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I updated my giant list of clever Valentines Day sayings! There are now 154 gloriously cheesy Valentines Day sayings paired with small treats.
Does anyone have any suggestions for heart shaped origami bookmarks for a preschool and kindergarten class? Advice to post a faculty bio and develop online presence are not uncommon, but when I look out at my class roster in the school’s learning management system (LMS), on a sea of new names at the beginning of each term, my focus has increasingly become direct instructor-student exchange with each person. It’s always been a challenge to get to know the members of my classes, especially with enrollments of 20 or more students.
Introductions: Most online courses include some sort of introductory activity such as a discussion forum that requires students to post something about themselves, as a way to get to know each other. Email: Throughout an academic term there are multiple points at which you or your students might initiate an email conversation.
Making yourself available and making a connection, though both are critical components of online teaching, are not the same thing. This was a simple Excel file with the class roster copied over into the second column and notes about how I made a connection with each in the first column (see a sample with changed names in the screenshot below).
On this first trial, I counted everything – email, discussion boards, virtual office hour attendance, social media – and ended up having one-to-one interaction with all but two students. There’s definitely room for improvement in the Fall, and I want to add the concept to my mid-term evaluation to find out more about student perceptions and experience with interpersonal connections in the context of my courses. He was famous for the survival instincts in him which helped him come back home after his long struggle and taught him the strategies and tactics of fitting into adverse situations. This experience taught him much about the different tribes of that time and he got an opportunity to understand their life styles and their traditions. He also managed to manipulate them to ensure his own safety and was thus nothing less than an immense source of inspiration for fellow and future explorers back home! During this period his instinct for life and his love for travelling took him to numerous places and this was the time in his life when he explored various parts of the New World in order to find his way back to his native land. Unfortunately, the exact route of his travels during this time has never been known for sure because he did not have the opportunity to document his experiences until much later.
On his return to his homeland, Cabeza de Vaca sent to the king, an account of his experiences in the New World and his struggle for survival. Here Vaca gave descriptions of the tribes he came across and described how his determination to find his way back to his people and his land finally brought him success.
This teacher is basically winning the Internet as the above photo continues to be making its way across the world and into viral territory.

Tons of non candy ideas, school supplies, useful items, healthy treats, and even adult only goodies, like wine and lottery tickets! Whether it’s synchronous or asynchronous, individualized communication is just one way to build positive relationships with your online students. I have made a conscious effort to connect with each student, but wasn’t sure how close I was coming to meeting this goal, so last Spring I actually created a spreadsheet. I regularly use a similar system to back up my Gradebook (I always struggle with the Gradebook in Blackboard), so this was an easy modification to that file and gave me a place to start. Obviously, while I only tracked one point of content per student, you’re likely to directly connect with some learners multiple times over the semester. Be realistic about what you can accomplish given the number of students in your course and the amount of time you have to work with them. A Faculty Focus interview with eLearning consultant Tony Bates emphasized the need to prepare for changes in online courses in advance. A personal connection between instructor and student can affect not only levels of student engagement, but also achievement and retention. If the audience is your commander, he is probably interested in how much it will cost or what services his squadron will be obligated to provide and not so much in the references or small print. He explored the New World and left a detailed description and account of the various American tribes that he had interacted with in his well known work "The Report", which later came to be named "Shipwrecks". Cabeza de Vaca was a major part of this endeavour and played the significant role of being its Treasurer. He had many unique experiences and was introduced to several new lands and their specific cultures. In 1537, he and his fellow survivors finally came across their native people and found their way back to Spain.
This account went on to be published later in the form of the famous "The Report" and was later named "Shipwrecks". Vaca not only showed the way to many adventurous explorers of his time but his literary contribution has been of great help to historians and enthusiasts of the future too! Over the course of the past few days alone, the photo has been shared at least 16,200 times on Facebook, and "liked" at least 607,400 times on Facebook. According to Reuters, while Facebook enforces an age minimum of 13 years old, as of 2012, there were 5.6 million Facebook users in violation of that rule. Julie Culp is the school counselor who posted this photo on her own Facebook page where it has gotten 400,000 likes and counting.

Online classes can be a lot like traditional classrooms in which a few students do most of the talking and others never say a word. I sometimes struggle with trying to take the same actions across the board, but one size may not fit all. Bates recommends the SECTIONS model – Students, Ease of Use, Cost, Teaching Interaction, Organizational issues, Novelty, Speed, and Security – for assessing the use of specific technologies with students. Start slowly with new techniques to see what works for you and your students, and don’t be afraid to ask them about their preferences and expectations along the way. Make the most of synchronous and asynchronous opportunities – in the course site or via social media, one-to-one or in small groups – to recognize them as participants in the process.
He had to live in adverse situations and handle native folks who viewed him and his fellow survivors with suspicion and contempt. Many young kids also have Instagram, even though the social network has the same age minimum. If anyone has information about who this is, please e-mail us at parents (at) huffingtonpost (dot) com.
It’s a comprehensive list, organized by item, of all the clever, cheesy Valentines day sayings I could hunt down and make up! In an online class, you don’t have a visual on the latter, who may be sleeping, doing other work, confused about the material, or absent altogether. Discussion boards may provide another way to focus on different individual learners each week. Adjust your expectations accordingly and think about what you might be able to do with small groups to foster a similar kind of environment and communication. Just as you fine tune your content and materials each semester, you can also try new approaches to communication. When a course is 100% online with no face-to-face meetings, how can you make personal connections happen?

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