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Hospital marketers have used physician referral to build awareness of their practices, facilitate new appointments, and increase in-network transfers of care for years. As hospitals adapt to this healthcare shift, they must be prepared to transition this service beyond the marketing silo and implement it across all their health management programs. The goal of physician referral is to connect patients to the right doctor as quickly as possible.During the referral process, patient preferences are matched with physician profiles. Physician-to-Physician Referral: Provided to affiliated physicians, this version of the service allows practitioners to find relevant, in-network specialists for their patientsa€”ensuring that the transfer of care is conducted seamlessly and safely. Consumer-to-physician referral programs drive revenue to affiliated physicians in the form of new appointments. During the patient encounter, physician-to-physician referral services transfer responsibility of care as the patient's clinical team grows. The result is a valuable, free service to patients that drives revenue for healthcare providers. Another example is the role referral services play in preventing unnecessary hospital readmissions during post discharge follow up calls. Essentially, healthcare providers must be able to process a referral at any point during a patient encountera€”regardless of their original reason for contact.

January 10, 2012 by Patricia Redsicker 1 Comment It’s no secret that healthcare organizations are still wondering how to engage online without getting into trouble. For instance by October 2011 only about 20% of US Hospitals had some kind of social media presence. Mayo Clinic has over 72,000 Facebook fans as seen on their website’s Likebox – talk about social proof! I didn’t have time to analyse each blog in detail, but a quick overview showed that some blogs generated more engagement than others. I wish they would use a Twitter button with a counter to demonstrate their content’s popularity. Again each of the eight blogs have completely different styles and tones since they are intended for different audiences. However, the industry wide shift towards population health management has shoved physician referral right in the middle of new healthcare delivery models (e.g. Promoted via direct marketing, advertising, and online tactics (among others), patients are encouraged to use the free "Find a Doctor" service. Hospitals earn downstream revenue from admissions and outpatient visits ordered by those physicians.

This ensures that patients are able to comply with the nurses advice and utilize the appropriate level of care.
Providing timely support to discharged patients reduces readmissions by filling gaps in follow up carea€”gaps that often include missing physician appointments. It’s really remarkable that Mayo Clinic has the vision, the time and resources to create eight different blogs each focusing on content that attracts different niche audiences.
Despite the challenges that limit the nature of the conversation, Mayo Clinic has taken the opportunity to talk to their various audiences in bold and non-traditional ways.
Don't say 'infinitely' when you mean 'very'; otherwise you'll have no word left when you want to talk about something really infinite.
They have demonstrated that innovative thinking in a highly regulated environment is usually all it takes to open doors that would otherwise remain closed.

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