself as a consultant when your “product” or “service” is actually you and your ideas? Even a broad term like “business consultant” can be explained in a practical and detailed manner. As mentioned, marketing your consulting business actually means marketing yourself as a professional, trustworthy, skilled and innovative person. A great smile and a good handshake are important, but to promote your consulting service successfully, you need to be able to impress people online as well as offline. Promote your business, showcase your art, set up an online shop or just test out new ideas. And a small panel of industry experts will talk about how they use social media in the hiring process.
With more than 10 years of experience teaching professionals around the globe, Jessica has coached everyone from executives to community service providers and language teachers.
Our members are mainly ELT (ESL, EAP, ESP, OSLT) instructors, though anyone with an interest in the field can join. A lot has changed in the last few years, and youa€™ll need to adjust if you want to succeed. If you are a Jack (or Jill) of all trades and can do a lot of things, but dona€™t have a specialty area, ita€™s time to decide what youa€™re really good at and focus your energies on being the best in the business.
Use the research you did to evaluate trends in your field to discover the most salient issues in your industry. Then, you will be able to make your targeted case via strong application and marketing materials.
When you post frequent, smart updates on Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn and engage in conversations with colleagues and thought leaders, you prove you have useful ideas and opinions. Youa€™ll grow the number of potential allies in your network who are willing to refer you for job opportunities. Does your LinkedIn headline include keywords and a pitch to inspire someone to want to learn more about you?
All of these are key elements to help you maintain a competitive presence in your field and have a chance to land jobs a€“ and gigs.
Not only are they a fraction of the price of perfect peaches, they’ll be the fruits that are ripe and ready to use when you get home! Combine the peach slices with the lemon juice, coconut flour, and almond extract in a large bowl.
Add the the oats, almonds, walnuts, and coconut flakes in a processor and pulse to break up into a coarse but fairly even mixture. Put this mix in your bowl, add the coconut oil, brown sugar, and salt, and mix with a spoon. Bake for 35-45 minutes, or until the peaches are bubbling and the topping is lightly browned. It’s a page you can set up for your local business so you have an additional public identity beside your own website.

But you can make use of tools that Google has provided you with to help prospects find you more easily. Unlike most professional service providers, consultants can’t offer their clients a tangible experience. Here are several tips that can help you set up a promotion strategy for your consulting business. You need to be able to define to yourself and to your clients what is your field of expertise. Your marketing strategy should highlight what YOU can do for your clients that nobody else can. It’s a terrific way to meet people and talk shop – some might be potential clients and some might get you in touch with potential clients.
Wix is a website builder thathas everything you need to build a fully-personalized, high-quality free website. Jessica has taught in private ELT, LINC and virtual classrooms, including the LINC Home Study Program. Competition is intense and more and more companies are turning to temporary, or contingent, workers in place of full-time employees. Statistically, referrals are the best way to land jobs, so youa€™ll be well on your way to getting a position.
Even if you arena€™t seeing it in your field yet, studies suggest freelancers will eventually make up about 50% of the workforce, up from 35-40% currently. Are you taking advantage of all the opportunities to make sure people who want to hire someone like you can find you online?
With this page you can appear on Google searches, Google Map searches and Google Plus searches (if your page has been optimized).
If your competitors have their pages set up and optimized then they will likely be getting these new clients. As an IT consultant, branding consultant or fitness consultant, your duties and responsibilities should be clear to your client. Conferences are a great spot for networking, as well as co-working spaces (like our very own Wix Lounge NY & Wix Lounge SF!), where people meet and exchange business ideas. For example, Pinterest would be great for a fashion consultant, but SEO consultants would be better off on Twitter and LinkedIn. She currently designs and facilitates job-search related workshops for the Centre for Education & Training. Since the pace of change is unlikely to slow, if you want to be successful, ita€™s up to you to keep up. Follow major blogs and news sites that relate to your business and know what’s on the agenda.

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