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Google Chrome viene considerato tra i browser piu sicuri al mondo ma nonostante questo non si puo dire che sia privo di trappole con l'intento di farvi installare veri e propri virus.
Ho notato che su Google Chrome appare un'ulteriore variante del virus precedente, perche come impostazione grafica e simile: c'e il logo di Chrome, un messaggio di avviso su sfondo oscurato e la finestra popup con il pulsante Ok che non dovete assolutamente cliccare!
Stai navigando nel web con Google Chrome e si consiglia di aggiornare il tuo video player alla la versione piu veloce disponibile. Inoltre l'aggiornamento di qualsiasi cosa va fatto all'ultima versione disponibile e non a quella piu veloce. Pagine di questo tipo non e possibile fermarle perche si aprono solitamente grazie alla complicita di siti stranieri che ne traggono profitti, fino a quando vi compaiono accidentalmente il problema non dipende dal vostro computer ma probabilmente dagli ultimi siti che avete visitato o dai banner pubblicitari che espongono. Il problema sorge quando si viene ingannati e si va ad installare il file contaminato, comunque per risolvere basta cancellare tutti i programmi installati nello stesso giorno (perche contaminati), anche le cartelle dei singoli programmi che rimangono semivuote nell'unita C se presenti e poi eseguire una bella scansione con Malwarebytes.
Here’s a list of 3 local video player extensions for Google Chrome with which you can play local videos inside Google Chrome.
Most common video and audio formats are supported, and subtitles are automatically loaded, based on the name of the video and system language setting that you computer has. Even though this isn’t its intended use, cast player can be used in order to play local videos inside Chrome.
Google has removed the option to switch between Adobe Flash and the HMTL5 Video Player on YouTube for Chrome users. Flash was the format of choice up until now regardless of browser used and the only exception to that was if Flash was not available or enabled on YouTube. Chrome users who have visited the page recently may have noticed that they cannot switch to Adobe's Flash Player anymore as there is no option to do so, and that HTML5 is selected by default. The page opened in Chrome displays what the browser supports and lists that "the HTML5 player is currently used when possible".
What this means is that you cannot switch to the Adobe Flash player anymore if you are using Google Chrome.
The most likely explanation is that it has something to do with the company's announcement that it will kill all NNAPI-based plugins in Chrome this year.

The wording makes it look like as if Flash may still be used at times, but that YouTube will prefer the HTML5 player whenever possible if you are using Chrome. I have not tested this, but it is likely that changing the browser's user agent may display the option again on the HTML5 Video Player page on YouTube. Martin Brinkmann is a journalist from Germany who founded Ghacks Technology News Back in 2005. I am not a Chrome user so maybe I am wrong, but the bundled Flash player of Chrome is a Pepper-based (PPAPI) plugin, isn't? I use the 'Youtube Center' extension which replace the player object with the type set in the script settings. Since Google doesn't allow extension makers to make extensions that directly download videos from Youtube you can use free aTube Catcher. On a PC it doesn't matter, but if someone is using a laptop with AMD+Intel switchable graphics often the only drivers that work are the ones provided by the laptop manufacturer. Adobe stopped updating standalone flash on Linux at version 11.2 (which is still perfectly usable), and the only updated version past that is the one bundled with Chrome as far as I know. All'inizio del 2014 e apparso il finto aggiornamento del plugin Java con conseguenze devastanti perche sotto la veste di Java si nascondono programmi indesiderati, toolbar e il piu delle volte anche virus. We all know that Chrome is more than capable of playing online videos, but very few people are familiar with video player extensions and apps available in the Chrome Web store that turn Google Chrome into a full-fledged video player for local videos that you have stored on your hard drive. It’s interesting because not only does it allow you to play videos, but it automatically fetches subtitles from the Opensubtitles website.
You just have to click on the Open button in the bottom left corner, select the video that you want to watch from the standard Open file window and that’s it. Once you have it installed, it will automatically associate itself as the default player for FLV videos so that you can directly run FLV videos with it from the Apps menu.
If that is the case, YouTube tries to switch to the HTML5 player automatically which may or may not work depending on the browser's support for HTML5 Video.
When it started, it was called HMTL5 Beta but now it is just the HTML5 Video Player which suggests that it is out of beta.

If you check the page in other browsers you will notice that you still get the switching option between HTML5 and Adobe Flash. Since Flash is one of those plugins,  it is only natural that it won't be supported anymore on YouTube.
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I have such unfortunate problem with my i5+6770m mix and installing anything else than the stock drivers results in BSODs at random moments or at least the drivers no longer responding.
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Ne esistono diverse varianti di questo virus che pero e possibile individuare dall'indirizzo link della pagina web, solitamente strano o sconosciuto.
Chromebook users will especially love the video player extensions that we’re gonna be talking about, because it lets them enjoy videos from portable media. There are some advanced controls that are available in the player toolbar like subtitle caption customizations, and of course there’s also standard stuff like playback controls for controlling video playback.
To access the stream from other devices, like your TV for example, you will have to open up a link there that’s generated by cast player. FLV Player is very useful if you have Chromebook, and cast player is useful if you’re into streaming on top of playing videos locally inside Chrome.
Regardless I love HTML5 player because it does not use SPF and it works flawlessly for me but not the new AJAX they are using. You get the standard controls, fullscreen, volume control and a slider for fast forwarding videos.

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