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This guide will take you step-by-step through the process of uploading the videos you’ve taken with your Flip Camera to YouTube.
Decide if you want everyone (the public) to be able to watch your video, or have it Private.
Now that you're all set up and up to date, you can simply launch the Play Games app and you'll see a new entry inside the main menu a€” 'Record Gameplay'. Now that you launched the recording mode, you'll be greeted by one large circle with a live feed from your front camera, and three smaller circles with controls. You can tap the notification and a menu will show up from the bottom of the screen, asking whether you'd like to see the recording in your gallery app, or put it on YouTube. Yeah, I hate it when iOS just allows anyone that owns an iOS device get an update right away. The inclusion of a Theater mode in Call of Duty Black Ops is nothing new, it’s been done before. I’ll be describing this using XBox 360 controls so please keep that in mind while following along. Here are a couple of clips I uploaded using this method to give a few examples of the outcome. After missing horribly while trying to shoot through a steel door, I run around and realize I have no ammo left after I miss again.
A few quick kills with the Grim Reaper killstreak with a horrible ending I could have prevented. When I hit render clip, it plays through then said uploading rendered clip, BUT with no timer counting down like on the other ones I did. Sometimes (for seemingly NO reason) it will take a very long time for your clip to appear on the website.

Ok, let me begin this review by saying I love shooters and have been playing them ever since I was a kid and Wolfenstien was on PC. All the videos I have uploaded to youtube through theater are very low quality and they lagg. This will give you a rough indication as to how long it’s going to take to upload your video to YouTube. Google knows it, and that's why it came up with YouTube Gaming, a service in the vein of popular game streaming sites like Twitch. Your best bet is to search the Google Play Store for 'Google Play Games' and see if you have the update button available. It will put two floating buttons on your screen, a start recording button and a Play button. Your options are 720p or 480p, and you recording can be as long as your device storage will allow.
The buttons will be present for the duration of the recording, giving you full control over what happens on the screen and what gets recorded.
NOTE: To upload to YouTube directly from the game, your clip can be no longer than 30 seconds long.
I haven’t figured out what causes this, but it seems to happen if that clip is particularly laggy. What you can do is upload multiple clips and splice them together yourself, either by manually downloading them from YouTube, or using their built in editor. After all, when Amazon snagged Twitch under Google's nose, building their own competing service on the back of YouTube must have seemed like a solid decision! If you want to be 100% sure, head to GPG's main settings menu and scroll all the way to the bottom until you reach the version number.

The smaller circles will disappear, but you can always bring them back by tapping the big circle.
Follow the on-screen instructions, use the YouTube video editor, and enjoy the functionality! That all changed when Metal Gear Solid came out for PS1 and I now wanted a good story to go along with my gameplay. Keep in mind the update is yet to roll out everywhere, so if you aren't able to install it right away, try again later! When you're done recording your session, bring the buttons back, tap the 'Stop' button and you'll receive a toast message saying "Video saved to gallery". If you linked your YouTube account, it should already be uploaded and this will link to it.
When you’re ready, press A to un-pause the footage and then press X to begin recording. Thanks to WonderHowTo's Dallas Thomas for keying us in on this wonderful piece of functionality. You might want to use a stop-watch or something to keep it UNDER 30 seconds while recording. I never got into multiplayer because I don’t have the time to train myself to compete with a bunch of 5th graders who spend 40 hours a week playing the game.

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