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Twitter is a very powerful social media tool that can help you start off a business and generate lots of quality leads to promote your services to.
My followers are always asking how do I use Twitter for marketing to promote my services and how you too can implement this strategy to get the best exposure for your business or services.
Brush up yourself — give your profile a professional look because the first factor people look at when they come to your profile page is your look.
Quick tip: ensure you also include your LinkedIn and Google plus URL to get the best exposure. Go viral… promote yourself with just the click of a button, you can promote your content, product, or services with twitter. Next Post Previous Post How to Use Twitter to Drive Business GrowthAre you using Twitter with your business marketing plan? One fast food chain sends off those who go through the drive through with the line, “See you tomorrow.”  It’s not likely that people will eat at the same place two days in a row, but you never know. Twitter says it was born mobile.  A recent post shared that 60% of their 200 million active users log on via mobile device. Over the years, we advertised for many small businesses and acquired tremendous amount of experience to understand the needs, the thinking and mind set of our prospective clients. According to the internet research firm Global Web Index (GWI), Twitter was the fastest growing internet marketing firm during the last six months of 2012 and nearly half a billion internet users have a Twitter account. Promoted Tweets is Twitter’s version of PPC advertising in search and is effective in expanding a brand’s Twitter following within a quick turnaround time.
Quickly rising to popularity as one of the most powerful promotional tools in existence, Twitter can be extremely valuable for any business, no matter the size or complexity. You may think that Twitter is only for self-involved celebrities that update with mundane details about their lives, or teenagers that use the platform for their angst-ridden sentiments. It is almost impossible for a small company or a freelancer to make business sense out of Twitter alone, the Twitter applications enable one to manage, tweet, build lists, have a single view of all the conversation and effect, or motivate your business. It is formerly called TweetLater and is a free service that enables auto following of anyone who follows you and auto Direct Message to anyone who follows you. Currently, Twitter has more than 500 millions registered users worldwide and more than 350,000 active users in United Arab Emirates.
This informative course will mix together theory, hands-on exercises and discussion to get you quickly and confidently up to speed with using Twitter in a business context.
Private Sessions can also be conducted anywhere in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi across UAE. You hear everyone raving about successes with Twitter, especially how awesome it can be when combined with blab or Periscope, but you just need a strategy on how to make this work effectively. Wishing you could improve your results on making connections that can increase leads via Twitter? Twitter promotes real-time engagement and interaction and is wonderful for connections and relationships for business owners. Not only is it an opportunity to reach and engage consumers in real-time, but it also promotes trust, increases social proof and builds credibility. Freely sharing your knowledge, know-how and expertise goes a long way towards establishing your reputation as the go-to professional within your industry. According to a study looking at 100 tweets by Buffer in 2015, tweets that include an image get 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites and 150% more retweets. The size might change over the course of time, but the size of an image on Twitter is perfectly optimized when the image is 1024×512 pixels. Here is a desktop tweet where Chick-fil-A Killian Crossing uses an image properly sized for Twitter and the full image is scene regardless of whether someone clicks on it or not.

NINJA TIP: When taking photos on your phone, be sure that you use the landscape view when taking images you know you want to post and use on Twitter.
Twitter advanced search allows you to get much more detailed information and look for potential leads, clients and people based on your target audience. Once you fill in the appropriate fields to refine your search for what your needs are, you can click search and begin diving into conversations with new connections. This is a great way to have a social media strategy that stands out because you are not just waiting for people to come interact with you. You are going out and putting yourself into conversations that are already taking place. Ever found yourself thinking of a new tweet you want to share about the latest blog post for either your website or someone else’s with great content? Well when you do, don’t just do the typical tweet that says the name of the blog post and the link. Kim Garst is great at doing this and here is a perfect example below where her text simply isn’t writing out the title of her e-book but rather she is addressing a pain point of the person she is trying to connect with. That means if you are posting three times a week you are not maximizing your efforts on this platform. By using tools such Buffer or Post Planner, you can create tweets and have them scheduled with your evergreen content ahead of time as well as any curated content you’d like to share. Twitter lists are curated groups of Twitter users that you can either create yourself or you can subscribe to someone else’s Twitter list that they have curated. Add everyone you believe to be an influencer to that list and use that list to share the influencers content. This will save you time as it’s an easy way to take 5 minutes each day and ‘favorite, reply or retweet’ great content by your industry leaders. NINJA TIP: Here are 13 ways to use Twitter Lists that dives into this even further to give you more ideas. If you are still not convinced that Twitter is a great place for you to interact and get more leads for your business, here are a few closing thoughts. Using Twitter marketing as a part of your social media marketing strategy can increase leads and will pays dividends that keep on giving to you and your business. Heather Heuman (pronounced Hyman) is the founder of Sweet Tea Social Marketing located in Blythewood, South Carolina. I generate around 30% of my leads through twitter by working at it and figuring out the best tactics to generate leads for my online business. Twitter is one of the best social media platforms that can help you promote your product or services if you apply the right tactic. Many local businesses are tapping into this secret weapon to drive consumers in the front door.  Here are a few ways to help you get started. Part of your content strategy should include sharing about the successes of your clients, business partners and vendors.
Many small business owners are too busy to excel in internet marketing and don't have time to maintain their campaigns. With this statistics in mind, it comes as no surprise that more and more businesses are looking at Twitter advertising which is a relatively unexplored marketing area.
An example of this is how Twitter is now being used by millions of users around the globe as a “search engine.” Just like in search, brands and organizations are given the chance to be on top of social search results via Promoted Tweets. With millions of Tweets being uploaded everyday tackling the same topic, using Promoted Tweets is a great tool to rise above the clutter and be noticed by your target audience. Advertisers can now select from three matching choices when inputting their keywords: phrase match, exact match and basic keyword match. Whether your business has only you to promote it, or an expansive team dedicated to social media, Twitter is a tool that when used to its maximum potential can be incredibly beneficial.
While this may represent a segment of the user population, Twitter is actually a highly versatile tool that can be utilized in different ways according to your specific internet presence and business goals.

It also helps in managing your company account across different people.  Twitter has been a magnanimous success since the status message has inspired web applications. With over 175 million Tweets a day globally, in the last two years Twitter has become a mainstream communications platform and is now considered to be a critical business and social media tool. The fact is, when used effectively, Twitter can have a number of business benefits , like helping you develop and promote your brand and content, interact and support your customer base, monitor social media, develop online relationships, and yes, even generate leads! Think outside the box and include an image that speaks to your audience with more compelling text that really is going to get them to click on your link. We are posting on Twitter so we can engage, interact and give great value to people who will ultimately interact with our tweets and become leads. She's a marketing strategist, coach, blogger and speaker and focuses on helping clients across the US manage social media to grow their businesses. According to tweetmyjobs, over 45% of companies have plans to increase their budget for recruiting on twitter and other top social networks this year. PR pro Gini Dietrich talked about how Hertz Rental Car stole her business from Avis using Twitter, in a recent blog post.  Just like Hertz did, you can use Twitter to monitor your competition and then step in help your new client.
Use this power of persuasion to drive customers to your small business by sending a tweet that reads, “Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Research hashtags that connect with businesses near your business or your community and integrate these hashtags in your tweets. Unfortunately, they miss a lot of opportunities by postponing working with a professional marketing agency. Long-time PPC advertisers would be familiar with these options and for the social advertising newbies, the logic is pretty easy to understand. Before proceeding you can check your messages so that you can respond to anyone who messaged you.
If someone had told me a few years ago that twitter is a good platform for getting high paying jobs, I would have doubted, but now, I believe it because of the results I get for myself and people I work with! Include your location, the kind of products or services you offer, and the keywords that will make you visible by search engines. Your content is genuine and valuable to your audience, and you will reach a much broader audience because it’s the most frequently retweeted and shared content on Twitter.
Also, don’t forget to use a professional and good looking photo to show that you’re a real and genuine person. My rule of thumb is that you should always have more people following you than you following others.
On the left side of Twitter’s current layout, there’s a section on the left side that says “Who to follow.” Through this advertising option, Twitter will display your profile prominently in this section. All too often, you see the twitter avatar which is very off putting to someone looking to use you for your business services. Needless to say this option is suitable for those who are looking to expand their Twitter network.
Nothing better than them seeing a real, genuine person who is providing them with valuable information they take an interest in. Apply these tips and measure your results.

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