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With applications becoming the central part of attraction on Android smartphones and social networking allowing users to connect very easily, communication between the users have become a lot more easier.
As soon as you tap that, the phone will list down all the application present on your mobile phone or tablet. Among the famous options included are the share via Bluetooth, Cloud Print, Email, Facebook, Gmail, Message and WiFi.
Once I have done that I need to provide just the email ID of the users along with the message subject. This alternative method is nothing sort of hacking your phone or performing firmware update. Once done click on the wretched icon at the top and it will provide you the list of options by which you can share them.
I have chosen email and just like above it will send the Android market links to the recipients of that email.

Human Verification: In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic. There is no doubt that there is no Internet user around the world does not have an account on the social networking site the most famous in the world, a Facebook, so we have same matter, We provide you a range of Facebook buttons (Like, Share, Comment, Message, follow, Add Friend, Photos) and other Social-Media sharing buttons. There are many apps which you like on your phone and you like it so much that you want to share it with your friends.
When do that you will be presented with all the options by which you can social communicate with your friends. Here in I have choosed to email my friend and let him know what application I like to have it on my mobile phone.
You can select multiple applications together and there is also the option of searching the apps which is quite useful if you have a long list of application installed on your mobile phone.
You just need to install the Share Apps Android application from Android Apps Labs which is available for free download.

Once you install this application, it will work quite in the same fashion of the recent Galaxy phones by Samsung.
If your phone is not showing the option of Share App then follow the below alternative method. It completely depends on the software version you are on or the mobile phone which you are using.

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