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The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies – Ever!Normally we try to keep the recipes fairly healthy around here – but these are just too good!!! Colorists Mother’s Day Giveaway + ChallengeAre you a mom or have a mom that is a coloring fanatic?
Faux Stained Glass Lamp Using Polymer ClayWe have a wonderful tutorial for you today from our co-host artist this week, Beth Petricoin.
How to Silk Screen Polymer ClayThis week we are exploring the world of polymer clay (PC) and today, I’d like to share with you a short tutorial about silk screening it. It was launched in 2010 and in three years time, it has reached 100 million registered users with 90 million of them actively using it.
About UsWith over 15 years of web development expertise, our team of professionals can deliver your website, mobile application or internet marketing campaign on time and within your budget.
Let us build a website for you that will amaze users on any device, rank higher on the search engines and convert more of that traffic into customers for your business. You should definitely begin the journey of learning how to use Instagram to promote your business by subscribing to the official Instagram for Business blog. Learning how big brands advertising on Instagram, and use their photo skills to capture attention and sales can be a great way to learn and observe, and even incorporate similar tactics into your own promotion strategies. Photography doesn’t require words, itself it speaks thousands of words, and can burst many emotions into those who care.
You should focus on capturing photos that capture the essence of your business, and how you’d like others to think the business is operating like.
You could begin by capturing a photo that explains your mission for the next couple of weeks, build a #hashtag and a name for it, and then continue creating great photos – one step at a time.
Instagram offers a little bit of functionality when it comes to improving your photos, and the overall experience. However, I recommend trying out some apps that will surely change the way you share photos, and even improve it in some cases.
I recommend using services like Webstagram to learn more about what people like at any given moment, and also to view the photo responses that other businesses are getting. I really think these are some great starting points for everyone who needs a little bit more advice and inspiration to begin promoting on Instagram.
The content written by this author is still frequently updated, but due to some changes in the past, all new content published by this author is being done so under a new username.
Node.js or most commonly know as Node, is a JavaScript platform that allows you to build large scale web applications. Coding in Python is not hard, in fact - it has been acclaimed as the easiest programming language to learn for a long time.
Ruby is one of those programming languages that have been around for many years, twenty in this case. All readers of CodeCondo are entitled to our free web development and web design courses over at Eduonix, our sister company. Even with mobile web usage rapidly rising, many websites are still not taking the opportunity to create a mobile app-like icon for when a reader saves a site to the home screen of an iOS or Android device. There are many tools to help build a readership, but very few to build an actual community. Video is a highly effective method of communicating with potential users or buyers in today’s fast, information-hungry world.
Everybody can sketch to a certain extent, but not everyone is born with the gift of sketching artistically. Built using the latest version of Bootstrap and powered by AngularJS, the powerful Flat Kit comes packaged with light, gray, dark and black themes, and six pre-built layout options. By default, there’s no easy way to customize the generic and boring login screen from within the dashboard. You might think you’ve got all the tools you need in your social media marketing strategies, including many that belong to the social media realm, but are you leaving Instagram marketing out because you don’t think it can be effective for your business goals?
Among so many types of social media marketing, Instagram is considered the simplest and most successful marketing tool because it focuses on visual appeal. At the beginning of 2015 it was announced that Instagram’s user base has surpassed that of Twitter. A large factor behind the popularity of Instagram is the ease and simplicity of use it provides. You snap a photo, add a caption, share it to your Instagram page, and the image can now be seen by your followers and others on the social media network. Hashtags are like bookmarks on social media, and they allow people to find your content based on hashtag searches.
Your hashtags should be relevant to your content, and you can also include hashtags that are currently trending (as long as they, too, are relevant). Another way to make hashtags work for you is to create your own and build up awareness and popularity through sharing and use. Yes, you are using Instagram to promote and sell your products or services, but more importantly, you want to use it to increase brand recognition and awareness. Discount offers, refer-a-friend promotions, and other sales-related ideas are fine on occasion, but make your content more about who you are and what you do, not what you’re trying to sell to people. While you should avoid too much salesmanship, collaborating with others can bring awareness of your company, products, or services to a wider audience. One of the keys to becoming a successful brand with Instagram marketing is through consistency. Choose a style or format for your images and content that reinforces and promotes your brand and be consistent with it, so that your viewers and followers can identify your brand’s posts even without looking at the username attached to the content.

Posting several times a day on Instagram is totally fine since users spend very little time on each content. Posting on Instagram is fairly easy so it shouldn’t be a problem posting several new content a day, however, make sure your images are original, engaging, and appealing. The more active you are with your Instagram marketing efforts and the more engaged you become in the community itself, the more visible and popular you will be with others in that community. Each of these contests have their own benefits, but regardless of which kind it is, hosting contests on Instagram is an efficient way to generate new followers, and to increase social media presence, with a very low cost. Instagram has a wealth of options and features to help you boost the popularity of your content, so take advantage of those tools. Using Instagram, or any other social media platform, for marketing purposes is no longer about reaching the young college crowd. Subscribe and receive exclusive insider tips and tricks on SEO.Delivered to you right from the industry’s best SEO team. We’ve put together a few basics to get your local business started on your Instagram adventure.
April 26, 2013 by John Leave a Comment Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc are the best tools to promote your business.
Instead of selling products, if your business offers any services, then showcase any equipment related to your business so that people will understand what kind of services you are providing. Creating a campaign in Instagram will allow your customers to look into the insights of your company like production house, labs, factory floors, etc.
Recently, General Electric (GE) ran an Instagram campaign and they took their customers to different departments.
Actually this is the best way to make people excited by showing what is actually happening in your company to manufacture a particular product. The advantage of creating Instameets is that it helps you create offline social event through online campaign. Like other social media networking sites, Instagram also plays a significant role in promoting your business. If you are looking to buy Instagram followers or likes from credible services, I personally recommend you to buy from Getafollower website. I know how to work with Facebook and Twitter, but Instagram has always been a bit of a mystery – how to grow my audience, how to use it to promote my blog, etc. They have assembled 50 amazing Mother’s Day gifts you can make, most in an hour or less! This week, we have a co-host artist joining me, the amazing Beth Petricoin from Create My World Designs. It has definitely attracted the people to get engaged in this photo sharing social media platform. People will easily trust your business or company when they see evidence that you provide great services or products to customers. When you want to promote your business or company event, take photos of your promotional materials and hash tag the event.
It is a new way for users to browse on photos they are interested in, plus users get to locate your business or company. Once you get to know how to use the applications and features, you will most certainly get the hang of it and instagramming for your business won’t be that complicated. I’ve learned to rely on transparency, honesty and less of the garbage style of marketing. It’s certainly not against the law, and it certainly does provide good amazing results. I think the best example for this would be the ability to help others, like charities and charitable funds. You could try Instagram Direct for a more personal experience, or you could give the default Instagram filters a go. With this week’s free file, App Icon Generator, you can quickly customize a mobile icon template for your site in no time. One of those tools is BuddyApp, a powerful WordPress theme that has been specifically built with all the features you will ever need to create a living and breathing community-driven website. And with highly polished After Effects project files, like the clean Website Product Promotion Template, creating engaging promotional video content has never been easier for beginners. Hero Login Styler is a new plugin that will allow you to quickly and painlessly customize the login screen so that it matches the look and feel of the frontend of your WordPress website. With these 60 Instagram Promotional Banner Templates, you can quickly create beautiful and highly clickable images that your followers will not only love but will also drive them back towards your website. Using it for personal reasons is truly that simple, but how about using it for your business? While they were initially popular on sites like Twitter, hashtag use has now become a standard part of updating content on nearly all other social media networks, as well. An example of this would be to offer free samples or sponsor popular Instagram personalities that are willing to include pictures on their account featuring your items, along with a tag referring back to you (and a unique hashtag, if you’ve created one).
You can do this by offering prizes as an incentive for your audience to participate in your contests. For example, “Like-to-Win” or “Follow-to-Win” contests where the audience can win just by following your account and liking your picture; “Hashtag User-Generated Content Contest” where the participants are required to share a picture using a content-specific hashtag that you have created for this purpose. You can also create blogs that are suitable for sharing on Instagram (and Pinterest) by adding a relevant and appealing image to your blog entries.
People from 12 to 82 have social media accounts and use them on a daily basis, so you can use Instagram to reach an audience far bigger than the one you’d be able to touch if you were restricting your content to a demographically-limited social media network.

However, one social network that you shouldn’t ignore in your social media marketing effort is Instagram.
He is on a never-ending quest to understand the mysteries of the search engine world, and sometimes, on his way to the ice-cream parlor. If you are not familiar, Instagram is a social network that lets users take pictures and videos, apply filters to them, and share them with their followers. As of March 2014, it had 200 million active users, 70% of which log in at least once daily. After being adopted by Facebook, it is converted into a powerful social networking site that helps businesses to communicate with people via images.
By doing this, your customers will know where and how your products are manufactured or developed. Further, they challenged their followers to take photos of the company in four different ways of working – Powering, Building, Curing and Moving and asked them to send the original images. Try to follow all the aforementioned tips and I’m sure, you will be one step ahead in your business compared to your competitors. Today, business strategist and educator Martiel Beatty will be sharing her process for making time count when you use Instagram to promote anything from your business to your blog to a product or service.
Given this number of active registered users, promoting your business using this social media is a good idea! Although it is limited to visual promotion, it can still create great impact on your business. There were comments that only businesses with products can be promoted on instagram since it uses photos. Photo Mapping can attract users within your location, which means that people will more likely locate your business or company if they choose to visit.
So if you have no intagram for your business or company yet, start creating your own profile now and instagram your business to success! I’m not quite sure that the old way of advertising is viable, and whether people want to deal with businesses that are there only for the end result.
Just don’t forget to mention where people can find the store, otherwise you’re just publishing photos of who knows what!
Think of it this way, and then think of how you can implement the same strategy in all of your photos that you share.
This has many many services like Webstagram come alive, and allow not just business owners, but everyone in the world – view Instagram photos from their PC, laptop web browsers. Brands, businesses and individuals are only starting to understand their customers, and it will take years before we can say that one strategy works for all.
With the Architectum Photoshop Action Set, you can give any photograph a colorized sketch effect with just a single click of the mouse.
Based on the ideas shared, we would like you to create the videos and the best of them will have the chance to win a share of the prize. Doing this will ensure you have the maximum reach towards people who login in different times and also prevent being annoying to your followers. Think big and think outside the box, include Instagram in your social media marketing and see how well it would work for your company! This means your customers (and potential customers) are on Instagram and that if you are not using the platform, you are missing out on some pretty good opportunities.
Due to the nature of Instagram (much like Twitter) things get pushed down in the feed, so the chances of you being spammy are lesser than other social networks. Try to take several snaps of products, or simply focus on one product with different images.
They get to share them to their followers and followers can like and comment on the photos. As of now, advertising does not exist on instagram, but it is possible since it was created to be a business. This will help you later on when sharing your instagram content to other social media channels. Although you can instantly share your Instagram photos to Facebook and Twitter, you may not always want to.
You can take creative photos of your coffee with hash tags like — #coffeelovin #coffee #espresso #cappuccino #morningcoffee. This will ascertain that you are targeting people who can convert to likes, and then to customers. You may also want to share your follower’s pictures to your Facebook and Twitter pages. Then, of course, don’t forget to hashtag the name of your coffee shop to promote your business.
Introduce your company or business by sharing photos on what is happening within the four wall of your office, this also applies even to business with products. If your company or business has a social responsibility or community involvement, then you can also take photos of these events. Photos does speak a thousand words, so take creative and beautiful photos to promote your business.

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