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The finals against Chuck Ulsch were pretty much a repeat of our last visit to the finals, the Scion loses traction for a bit and can’t hold the win against Chuck’s powerful machine, which set a new speed record during the pass. This past weekend, Titan Motorsports raced at National Trail Raceway in Columbus Ohio, for the ADRL Ohio Drags III.
We had spent the last week and a half prior to the event at Rick Jones Racecars, making sure the car was ready to go for this race after the wreck we had in St.
ADRL has recently eliminated the normal Friday test session so the first run since the repairs would be the 1st qualifying round of the Columbus race. In the first round of eliminations we were able to overtake our opponent, even though we had a less than stellar run.
This weekend, Titan Motorsports will be participating in the ADRL Hardees’ Gateway Drags, at Gateway International Raceway. In the final race we were matched up with Chuck Ulsch, which proved to be somewhat of a David vs.
Titan Motorsports will be participating in the ADRL Memphis Drags II, at Memphis Motorsports Park, in Millington TN, on May 22-23.
With the ADRL World Finals just weeks away, the crew at Titan Motorsports has been diligently working to ensure the car is prepared for the biggest race of the season. This past weekend, Titan Motorsports participated in the Fast Fours & Rotories Jamboree, at Willowbank Raceway, in Queensland Australia. Titan Motorsports will be participating in the Fast Fours Jamboree at Willowbank Raceway, in Queensland Australia, on August 29-30th. On May 30th Titan Motorsports made the trip to Salinas Speedway in sunny Puerto Rico for the Super Street Shootout 3.
The Clifton Park White all-stars won regionals and didn’t have the opportunity to advance to a World Series like other older teams. The Clifton Park White 8-year-old all-stars won the Cal Ripken 8-year-old Mid-Atlantic Regional Tournament held in Clifton Park. Why this team is cool: The Clifton Park team played teams from New Jersey and New York City that were considered the favorites by the Cal Ripken representatives. The road to Regionals: The team advanced to the Mid-Atlantic Regional Tournament by winning the Cal Ripken Eastern New York State Championship in July. Coach’s quote: “It was a great summer for a bunch of 8-year-old boys who didn’t know the difference between a scrimmage or the championship game against Caribe in the Mid-Atlantic Regional Final. This week I am doing this with my great friend at Football Fantasy, Give this guy a look, give his blog a look. Carlton normally cuts perfect lights, and he said the sound from the 2 step on the Scion threw him off a bit.
The car left the starting line fine but started to drift towards the left around 60 ft out.
The car had begun to slide around in the middle of the racetrack and driver Gary White had to lift off of the throttle a few times to keep the car under control.
As the past races have shown, the ADRL XTF class is immensely competitive and anything less than 100% just won’t do. We raced this weekend’s ADRL Hardees’s Gateway Drags II, in Madison Illinois, and what a race it was. After sorting out a few problems in testing, we were very optimistic about Friday night’s qualifying. This set the national record at 4.056 for a few minutes before Chuck Ulsch reset the record again. After being rained out at the ADRL Memphis Drags II, Team Titan will be continuing where we left off at the upcoming ADRL Summer Drags V. Scheduling more games and more tournaments isn’t always the best thing to do when kids are young.
During the state tournament, the Clifton Park White team defeated teams from Niskayuna, Troy, North Colonie and downstate representative Beekman, as well as the Clifton Park Green all-star team. They wanted to win every game, played well as a team and most importantly played with a maturity that was well beyond their 8 years. Representing Student Athlete Advisory Board (SAAB), the group is thrilled to carry the Penn State Athletics banner as dancers in the 2016 THON. This event featured several record-setting individual performances, as well as the quickest fields ever in three of the five National Guard ADRL pro classes, including the first all three-second field in Pro Nitrous. Friday we had 2 rounds of qualifying, the first run was aborted, but the next run we were able to better our best E.T.

Ulsch had the starting line advantage and White had the lead at 60 feet, but after that it is all Ulsch. We were really hoping to hit 3’s this weekend, but that will just have to wait for Texas. The car left Rick Jones’ on Wednesday, August 19, and we were unable to test the car before Ohio. The car slowed to a 4.5 second run, but the car in the other lane had problems as well, and we were able to advance.
Chuck Ulsch proved this by once again breaking another record into the 3’s, running a 3.982! Team Titan with Rick Jones, Rickie Jones, Joe Brown of RJ Race Cars, equipment from Tim McKamis and welding support from Kelly Campbell allowed the re-construction to begin. Gas Motorsports will also be in attendance for those who want to get a glimpse of the former Titan Celica.
This is the first year the Cal Ripken league had a regional tournament for the 8-year-old division, and this is the youngest team ever in Clifton Park to win a Mid-Atlantic Regional Tournament.
Our pitching and defense was what won each tournament we played in, and their ability to stay focused during each pitch and each inning was something that our coaches were proud of throughout the entire summer. If you’re unsure where Versus might be on your local channel listing, check out the handy Versus locator here at We had to make some adjustments to the car after being repaired so we were unsure how the car would react.
What may be even more impressive is the fact that he backed up his run with a 3.99 at 201.28 mph! Even though this run was good enough to grab the # 1 qualifying position, Friday night’s indent was just the beginning of Titans adversity-filled weekend. Check out the rest of the 2009 National Guard ADRL Versus Television Schedule for all the races, times, and details. Come out and enjoy the 2 for 1 battle as we look to finish the Memphis Drags II, as well as compete in the Summer Drags V in Martin Michigan. Just click on the “Watch ADRL on VERSUS” button near the top left of the homepage, then insert your zip code into the appropriate box.
This put us in the #1 qualifier position for a while until Chuck Ulsch took it away in round 3. Not only was Ulsch the first in the 3’s on a 10.5” tire, but now the first to break the 200 mph barrier.
It was another tough break for the Titan crew, but the quick and consistent times has advanced Team Titan to the #2 points position at just past the half way mark in the season.
J19 is shaping up to be the largest in the Jamboree’s 19 year history and Titan Motorsports is honored to be participating. The race team had their hands full with the tremendous Caribbean heat, but despite this fact, they were still able to lay down the fastest times of the weekend. As you can see we were able to pick up an impressive 52 HP while still using the stock valve springs and retainers.
He will be facing a Giants team that is coming off tough losses to the Seahawks and the 49ers and it won't get any better against the Cowboys. The only thing holding up his fantasy value is his rushing ability, but even that isn't enough to make me want to start him. When Saturday morning rolled around, we decided to run round #3 of qualifying to gather as much data as possible.
We love the level that the XTF class has risen to and hope to continue our success in the class as well. We tried to straighten the fuel cell bar with a tow strap, but the first 3 attempts didn’t work and about pulled the car off the pro jacks. These are still undergoing more testing and will be available for purchase in the very near future.
Furthermore, RGIII has stirred up a lot of locker room tension and is in Jay Gruden's dog house for his recent comments. If you miss any of the National Guard ADRL airings on Versus, you also can visit the new ADRL Videos On Demand player. After the run, our race team decided that it was time to put a fresh motor in so that we would be ready for eliminations. McGuire has been a fan of Titan Motorsports for some time now, and had a chance to meet with the team at the Rockingham event back in September.
Titan Motorsports would like to thank all those who made this event possible, especially Ronald, Omar, Raymond and all the wonderful fans and supporters at the event.

With the poor play and drama surrounding him, I would stay away from RGIII.Matt Ryan - Ryan has struggled mightily in the past few weeks, barely surpassing 1 touchdown per game. It will provide online versions of all National Guard ADRL TV shows in their entirety, plus exclusive interviews and bonus features, such as a video from each class that depicts every elimination run so far this season. Unfortunately for us, the fresh motor had an issue in one of the cylinders, essentially making the car a 5cyl engine. Due his strong chemistry with Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb and the general strength of the Packers offense, Rodgers is an absolute must start in fantasy world.Andrew Luck - While Luck cooled off a little bit in week 11, his week 12 match up against the Jaguars is ideal for fantasy owners. He has been able to connect with receivers and create drives, but has been unable to finish them with touchdowns. With no time to spare, eliminations started, and thanks to our #1 qualifying spot, we were able to request to run in the first pair in the XTF class. I have been a fan of Titan Motorsports for several years and coming to Rockingham and getting to hang out with the Titan team was great.
Luck easily carved up the Jaguars earlier in the season, and without much of a running game, Luck is going to be forced to pass and make plays through the air.
Look a a big game in week 12 to the tune of 300+ yards and 4 TDsAlfred Blue or Arian Foster - The Texans will be playing the Bengals who are 28th against the run this year and the Texans will be looking to exploit that.
We went and Robert Patrick had an acetylene torch and we had to cut all the wiring out of the way, remove any fuel that were around and heat up the bar. Well Dalton, if hanging around others who are passionate about cars is your thing, then the pits of Titan Motorsports is a good place to start. If you don't think the Texans want to run the ball with Ryan Mallett under center, they ran Alfred Blue 35 TIMES last Sunday.
This opens up the door for rookies Terrance West and Isaiah Crowell for the rest of the season, which is why they must be stashed on your fantasy roster. They needed to swap the head of the motor in between elimination rounds, and had very little time to do so. We also had to remove the fire bottle because the bracket that held it was bent, so when we pulled that out we didn’t pin it and it went off in the pits. With years of experience under their belt, and the passion that only a White (Gary) can bring, we know you’ll feel right at home amongst XTF’s best.
But, with a little help from the rain,  the event got delayed an extra 45min to an hour, and we had just enough time to make round 2 of eliminations against Joel Bayless. According to driver Gary White, had they have not let off when they did, he would have certainly t-boned into Tony, possibly causing severe injury to both drivers. Anderson has showed flashes of potential running and receiving especially in week 10 against the Raiders. Finally we re-wired the car, checked it out, checked nose fitment (a few zesus’s were busted) and got it working.
Even though Rainey has played the best, he has gotten very few chances to be the lead back.
Meanwhile, Sims has still looked unimpressive and Martin has struggled to be effective whenever he plays. Against a poor Tampa Bay defense, the whole Bears offense, including Forte, should have a big game.Odell Beckham Jr - OBJ is coming off a 93 yard performance last week and will be looking to build on this against a Cowboys defense in which he grabbed two TDs against the last time these two teams met.
Even though they are against a decent Chicago Bears run defense, I would stay away from starting any of them.Larry Fitzgerald - Fitz has had a pretty bad fantasy year compared to the numbers we are use to seeing him put up. Even with a rookie QB, I still like how the Titans passing attack will fare against Philly. He also is going to play through a MCL sprain which will limit his route running and he might not get some balls thrown his way due to that. Not only do they have a young QB under center, but now that the running game is picking up, they will be getting less and less targets. Against the Redskins in week 11, it was obvious that Josh McCown has developed a real trust and chemistry with the rookie, and he is starting to surpass Vincent Jackson as the number one receiver in Tampa. Even though Jones is putting up decent yardage numbers, the touchdowns are at a low because QB Matt Ryan has only been able to throw for a touchdown per game in recent weeks.
Since he is on a roll and has been a big play machines, look for Evans to continue against an average Chicago secondary (Gives up 17th most fantasy points to opposing wide receivers). To make matters worse, Jones faces Joe Haden in week 12.Pierre Garcon - After coming off a 2013 season in which he led the league in targets and had great chemistry with RGIII, Garcon has been an afterthought in the Redskins passing game this season.

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