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Feel free to introduce yourself, promote your business, offer free bonuses, trial offers, etc.  This is a Spam Free zone so go for your life!
Remember the key to a successful online business is to build relationships, provide massive value, over deliver and then make sales on the back end! We have created a website with free business resources for small and `startup’ businesses.
Business articles are also available with practical tips and trix in sales and marketing plus inspiration packages for self development. Hey Brad, I have been following you for sometime on Facebook and so enjoy your postings, they are very inspirational for me.
I am so looking forward to hearing from those of you that will be near the Cities noted above and want to spend some time with Jeff, hear his story and the opportunity to make a brand new ending.
Let’s share the love and the knowledge everyday and help eachother create the life we really want and deserve! I have just watched your free webinar about making facebook welcome pages, thank you so much. Together with my husband we have an on-line business selling all things metaphysical (crystals, incense, salt lamps etc). If anyone would like to know more about crystals and associated products we have a free informative newsletter available.

I know that there are many online opportunities available for anyone who is looking and alot of them sound spectacular!
Unfortunately, if you do not yet have a prosperity mindset, then these are empty promises my friend. With over a billion unique visitors each month, YouTube is currently the largest video sharing website and second largest search engine on the planet. I know what you’re thinking – how am I supposed to produce quality YouTube clips for my business without any prior video production experience?
Instead of publishing strictly commercial videos, try to focus on the quality information that provides real use to the end user. Sign up for a FREE analysis and we'll provide you a report comparing your website statistics with the competition. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Many of them promise you that it will be so easy and you will make a fortune from whatever system they have in place. Some business owners assume the massive video sharing platform is only useful for watching music videos and people trying to drink spoonfulls of nuclear-grade hot sauce, but this isn’t the case.
One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is publishing pure 100% advertorial-style videos and commercials.

Taking shortcuts by publishing your videos with the automatically-created title (usually the file name) and not adding relevant keywords will only reduce your audience reach. Suppose you run a law firm in Long Beach, CA. Of course, there’s a good chance that your videos will show in the actual Google search engine results in addition to YouTube. As long you have a computer with a webcam and microphone, you can produce engaging marketing videos that really connect with your target audience.
While you may gain a slight advantage from the increased brand exposure, this isn’t a long-term or sustainable way to grow your YouTube campaign.
Rather than publishing commercials to your official YouTube channel, perhaps you could publish videos with helpful roofing maintenance tips and how-tos.
The bottom line is that adding the right keywords to your videos can bring in tons of untapped traffic. And in the highly unlikely event that you don’t have access to a webcam, you can build a slideshow using Microsoft PowerPoint, add an audio clip, save it in MP4 format, and upload it to YouTube.

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