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As a personal letter is a graphic counterpart of speech, avoid pompous and verbose language. While writing a letter, instead of devoting entire time to yourself, also write about topics that are of common interest to you and the recipient.
If you have a specific purpose in writing the letter, state the message clearly so that the recipient does not get confused with the details in the letter. If you are writing the letter to someone after a very long time, enclose your picture along to create a connection with the recipient. The letter must have a heading which contains the full address of the writer along with the date on which it was written. The letter must begin with a salutation written on the left hand corner of the first page, little lower than the heading.
The opening sentence of the letter must please the reader and should draw attention and interest towards the rest of the letter.
The body of a personal letter must be split into paragraphs with each making a valid point. Remind the recipient about the experiences you have shared together and mention something about that person which you admire. You can end the letter with salutations like ‘sincerely yours’, ‘yours’ and ‘yours affectionately’. While starting your reply to a personal letter, use the customary ‘dear’ along with the first name of the recipient. After mentioning something which occurred in your life, you can start answering the questions asked about your life. Ensure that you ask the recipient some questions regarding his life to facilitate a response and end the letter with wishes.
If the personal letter that you received mentioned some crisis that the writer is facing then you must write back an encouraging response.
If you are writing a letter of condolence, make the recipient aware that you are thinking about them and that you too mourn their loss and are with them in their struggle. Letter writing is an acquired art which stems from genuine desire to connect and reconnect with people. A personal statement letter should perfectly complement your CV and the rest of the application. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Consider the above answers and think of what is your unique reason for being on this earth.
Begin your letter by writing your name and address in the top right-hand corner of the page. It is important to include this information in case your return address (on the back of the envelope) is torn, or the envelope is thrown out.
If you have forgotten to include something in your letter or you want to add an extra message, you can use a postscript (PS). For a fun and interactive writing experience, check out Let's write a letter in the "Multimedia fun" section.

Holidays, birthdays, school camps, achievements, anything you think is special or exciting and would like to share.
A funny joke you have heard, a good movie you have seen, a fun game you played, or your favourite song, are all great things to write about.
Remember to ask the person you are writing to about what they have been doing and what has been happening in their life. In a farewell letter you would say goodbye and good luck to someone who is moving interstate or overseas, or changing schools. In a condolence letter you show sympathy, usually for the death of someone close to the recipient.
You would send this letter to congratulate someone on a birth, wedding, achievement or award. Your holiday letter could celebrate a birthday, Christmas, New Year, Bar mitzvah or any other special event or holiday.
If you know your handwriting is a bit on the messy side, you can print out an address label to stick on your envelope, or ask an adult or friend with neat handwriting to write the address for you! It is the reflection of man’s civilized culture and a mode through which people communicate with each other. It must be written in simple and clear language with colloquial expressions and in a purely conversational style. To make the letter more fascinating, you can include trivial information in an informal manner. You can use different forms of courtesies and also subtly urge them to write you back before you wind up. Though there are other more common usages like ‘cheers’ and ‘see you’ etc, ‘love’ is not generally used by one man while addressing another.
You can also use just the name of the person, without any other salutation, followed by a comma. Start the letter by stating your support followed by a mention of past problems that the person overcame. I distilled the information from multiple online sources and personal experience of numerous Fulbrighters. It should be a supplement which gives the reviewer a picture of you as a person instead of just listing facts. Experienced heads of HR say, the average time to you have to impress, can be measured in seconds.
This way the person who receives the letter will always have your address and will be able to reply to you. This goes on the left-hand side of the letter, just above where you will write your greeting.
It is also helpful for people who like to keep letters they have been sent and look back on them. Depending on how well you know the person, you could use "Your friend", "See ya" or "From". You might wish them strength through their grief, say you are sorry for their loss, or share fond memories of the person they have lost.

Perhaps they invited you to their birthday party, gave you a thoughtful gift, or did you a favour. Writing a draft, or even planning what you want to say, will mean that the point of your letter is clear. Nothing spoils the excitement of receiving a letter in the mail more than finding it is unreadable! If you are using glitter or sequins in a letter to a friend, make sure that they are all stuck down securely and will not spill all over the carpet when the letter is opened. But with the advent of technology, the basic art of letter writing has lost much of its essence. It can start with ‘dear’ or ‘my dear’ or ‘respected’ as these words articulate affection, intimacy and respect. You can write a few sentences about their hard work and the effort they put into it and wind up the message by telling them that you have faith in their mettle and that you are with them in these tough times. It is informal in style, but contains thoughtful content and reflects one’s association with the person addressed. Also, you should have it proofread by a friend (preferably a native speaker) so there are no language mistakes. So, grab the potential personal statement readers with the beginning, or you’ll lose them.
Depending on how well you know the person you are writing to, you could use "Dear", "Hi" or "Hello".
There are no rules for what you can and cannot talk about, although you should always be kind. This will make it easier for you to tell them about new things that have happened since the last time you saw them. This is less formal than an appreciation letter, and would be sent to a friend or family member. Also remember that it is not a good idea to decorate your envelope as this may mean that it will take longer to sort or can cause it to get stuck in the sorting machine. While writing a personal letter, consider your relationship and familiarity with the recipient. According to etiquette specialists, personal letters reflect the character and disposition of a person, as well as, the social and political condition in which those letters were written.
Also, depending on the nature of the addressee, informality of style and address can swing.
Personal letters can be divided into two categories depending on the intended recipient: person-to-person letters and person-to-business letters.
For example, a ‘cover letter’ is a business letter but when sent with a resume to a specific person, the same ‘cover letter’ becomes a personal letter.
Examples of person-to-person letters include character reference letter, condolence letter, love letter, letter of apology and so on, while examples of person-to-business letters include job acceptance letter, general cover letter, etc.

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