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The new iMovie also handles 1080p at 60fps, useful if you've been recording in that mode on your phone for smoother clips. Other changes include a new Media vide, showing more photos and video at once, and a new Projects view that Apple says will make juggling ongoing projects more straightforward.
Our terms: We reserve the right to edit or delete any comment, so please post thoughtfully. Thoughtful, detailed coverage of the Mac, iPhone, and iPad, plus the best-selling Take Control ebooks. Apple’s introduction of iMovie ’11 focused largely on the new Movie Trailers feature, audio editing improvements, and One-Step Effects for automating common editing operations.
View Entire Portrait Photos -- When you add a still photo that’s oriented vertically, iMovie automatically crops it to fit the project’s horizontal aspect ratio, which means you end up with only about one third of the photo visible. Photos Appear in Viewer -- Speaking of photos, when you click a thumbnail in the Photo browser, the image now shows up in the Viewer so you can get a better look at it. Rolling Shutter Fix -- Here’s an addition that could be very helpful, depending on the type of camera you own. This feature isn’t a magical cure-all; Apple says it works best on footage where the camera is panning left or right. Side by Side Edit -- iMovie ’09 introduced a Picture-in-Picture edit that lets you play two clips at once, with one appearing in a small box in a corner of the screen.
In the Clip inspector, you can choose whether the added clip appears on the left or right side of the screen, and whether the image slides into frame from the side.
Blue Screen -- Another new edit is Blue Screen, which makes blue areas of a video transparent. Change All Title or Transition Styles -- If you decide to change the style of an existing title, you can drop a new style onto the section of the clip the title occupies (the video clip turns bright blue to indicate you’re affecting the title). Quickly Jump to Titles -- When the Advanced Tools option is enabled in iMovie’s preferences, the Comment marker and Chapter marker tools become visible in the upper-right corner of the Project browser.
Preview with Stabilization -- After you analyze a clip in the Event browser for stabilization, you usually don’t see the effects of the stabilization until you add the clip to a project. Movie Trailer Customization -- The movie trailers that you can create are fairly rigid in the number of clips that are included, because the edits are timed to the background music. For example, in the Pets trailer, you can choose whether the trailer is about a dog, cat, horse, or monster, with accompanying animal track images based on your selection. In the Blockbuster, Friendship, and Travel trailers, you can set between two and six cast members; there are five different music tracks to accommodate the changes, all timed correctly. Made with Morse -- Speaking of trailers, you can choose which studio logo appears at the front.
Still More Trailer Trivia -- That spinning globe studio looks awfully familiar, doesn’t it?

Also, when choosing a trailer style, if you watch the preview for the Action trailer, the character of “Matt” is actually iMovie developer Randy Ubillos. Quick Mute a Range of Audio -- iMovie ’09 let you mute a clip quickly: with an entire clip selected, press Command-Shift-M to mute the track.
Cloudy Forecast -- If you add the Blue Marble Globe map, bring up the Clip inspector and enable the Show Clouds option to add a light layer of cloud cover. Avoid Skim Drift -- Skimming is an integral part of working within iMovie: whenever your mouse pointer appears in the Project browser, the playhead appears and the current frame is shown in the Viewer. With Photos for OS X integration, iMovie users can add photos to their projects by browsing their Moments, Collections, Favorites and Albums that have been stored in Photos for Mac, without leaving iMovie. On the user interface design side of things, the app has gained a Record Voiceover button right below the Viewer for quick access to controls when adding narration. If you’re installing iMovie from scratch and are on a metered or a slow broadband connection, keep in mind that the installer is a two-gigabyte download. As mentioned before, iMovie is available at no cost when you buy a new Mac — just fire up the Mac App Store and it should be available through the Purchased tab. After finishing the iMovie to WMV conversion, just drag and drop the converted iMovie to Windows Media Player for playing!
For those guys who like games (I mean, almost all of you), I'm featuring Play Magnus and Ice Age Village, the first one is about chess and the second about fun! Cookbook is an easy to use application which provides brilliant and simple recipes for everyone. Puoi scegliere di inserire video gia presenti nel tuo dispositivo mobile (nei rullini dell'app Immagini) o girarne di nuovi direttamente con iMovie. Questo include la personalizzazione di pubblicita, la funzionalita dei social media e l’analisi del nostro traffico. Desafie o seu oponente digital Magnus Carlsen e compartilhe sua evolucao para ganhar pontos!
Also I love to spend some hours on our main projects Openjobs and as a writer and contributor here on Abduzeedo.. The iLife app, now at version 10.1, can now handle 3840 x 2160 resolution, which is useful not only for those wanting to take advantage of the pixel-dense screens on the new all-in-ones, but the content they're recording on the latest iPhones. Meanwhile, if you started out editing on iMovie for iOS, as long as it was in v2.2 or above you'll be able to import those projects to the desktop to finish off your masterpiece. Please check your email for a link that, when clicked, will verify that you're a real person and cause your comment to appear immediately.
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Click the new Allow Black button in the Viewer to include the entire photo (with black bars on the edges).
Many still cameras capture images using a CMOS sensor, which records every shot in horizontal bands from top to bottom.
If you want to add a lot of movie files in the Finder, add them to that folder; the next time you launch iMovie, you’ll be asked if you want to import the videos. Now, when you replace a title style, iMovie asks if you’d like to replace just the one title or all titles in the project. Clicking the downward-facing triangle just to the right of the buttons lists all the markers you’ve placed in your movie, letting you jump to those sections quickly.

Right-click (or Control-click) the clip in the Event browser and choose Play with Stabilization Preview to see how the stabilized footage will appear.
To avoid any legal entanglements, Apple made sure that you can’t type real movie studio names in the logo sequences, such as Universal or Paramount; the names are replaced with three dashes. Sometimes, as you’re dragging, your pointer may drift up or down and out of a row (unless you’re being very deliberate about moving your mouse or finger on a trackpad perfectly horizontal).
There are a lot more tiny details in how the program works, such as animated panel openings and closings, the capability to split detached audio tracks using the contextual menu, and direct import from an iPhone.
However, iMovie exported files are often in a format that can not be played on Windows Media Player.
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Here are 15 features and bits of trivia you may not be aware of about the latest version of iMovie.
When used to capture video, that technique can produce an effect called a “rolling shutter”: objects in motion appear rubbery because they’ve moved slightly by the time the sensor records the entire frame. Mark the Stabilization: Smooth Clip Motion checkbox to analyze the clip (if it hasn’t already been analyzed separately). Drag a clip onto the top of another clip in your project and then choose Side by Side from the action menu that appears. The problem, of course, is that any green items in the shot, such as clothing, would also become transparent. Instead, select a range in a clip’s audio waveform and press the Delete key to drop the volume level to zero.
If this happens to you frequently, as it does to me, hold down Option and Shift when skimming. Although movie trailers have gotten the bulk of the attention, this version of iMovie is a pretty deep update. Hope you guys like these apps and all the whole selection too, and stay tuned for the next week! Sulla timeline ci si destreggia con facilita: puoi editare la durata dei clip tramite trascinamento, zoomare "pizzicando" lo schermo, aprire le opzioni dei video con un doppio tap, ad esempio. When that’s done, click the Rolling Shutter: Reduce Motion Distortion checkbox, and choose one of the four options from the Amount pop-up menu (Low, Medium, High, Extra High). Naturalmente ci vuole un po' per padroneggiare tutti i gesti, ed e per questo che si sente la mancanza di un tutorial. iMovie include otto temi con cui puoi creare filmati di ottima fattura, che puoi personalizzare con titoli e contenuti testuali. L'unica cosa di cui davvero si sente la mancanza e qualche transizione e qualche filtro in piu.

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