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Welcome to World Packaging Direct - World packaging direct, world packaging, world direct, packaging world packaging packaging, direct world, direct packaging. At World Packaging Direct stock the complete range of check-out bags, from small to extra large. Through our commitment to providing the best possible customer service, we have quickly earned a reputation for being honest in our advice, reliability in our service and value for money in our products. Please don't hesitate to call and talk to our friendly and multi-linguistic staff about your packaging requirements. Deliver, on time, high quality, branded, packaging products in accordance with our customers' needs and specifications. Earn and maintain, preferred supplier status by keeping in regular contact with our customers and by providing them with honest, ethical, professional services of the highest order while being flexible, dynamic and committed to continuous improvement and growth. Build long term relationships with our customers, employees and suppliers which will help and a profitable business.
Alternatively you can enhance and further promote your business by create a lasting impression on your clients with personalised printed paper serviettes. We also stock paper wraps, from sandwich wraps to full length paper wraps to silicon paper. Preview our products below and if you are unsure on what best suits your requirements contact us.

These containers possess a thermal barrier that allows hot or cold items to keep their temperatures for longer periods of time.
Malaga, west Australia, west Australian owned, west Australian operated and operated business, west Australia, west Australian packaging company. Our check-out bags are made from 100% Virgin Materials to ensure the best quality, and are laser counted to ensure our customers receive what they pay for. However, they can be made in a wide range of colours with various handles custom made your packaging needs.
World Packaging Direct can provide you with all your packaging requirements and having us as your packaging partner, you can be assured of receiving the best quality product, honest advice and a reliable service.
They are Ideal for restaurants of all types, offering a hygienic and cost effective option to fabric table cloths or as a protection to prolong life and reduce cleaning cost. You can also have your check-out bags printed to further reinforce and promote your business. They are available in a large variety of ply, colours, styles and sizes with a range of folds to suit all requirements.
These wraps come in many different styles and greaseproof wraps can be cut to any size and come in different grades of paper. Genfac plates, square plastic containers, rectangular plastic containers, round plastic containers, Tamper evident containers, oval plastic plates, round plastic plates, black plastic plates, white plastic plates, 9 inch plates, black plastic rectangular containers, containers, 3-compartment containers, 2 compartment containers, 750ml containers, 650ml 2 compartment containers, red plastic lids, reusable or disposable.

Tyco plastic containers, lunch boxes, portion cups, sauce containers, chilli sauce plate, 70ml sauce containers, 30ml sauce containers, laksa noodle bowls, pasta bowls, miso soup bowls, plastic rice bowls, noodle bowls, white noodle bowls, black bowls, 1050ml plastic bowls, 650ml plastic containers, Tasman Chemicals, trusted and proven products, floor cleaning detergent, dishwashing detergent, oven cleaner, window cleaning detergent, general chemicals, kitchen chemicals, commercial grade detergent, AQIS approved, bleach, disinfectant, dishwashing machine detergent, rinse aid, chinaware and plastic soaker de-stainer, de-greaser, washroom needs, kitchen requirements, office needs, toilet paper, paper hand towels, kitchen towels, facial tissue, a€?LIVIa€™ washroom paper products, 2ply toilet paper, 1ply toilet paper, jumbo toilet paper, 2ply jumbo toilet paper, 1ply jumbo toilet paper, toilet roll dispensers, jumbo toilet roll dispensers, a€?Classique Choicea€? hand towels, slimline hand towels, ultralsim paper hand towels, compact paper hand towels, foam trays, foam containers, foam clams, foam polystyrene, large dinner packs, lunch packs, burger clams, 5x5 inch foam trays, foam meat trays, 8x5 foam trays, 14x11 foam trays, various sizes, complete range of check-out bags, small check-out bags, extra large check out bags, large carry-bags, small carry bags, medium carry bags. Large plastic bags, small plastic bags, wide range of colours, various handles custom made, check-out bags printed, strong and reliable bin liners, 27 litre kitchen tidy bins, 72 litre bin liners, rubbish bags, Jumbo 240 litre bin liners80 litre bin liners, produce rolls, small produce rolls, medium produce rolls, large produce rolls. Effective at keeping produce fresh, easy to use, economical, paper bags, paper wraps, paper table covers, paper bags range, glassine satchels for fried snacks, to white kraft paper bags for pies and hamburgers to Grease Proof Lined (GPL) bags a€“ or double lined bags for sweet & sour pork. White fruit bags, brown fruit bags, white paper bags, personalised printed paper bags, paper table covers, ideal for restaurants of all types, offering a hygienic and cost effective option, protection to prolong life and reduce cleaning cost, available in a number of sizes, paper wraps, sandwich wraps, full length paper wraps to silicon paper, deli wraps to greaseproof sandwich wraps. Paper counter rolls, till rolls, paper till rolls, thermal till roll, 1ply bond paper till roll, bond paper, commercial grade stainless steel scourers, heavy duty cloth wipes, food handling, vinyl gloves, rubber gloves, latex gloves, hair nets, crimp caps, disposable aprons, commercial grade cling wrap, plastic wrap, stretch film, pallet wrap, sponges, sponge scourers, rubber band, micro fibre cloth wipes, cake boxes many sizes, individual cake box, large birthday cake box, cake boards, round cake boards, square cake board, paper snack boxes, perfect for chicken and chips box, fish and chips box, small snack box, chip cups, ideal for fast food outlets & showground food stalls. 8oz chip cup, 12oz chip cup, foil containers, available in many shapes and sizes, individual cheesecake foil container, pie foil container, family size lasagne container, aluminium foil rolls, catering foil, heavy duty catering foil, general purpose catering foil, drinking cups, foam drinking cups, paper drinking cups, plastic cups, cold paper cups, hot paper cups, coffee cups, coffee cups printed, clear plastic drinking cups 7oz cup, 16oz cups, flat lids, domed clear lids.

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