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Information pours into an organization at a furious pace; the volume and velocity is overwhelming. To provide marketers with big data analytics to optimize real-time multichannel experiences across customer touch points, HP created the HP Digital Marketing Hub by tapping into innovations across different groups within the company. While the HP Digital Marketing Hub is HP’s entry into the digital marketing analytics space, it’s not the company’s first foray into digital marketing. The HP Digital Marketing Hub is an analytics platform that helps marketers increase customer conversions and loyalty by understanding the customer’s behavior in real time—answering not just what is happening across digital channels, but why it is happening—to build context that is missing from many of the current Web-reporting solutions today. In a perfect world, you would want to know who your customers are and when they’re making a buying decision. The digital marketing space is very fragmented and there are a lot of stand-alone black box solutions out there. The HP Digital Marketing Hub produces insights into individual customers at scale and in real time, without the need of manual intervention. The HP Digital Marketing Hub lets marketers quickly identify the key customer attributes that drive desired customer behavior. The HP Digital Marketing Hub lets marketers increase ROI from their marketing budgets by optimizing their marketing spend.
Hewlett-Packard's Digital Marketing Hub is a new digital marketing offering from HP's Autonomy business that lets marketers deliver compelling and personalized experiences to customers based on a real-time analysis of the massive volumes of information that pour into an organization across multiple customer touch points.
NewsCred is helping the world's leading brands truly connect with people, build brand love, and win more customers. NewsCred's content marketing platform allows brands to grow with efficiency, agility, and scale. As you grab more attention from prospects and customers, you can also get more done with new printing solutions designed to increase productivity and simplify management. Did you know that, in most cases, small businesses can save more than 50 percent by printing in house versus a quick printer?(3) These new color printers from HP can drive down costs further. The new HP Officejet Pro L7590 All-in-One with HP 88 Officejet ink cartridges delivers professional color quality and up to 50 percent lower color cost per page than comparable lasers.(1) Copying, faxing and built-in networking features combine with fast speeds, duplexing and flat-bed scanning for high-performance and lower costs. Print View software estimates document costs upfront and lets you view print jobs in advance to help avoid reprint costs. Priced at $299, (4) the HP Color LaserJet CP1215 also features HP ColorSphere toner and is HP’s lowest priced desktop color laser printer. The HP In-house Marketing Starter Kit has a sampling of photo, glossy presentation and matte brochure papers, commonly used for marketing materials.
Learn about the specific features and functions of the new small business printers, including new color inkjet printers and new LaserJet printers.
The HP Officejet J4580 All-in-One delivers the convenience of printing, copying, faxing and flatbed scanning in one device and high-quality color documents for less than lasers when used with HP Officejet inks. Now featuring broad support for most HP business inkjet devices, (8) HP Easy Printer Care software 2.5i monitors up to fifteen HP laser or ink printers with a single tool. You can count on HP printing solutions to deliver the in-house marketing capabilities you need to grow your business, make a great impression and meet the competition head on.

There will be some HP Officejet products in the market in the Fall that will not have Officejet branded inks.
Wireless performance is dependent upon physical environment and distance from access point. Offer is only valid on recycled desktop machines; copiers, fax machines and floor standing units are excluded from this offer.
Connect to the tools and resources you need to create and print content how, where and when you want. The HP Officejet business inkjet line delivers up to 50% lower cost per page than competitive laser printers! HP Officejet printers bring color and cost control to small businesses, so you can develop marketing materials and professional color documents for much less.
HP 88 Officejet Brochure Value Pack  Includes HP 88 Officejet Color Ink Cartridges, HP Glossy Brochure and Flyer Paper and a Business Marketing Design CD with free professional design templates, photo images and other tools for creating your own marketing materials. In today’s connected, digital and mobile landscape, there is no slowing down the creation of this data. The Hub leverages HP’s big data expertise through the HP HAVEn platform, adding in science from HP Labs for analytics, all delivered on HP Converged Cloud.
Over the years, tens of thousands of companies have used HP TeamSite to create and deliver compelling Websites and experiences that increase customer engagement and conversions. The Hub is also an open approach that was launched with a partner ecosystem already in place—15 companies, including Experian, Kenshoo, Marketo, Deloitte Digital and Digital River among others. You would want to know which channels would reach these customers at exactly the right time, and you’d be able to position your product exactly the right way.
But HP knows that you can’t force a company into one platform, nor can you ask it to rip out what it is already using, so HP worked with several ISVs and digital marketing agencies on co-development and integration programs for the HP Digital Marketing Hub.
By combining the latest analytics with an intuitive dashboard, the Hub uses powerful algorithms to deliver instant, actionable insight to marketers. Users can define the key performance indicator (KPI) that matters most to them, and the Hub then takes multichannel customer data to quickly identify distinct customer segments, their conversion levels and the key attributes within each segment that drives behavior. By using powerful algorithms to analyze multichannel data, the Hub pieces together disparate customer interactions to form a coherent customer journey, so marketers understand how different channels influence or lead to customer conversions.
Another building block in HP’s suite of offerings around the new style of IT, the Hub helps marketing managers harness big data to analyze customer behavior, make smart decisions about marketing spend and ultimately win customer loyalty.
Taft covers the development tools and developer-related issues beat from his office in Baltimore. With new products and tools for creating and printing colorful, professional-quality marketing materials, you can do it in house and in line with a small business budget. Add punch to your brochures, flyers, presentations and more with newly formulated HP ColorSphere toner for a wider range of colors, higher gloss and improved photo resolution. The HP Marketing Impressions Portal is a one-stop shop to help you grow your small business and interact with others through an online community. Available with select HP printers, it also includes a Business Marketing Design CD with a wealth of templates, images and coupons.

Also features a 50-sheet automatic document feeder, flatbed color scanning and built-in networking.
With it, you can easily maintain and quickly view the status of multiple devices, set printer and supply alerts, generate basic usage reports and reorder supplies with the click of a button. All new Officejet products (with only a few exceptions such as mobile products) as of March 2008 will have Officejet branded inks. Every 60 seconds, 204 million emails are sent, 100,000 Tweets are created, 48 hours of video are posted on YouTube and 2 million searches are performed on Google. HAVEn stands for Hadoop, Autonomy, Vertica, Enterprise Security and ‘n’ number of applications. HP Optimost has helped companies increase conversions to generate millions in revenue, and the company’s augmented-reality platform, Aurasma, is used by more than 20,000 customers for building brand awareness and stickiness.
Knowing all this would increase the likelihood of a closed sale, repeat business and a happy customer experience. Data from many different sources, including the Web, email, search engine marketing (SEM), CRM, purchase systems and call centers, are automatically combined and analyzed in real time to form coherent multichannel customer insights.
HP uses algorithms geared toward marketing questions, so digital marketers get better answers to the fundamental questions that drive marketing results, such as who are the best customers, what customer attributes drive conversions, what type of content drives desired customer behavior and how do multiple touch points combine to drive conversions.
As more data is added and analyzed in real time, these segments are adjusted to become more accurate.
Using this insight, marketers can adjust their spend to optimize their marketing strategy for greater conversions. It is based on the HP HAVEn big data platform, which brings together the unstructured data management capabilities of HP Autonomy, the structured data capabilities of HP Vertica, the scale and agility of HP Converged Cloud and the technical wizardry of HP Labs. He has more than 10 years of experience in the business and is always looking for the next scoop. Through this program, which runs from March 16 – May 3, 2008, you can bring your old printer, regardless of brand, model and condition, to your local Staples store.
A large subset of this data—for example, from social channels, contact centers and company Websites—is important to marketers because it can give clues as to who customers are, what are they looking for, and how they want to get that information and ultimately make a purchase. This eliminates the need to shift through multiple reports or build complex models to get answers, as everything is delivered through a single dashboard.
In this slide show, eWEEK presents the current digital marketing landscape and how the Digital Marketing Hub helps marketers increase customer conversions and loyalty by understanding the customer’s behavior in real time.
Taft is a member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and was named 'one of the most active middleware reporters in the world' by The Middleware Co.

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