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Judy Smith, CRS, CLHMS, CRB, CNHS, ABR a lifelong Nebraskan, is a successful Realtor® that has been a full time agent since 1987. Judy, a lifelong Nebraskan, is a successful Realtor® that has been a full time agent since 1987.
48 Members received the REALTOR® Mark of Excellence during the Grand Luncheon on April 3, Judy Smith was recognized for receiving the Mark of Excellence Award from the Association. The Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) is the highest Designation awarded to sales associates in the residential sales field. All that choice about what content you should be focusing on, and everyone around you seemingly producing more content faster than you can. So to kill two birds with one stone, here is my survival guide for buffets and content marketing. Just at the moment the DJ announces the buffet is being served, there’s a rush of people with paper plates in hand heading for the table. At a buffet, I want you to be at the table, and I want you to be looking at what’s on offer – but don’t pick up anything just yet.
At a buffet, you have approximately 2-3 minutes to make these decisions (about 45 seconds if my family’s invited), in your business, you can spend a little bit longer making a list of the main pieces of content you want to use to promote your business.
You don’t want to be getting to the table with only limp lettuce leaves and soggy potato salad left over whilst everyone else is feasting on the good stuff. So what tends to happen is I get overwhelmed by the choices, pile everything up, eat too much and then need someone to roll me home. What you really want to do is prioritise and focus on whatever is most important to your business goals at that time. I’ve been enjoying buffets since I was a small child invited to social occasions and despite being a veteran of this food platform, I’ll admit, I get it wrong sometimes. If your first few blog posts don’t strike a chord with your readers, or your newsletter gets a few unsubscribed one week , don’t worry, you can always keep writing and keep trying new things.
Filed Under: Content Marketing About Amy HarrisonI am a copywriter, content-trainer, speaker and filmmaker teaching businesses how to avoid drab business content and write copy customers love to read. Investment Opportunity: Medicare Home Care Services Agency with projected 2016 revenue of over $20 Million. Although some homes will stay on the market for much longer than eight weeks, over the years we have found that establishing a solid launching point for your home's marketing campaign leads to more showings and often times faster sales. Week One is the launching point for the entire eight week marketing program, and in that regard, probably the most important. The MLS is the nation's premiere method for posting homes online to promote visibility and sales. By submitting your property to the MLS, we are guaranteeing thousands of impressions by both potential homebuyers and real estate professionals browsing your area.
It's always good practice to evaluate the results of any marketing plan in the beginning to guage feedback and alter any future steps based on what's found.
Using the data gathered from Week Four, we manipulate the next few weeks of marketing to better contour the plan to fit your home's individual needs. Instead of matching potential buyers to your home, we try to match your house to the specifications of potential buyers.
If we already haven't, we examine all visual marketing materials pertinent to your home sale.
I know for many of you looking to earn extra money in your spare time, there are a lot of factors that are going to go into your decision of which opportunity to choose. In this post I’m going to provide a side by side comparison of what it would mean to find one or more home based internet jobs versus what you might earn through new home based business opportunities.

It’s a little difficult to make generalizations about this type of work because there are so many options for internet jobs out there. Fast paycheck: most consultants bill once or twice a month, for hours worked in the previous pay period. Mostly virtual: whether this is a pro or a con depends on your outlook, but you may have to visit an office once in a while.
Just like with home based internet jobs, new home based business opportunities can be all over the map. Recurring, passive income opportunity: you will earn residual income that compounds over time. Expand your business to meet your income and lifestyle needs: there are tons of opportunities out there. It takes time to see your first income: if you need income immediately then starting a new home based business might not be right for you. Now that we’ve looked at the pros and cons of both home based internet jobs and new home based business opportunities, I want to share why I prefer the latter. Once I got my head around what it takes to succeed, I realized I could push through those first few months and was on my way to achieving success.
For more information on deciding to start a business read my post on how to find legitimate work: home based business startup guide.
We offer exceptional service whether you are a first-time, move-up, new construction, condo, executive luxury home buyer, or any price range residential seller. Obtaining the Mark of Excellence award results in better educated, active members who will bring credit to themselves, to the Association, to their clients and to the public by demonstrating functions of being a professional.
Our 4,000 plus members subscribe to the REALTOR® Code of Ethics and take pride in the communities in which we work, serve and live. The CRS Designation recognizes professional accomplishments in both experience and education. As you venture forward you’re going to be met with elbows, and comments about what’s lip-smackingly good, what should be avoided, and various suggestions about what that mysterious dish actually is.
People will be telling you that you the best thing is to have an eBook, or a newsletter, or a blog, or talking about the real secret to successful Twitter updates. Likewise, you don’t want to wait too long getting your content written and out there to your audience. Hunger doesn’t even come into it when a buffet’s in front of me, I’m just a woman possessed. On day one you feel like you have to release an eBook, newsletter, blog, Facebook page all at the same time, because everyone else is doing that.
There’s no point in launching an eBook for example if you don’t have a website or any readers. By this point I’m usually so full of quiche and vol- au-vents that there’s no room for gateau and that is a sad state of affairs. Episode 12: Client Attraction Content that Works in SecondsA Quick-Fire Guide to Content-MarketingCMS! If you choose to work with us, we will go over this marketing plan in detail, but below is a brief synopsis of what we do to get your home visibility, and ultimately, sold.
We begin by preparing the listing paperwork, reviewing this marketing plan, taking around twenty professional photos of your home and placing signs in your yard. With a majority of homebuyers finding their future homes online these days, this method only continues to gain traction as a major player in marketing your home. Sometimes when "soft marketing" has failed to generate a lot of results, switching to an aggressive marketing style can land additional leads for your home that were missed in the initial marketing plan.

This includes filming additional virtual tours of your home, snapping extra professional photos and spreading them throughout our network to generate new interest. To narrow focus for this post, I’ll look at the process of starting an affiliate marketing business. Personally, I started earning income around month 3, and while it was only a little bit to start it grew steadily over time.
Contact us to find out how we can help you find your dream home, or sell your current home for the best price!
Whether you are buying or selling a home or business, Judy and her team will help you make informed decisions that ensure you are making a sound financial choice and that you are satisfied with your purchase or sale.
To earn the Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) Designation, every REALTOR® must have significant experience and volume of real estate transactions. With the added pressure of not physically being able to eat everything and plenty of other people vying for the same tasty snacks, meaning they could disappear any minute.
Bread, meat, cheese, salad, meat dishes, vegetable dishes, something unusual that catches your eye and attracts the senses. Spend enough time on them to get them out the door, and still leave you with time to think about what content project you want to start developing next. Keep working, keep writing, keep promoting that great service you have, and keep learning from the results. Episode 2 on AmyTV: Slow and Steady Wins the Content-Marketing RaceHow To Promote Your Business Through Content Marketing.
We advise you on how to make your home welcoming to potential buyers, and how to maximize it's sale potential -- then, of course, we help you conduct the event. As I did more and more research, however, and talked to more experts that are successful in the industry, I started to realize that my hesitations were just about the lag time between starting the business and seeing results.
The Judy Smith Team is capable of handling all of your residential and commercial real estate needs.
Every CRS Designee is required to maintain membership in the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® and to abide by its strict Code of Ethics. Judy Smith currently holds the following designations: CRS (Certified Residential Specialist), CLHMS (Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist, CNHS (Certified New Home Specialist), ABR(Accredited Buyer Representative) and is a member of the Luxury Home Institute. To help make the home buying and selling process more rewarding, every CRS Designee must have a proven track record in the business, as well as advanced education in related areas like finance, technology and marketing.
Judy Smith and her team have the knowledge and ability to meet the expectations of the most discriminating clientele. The training available to CRS Designees includes a strong focus on technology and its applications in the real estate business. They put together integrity, persistence, enthusiasm and dedication that provide their clients with SUPERIOR service. The association was created to attract and retain those REALTORS® seeking the knowledge, tools and relationship-building opportunities needed to maximize the best service to thier clients. They consistently set both the pace and standard for PROFESSIONALISM in the industry which earns them TRUST and CONFIDENCE with their clients.

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